Chapter 2421: My Kingdom Alone

Lucidity didn’t become angry at all and actually laughed instead: “Hahaha! Should give everything a try, right? The world is yours, you’ll have plenty of chances in the future.”

Lucidity couldn’t spoil someone more if he tried. There was no saving this king.

The ancestors were stunned - the father was imperious and unreasonable while the son was a perverted scoundrel. This duo was something else.

“Sounds perfect, when are you dying?” Li Qiye clapped his hands and laughed: “I’ll be in charge to do whatever I want and the kingdom will be mine then.”

The ancestors became frightened. Who would dare to curse Lucidity like this? It was so blatant as well.

If someone else dared to say this, their head would be rolling on the ground, then the rest of their family members’ heads.

They thought that Lucidity would finally become angry. After all, he was still alive yet Li Qiye showed such impatience? No king could take this sitting down.

Alas, Lucidity’s reaction betrayed their expectations. He heartily laughed: “I won’t have much time left and should just let go. Don’t worry, this kingdom isn’t going anywhere.”

The ancestors were tongue-tied. Lucidity was imperious and had reigned for three generations. Even the other two overlords of Imperial were slightly afraid of him.

Regardless of his cruelty and penchant for massacres, one must admit that he rarely made mistakes. He was both wise and powerful. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have maintained his rule for so long in Nine Secrets.

Unfortunately, this great and wise king became a fool today from over pampering his son! No one could imagine this sudden change.

The five ancestors became sentimental as they recalled his past exploits. Just one sentence from him and the gods would tremble. 

The old proverb was right - everything has a weakness. He had met his nemesis in his own son. This could be considered karma.

“I heard you have a daughter too.” Li Qiye suddenly brought this up.

The ancestors braced themselves, knowing that Lucidity didn’t like other people talking about his daughter in a negative manner. Once crossed, his fury could make blood runs like the river.

At the same time, they shuddered because his daughter was an incredible character, even more terrifying than Lucidity.

“That child…” Lucidity was lost in a daze with a gentle expression.

Meanwhile, the five ancestors held their breath while staring at him.

He seemed to be recalling a beautiful period in the past. His daughter was a big deal back in her generation. Though Lucidity had reigned for three, he only had one child.

A tiger wouldn’t birth a dog - his daughter displayed wondrous talents at cultivation and eventually became a high-level True Emperor. Finally, she left for Immortal and wasn’t heard from since.

“Jiu Ning is at Immortal and won’t come back.” Lucidity’s wits returned.

Jiu Ning was his daughter whose title was also Jiu Ning.

“Her Majesty has been up there for an entire generation now, I believe she might be a twelve-palace True Emperor.” The Wind God sentimentally said.

His comment affected the other four ancestors. A twelve-palace True Emperor was the strongest level beneath a progenitor. Even an Eternal like Lucidity was no match for one.

However, they were glad that she was no longer around, leaving without looking back. Otherwise, the father and daughter could sweep through all of Imperial. The other two behemoths wouldn’t be able to stop War Saint.

Lucidity couldn’t help but smile, feeling quite proud of his daughter.

“This type of power struggle can’t get into her sight. She wouldn’t compete with you even if she was around but she’s not coming back anyway. This world will be yours.” He said to Li Qiye.

“Good.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I’ll be leaving if there’s nothing else.”

The ancestors didn’t know what to think about this father-and-son duo. Only Li Qiye would dare to act so rudely before Lucidity in the entire system.

“Have fun, Jiadi, make sure to protect the crown prince.” Lucidity nodded and gave the order.

Jiadi bowed his head in response: “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. His Highness will not be harmed in the slightest as long as I am alive.”

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and left the scene. He didn’t return to the eastern palace, only smiling at Jiadi: “Alright, I’m bored staying here, let’s go outside.”

“May I ask where to, Your Highness?” Jiadi quickly asked.

He was responsible for Li Qiye’s safety. This guy was the crown prince now so he had an assassination target on his back. Jiadi needed to exercise caution.

“Just around the capital.” Li Qiye smiled: “We’ll walk around to see if there are beauties and married women. If I’m in the mood, we’ll take them back to the palace.”

“...” Jiadi had no response right away. He coughed and said: “Your Highness, no need for that. You just need to say the words and many golden daughters in Nine Secrets will come running.”

Jiadi wasn’t lying. The crown prince of Nine Secrets was noble and prestigious. Just one announcement from Li Qiye and numerous sects would send their female descendants to the palace.

“Jiadi, you just don’t get it.” Li Qiye shook his head: “It is boring when it comes so easily. For example, just calling and people will bring you a feast, that’s no fun at all. If you can go up the mountain and hunt for your own food, that’s more interesting. You think I care for those easy girls? No, doing it by force and taking other people’s wives is the way to go.”

Jiadi smiled wryly: “It won’t be good for your reputation, Your Highness.”

“How much is one’s reputation worth?” Li Qiye said: “If I’m going to be a crown prince, I’m going to be a monstrous one - killing, pillaging, ravaging ladies and wives. As for being a benevolent and wise prince, only worrying about other people? That’s not what I want.”

Li Qiye pulled up his sleeves, seemingly wanting to go all out.

Jiadi still didn’t quite understand this master. He didn’t exactly resemble a monstrous and lawless pervert. After all, a real evil bastard wouldn’t have been able to express such insight like Li Qiye did.

This rhetoric belonged to a sage, not a scoundrel like Li Qiye. Such words coming out of his mouth were so unexpected.

“Alright, I’ll come along, Your Highness.” Jiadi waved and told the guards to come.

“Bringing an entire group?” Li Qiye refused: “How am I going to bring some women back like this? They will run away the moment they see the troops. No, get away, don’t ruin my fun.”

“But this is for your safety, Your Highness.” Jiadi said.

“Bullshit.” Li Qiye rudely retorted: “Who can touch me with an Eternal like you around? If we get into a situation where you can’t protect me, bringing an entire army is useless.”

Jiadi had no choice but to tell the men to back off. Nevertheless, Li Qiye’s statement made sense again.

“Also, hide your old face for me. If the girls see your face, they might run straight into my embrace and that will ruin the whole point of this trip. Don’t you dare mess this up for me.” Li Qiye added.

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