Chapter 2422: Blatantly Harassing Women

Skywrap City was bustling right now with hundreds of millions of inhabitants, perhaps more. Though erected on the hills and mountains, the actual place was large enough to accommodate additional buildings.

The city connected to the deepest part of the sky. Thus, climbing up here wasn’t easy for mortals.

People said that some of the mortals born here would never reach the base or the summit. Coiling stone stairs and connecting bridges were everywhere. One could walk or when strong enough, fly, to travel even faster. 

Li Qiye sauntered around, looking quite arrogant and aggressive, almost like an aggressive crab

A girl caught his attention. She wore a dress that accentuated her hot curves - towering breasts, certainly heavy to the touch. Her figure was slender and sexy, almost like a snake demon.

At the same time, her plump butt incited people into wrongdoings, wanting to rub and caress it or even slapping it.

The dress was from a famous artisan in Skywrap. The clan insignia embroidered at the front clearly showed her high status.

Moreover, several youths crowded around her like the stars surrounding the moon. They had strong cultivation and must be from aristocratic families.

Li Qiye smiled and approached close enough to slap her beautiful butt first before squeezing it.

“Ah! The girl jumped to the side after being groped by a stranger before glaring at him.

The others on the street were startled because who would dare to act like this in Skywrap City?

Jiadi forced a smile. Fortunately for him, he had his face hidden or he wouldn’t know what to do right now from embarrassment.

He felt no pressure on the battlefield but to accompany this youth going around messing with women like a hound? It was an entirely new struggle.

The girl had an extraordinary background. Her fury instantly ignited. Her group also turned around with an aggressive glare.

They have been waiting for a chance to impress the girl as heroes so this was a godsend opportunity.

“Hey girl, want to hang out with me?” Li Qiye crossed his arms in front of his chest and eyes staring slightly upward, acting as if he was number one in the world - a pro at bullying ladies. [1]

Jiadi had no idea if this was the real Li Qiye or if the guy was only playing around. It was quite a quick switch in character.

“You’re courting death!” The youths around here became furious - it was time to play saving the damsel in distress!

Normally, the villainous antagonist here would have a terrible end - completely beat up by the heroes and potentially losing his life.

“The only thing I’m courting is the lady. Brats, scram now or I’ll stomp you all to death for interfering.” Li Qiye looked at the boys with disdain.

Skywrap City has always been a place of orders so this was a very rare event. No one dared to act like this before under the rule of Lucidity.

The youths had a murderous glint. Some wanted to teach this guy a good lesson.

However, the girl with the sexy figure stopped them. She looked at Li Qiye with a frightening stare and uttered coldly: “Do you not know who I am?” [2]

“No.” Li Qiye remained haughty: “But Skywrap City, nay, all of Nine Secrets are under my jurisdiction. You can be the daughter of heaven and I must still have you today! Come and serve me well and I shall handsomely reward you!”

Meanwhile, the spectators were gossiping and pointing their finger at this show.

The girl’s eyes burned with fury and bloodthirst: “Ignorant fool, my name will not be Luo Qi if I don’t break your bones today!”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled: “I want to see what you can do then… in bed. Come here.” Having said that, his hands reached for her breasts.

Because of her trembling with anger, waves appeared on her breasts - quite a seductive scene.

The girl unsheathed her sword and slashed at his hand. This was the only way for her anger to subside so she ruthlessly attacked with the force of a crashing mountain.

Everyone saw just how weak Li Qiye was but none felt bad, thinking that he deserved it.

The youths sneered, confident that this slash would serve the guy’s hands. Blood would certain gush out with screams of anguish.

Unfortunately, Jiadi would never let anyone harm Li Qiye regardless of the guy’s characters, not even a single strand of hair.

When the slash was close enough, Jiadi gently flicked his finger.

“Clank!” The sword crumbled and the pieces of scrap metals dropped to the ground.

“Ah!” Luo Qi shouted because Li Qiye’s hands have made contact and squeezed her breasts. 

Her mind became empty. This was her first time being treated in this manner on top of it being in public.

“More than big enough, just the way I like it.” Li Qiye smiled and also embraced her. He played the role of a rotten youth perfectly, harassing girls in broad daylight.

“You have a death wish, animal!” The youths rushed forward. Their blades flashed brightly as they attacked.

“Boom!” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking because Jiadi swung his sleeve and crushed the weapons. The youths were blown flying.

An Eternal like Jiadi could kill these juniors with a single glance. The guys tried to be heroes but they fell to the ground and were knocked out.

“Know who you’re dealing with before acting cool.” Li Qiye laughed.

“Pop!” His next target was another slap on her butt.

Luo Qi panicked and jumped back, her expression became one of fear.

A prideful person like her was full of confidence, untouchable by idiotic perverts. She believed that she could kill these spoiled young masters with a single glance. Alas, being toyed with in this manner today immediately shattered her pride.

“You should come with me already, warming my bed is an honor.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Go!” She shouted at her friends and turned to flee. These youths were frightened by Jiadi’s power and didn’t dare to linger around. 

“Sigh, why didn’t you help me stop them? I wanted to bring her back for a session!” Li Qiye angrily scolded.

“My old bones have trouble walking and can’t catch them.” Jiadi answered.

“My ass.” Li Qiye laughed and didn’t mind at all.

Jiadi thought that a spoiled young master would have gotten angry. However, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn. This tolerance and carefree attitude weren’t something a young master could have.

1. The me here is “young master”. Only the arrogant young masters would refer to themselves as such

2. The I here is arrogant/imperious. “This lady” would be literal

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