Chapter 2420: Five More Fiancees

The five old men were secretly celebrating already after seeing Lucidity’s pick for the crown prince. This was great news for their five great powers.

Lucidity had terrorized Nine Secrets for three straight generations. All the other lineages felt so feeble in comparison, including behemoths like them.

They needed to tread carefully because if Lucidity wanted to destroy them, they wouldn't be able to stop him.

Thus, appointing an idiot like Li Qiye as the next ruler meant the decline of War Saint Dynasty. 

The five were actually happy now regarding Lucidity’s absolute authority. If this wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t be able to appoint this fool as the crown prince. The other ancestors of War Saint Dynasty would have disagreed. In reality, these unwilling ancestors wouldn’t be able to stop Lucidity.

“Child, do your best to co-exist along with the five ancestors and the great powers.” Lucidity sincerely advised like a doting father.

“I know.” Li Qiye smiled nonchalantly, even look a bit impatient.

The five ancestors were speechless. Lucidity used to be domineering and brutal. Anyone would tremble in fear before him. But now, an idiot was about to inherit his legacy.

If this son was as peerless as his daughter, then the sects of Nine Secrets would remain subjugated by War Saint Dynasty. Fortunately for them, this was far from the case.

“I don’t have much time left. I will be arranging the child’s marriages before I’m gone.” The king told the five ancestors.

One of the ancestors quickly said: “Don’t worry, Your Majesty, you can pick any daughter from our Bingchi Clan.”

“Our Myriad Formation has countless beauties, the crown prince may pick any to be the prince consort.” The ancestor from this power hurriedly added.

This was another godsend opportunity. If they could have their female disciple as the prince consort, it would be the best method at controlling this crown prince.

Li Qiye only chuckled while watching the five ancestors loudly compete with each other.

“It’s not a selection.” Lucidity said: “I want the girls from your direct clans to be the consorts. This will create an alliance heading toward prosperity.”

The five ancestors didn’t expect this at all. They were actually planning to pick suitable female disciples from their sect and send them to the palace.

But now, Lucidity wanted direct descendants - the girls with precious bloodlines. His goal was to tie the five sects together with Li Qiye, creating a guarantee for his future.

Though everything could be sacrificed for the sake of power, some ancestors from their lineages might not agree to this. They didn’t want their direct bloodline to marry a fool like Li Qiye or be tied up with War Saint Dynasty.

After all, this fool would take over after Lucidity’s death so who knows how long War Saint could last? They didn’t want to let their descendants be involved.

“Well, Your Majesty, you know that our Han Yu…” The ancestor from the Bingchi Clan hesitated.

Lucidity had never gotten “no” for an answer before. His eyes and voice turned cold: “What? You think our crown prince’s bloodline isn’t as precious as the girl’s?”

“I do not dare.” The ancestor quickly bowed again while having cold chills: “The imperial bloodline is as precious as a true dragon’s; we’re the one reaching here.”

Though Lucidity was dying, he was still one of the most terrifying beings in Imperial and could easily kill them. Few in this world could match him in power.

Moreover, Sun Lengying was fixated on them like a serpent in the shadow.

“Anything else to say?” Lucidity looked over at the rest.

The five ancestors became suffocated and exchange glances. None of them wanted to speak. They knew that resistance was futile as long as Lucidity was still alive. His darkness continued to shroud over them.

“Godstep Sect agrees.” The famous Wind God was the first to concede.

 Godstep was closer to War Saint Dynasty compared to the others. Lucidity once guided him before so he chose to reveal his attitude to break the frozen atmosphere, agreeing to marry his sect’s best to Li Qiye.

“We agree as well.” The other fours had no choice but to follow along. The first to disagree would face the full brunt of Lucidity’s wrath. He might even conquer their lineage before dying.

In fact, Lucidity simply forced them to marry their successors to Li Qiye, turning these girls into prince consorts. Their sects were now bound to War Saint Dynasty.

“Good.” Lucidity nodded and said: “Then make the oath.”

With that, Lengying left the shadows while holding a jade plate with five soul contracts.

He walked to the front of the five ancestors and said: “Gentlemen, please.”

The five ancestors were caught off guard. They thought just a verbal promise was enough, not expecting for Lucidity to resort to soul contracts. The moment they signed this, then there was no changing it. Their reputation was at stake.

They hesitated because signing this soul contract was a big deal.

“I’ll go first.” Wind God took the initiative again and finished the signature like a breeze.

“Buzz.” A mysterious seal appeared on the soul contract. Once signed, it would always be in effect.

The other ancestors also conceded and left behind the seal from their clans and sects, albeit unwillingly. It was either this or face destruction.

After everyone finished, Lengying took the plate over to Li Qiye and bowed: “Your Highness, please take good care of the marriage contracts.”

Li Qiye smiled at this interesting development: “Five seems too few. Maybe I’ll have them bring along their pretty sisters too for the dowries.”

His debaucherous comment shocked the ancestors. An idiot like him normally would never be taken seriously by them but now, he could even marry their successors. The guy even had the nerve to ask for more concubines. Give this guy an inch and he wants a mile!

They would definitely kill this little bastard if Lucidity wasn’t before them.

“That’s fine, pick whoever you want later. I’m sure the five gentlemen here have no objection.” Lucidity dotingly agreed and smiled.

“It’s fine, as long as you wish so, Your Highness.” The ancestors forced a smile. They have lost their strongest bloodline already so they didn’t really care for the other female disciples.

“Good. I’ll take my time visiting your sects to pick some beauties to be my bedwarmers. But, to tell you all the truth, I actually prefer married women.” He revealed a devious grin.

The five ancestors’ expression became quite ugly after hearing this.

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