Chapter 2417: All Mine

Jiadi only grew increasingly confused during his time with Li Qiye.

When he came with Lucidity to this treasury for the first time, he was no longer a brat but rather a world-famous expert. He had plenty of experience under his belt and has seen some incredible spectacles.

Nevertheless, he still gasped in astonishment the first time he saw these treasures, unlike the calm Li Qiye. Moreover, Li Qiye could even pick any of them.

Jiadi didn’t know how to describe his emotions right now. Was his new master just slow to react or has he seen too many and got tired of them? To be this composed meant that he was either a complete idiot or that he has seen too many great things before.

Jiadi naturally didn’t know that the latter was right. This treasury was nothing compared to Samsara Wild Ancestor’s own.

Another treasure made Li Qiye stop - a glowing bell seemingly made from gold but with a purple glow. The entire bell was one piece, not made by men but rather created by nature in this shape. This surging purple energy was lifting the entire bell up.

“That’s an amazing treasure, I heard His Majesty used it extensively during his youth.” Jiadi was shocked once again after seeing Li Qiye stopping here.

Though he strolled and treated this place like a food market, he actually stopped before several items including this bell.

It showed that his vision was keen - just one glance was enough to discern the good from bad.

“Umm, not bad.” Li Qiye casually nodded before moving on.

Jiadi had no comment as this new master kept on surprising him.

Li Qiye stopped again in one corner of the treasury with cannons in full display, made out of unknown material and completely black - seemingly capable of knocking down the sky.

“These cannons are very powerful but after its creator passed away, no one can create the required materials and ammunition. Once the remainder is used up, it’ll be scrap metals.” Jiadi introduced.

“This is quite fun, not requiring true energy to control. Yes, a good toy, shoot whichever pest is annoying me wherever and whenever.” Li Qiye smiled.

Jiadi smiled wryly. These cannons were very precious and not much ammunition was left; who could bare to use them normally? Treating it as a tool to deal with annoying people? Far too wasteful.

After a full round, Li Qiye didn’t pick a single treasure and decided to leave.

“Your Highness, you’re not picking any?” Jiadi asked with confusion.

“Am I not in charge later?” Li Qiye answered with a question.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Jiadi had to answer. This was obvious - he was the crown prince and would be the next king in the future.

“Then it doesn’t matter since after the king dies, not to mention this treasury, all of Nine Secrets and the world will be in my grasp, no need to pick a few when they’ll all be mine soon. We’ll return later for them.” Li Qiye looked at Jiadi and said.

‘My goodness…’ Jiadi groaned in his mind, thinking that this guy was insane - already boasting about possessing everything even before Lucidity’s death. ‘Yes, he must be insane, doesn’t give a damn about anyone.’

Jiadi decided to keep his mouth shut, not wanting to be involved in this mess. One wrong move could invoke the rage of Lucidity and heads will start rolling on the ground!

The two finally left the treasury. Once they got outside, Li Qiye seemed as if he was missing a few nerves and started waving at the guarding ancestors: “All of you need to watch over my treasures carefully. Don’t be lazy now, once I take over, I’ll reward you all handsomely.”

These guards started looking at each other in confusion, speechless. They felt that he was crazy. Lucidity was alive yet he thought about taking over already?

Of course, these frightened souls didn’t dare to run their mouth. If Lucidity were to think that they were on Li Qiye’s side, all would be dead before the next day.

Right now, they wondered about Lucidity’s mental state. Perhaps being senile was why he appointed a guy like this as the crown prince.

Jiadi immediately led Li Qiye towards the eastern palace. He was nervous the entire way back, thinking that Li Qiye would ask someone else about Lucidity’s inevitable death. He didn’t wish for the stench of blood to stain the palaces.

Once they were back, he heaved a sigh of relief as if a huge weight has been lifted his shoulders.

At this moment, he preferred to have assassins come for Li Qiye’s life. He wouldn’t be afraid no matter how strong they were, but this guy’s mouth terrified him to the core.

It goes without saying that Li Qiye’s power warranted his going-with-the-flow attitude. Lucidity King and Nine Secrets System weren’t enough to get into his sight. This only served to confuse everyone else around him.

Lucidity’s decision was a mystery as well. Attributing it to senility from old age would be silly. After all, an invincible Eternal wouldn’t suffer from this. But how else could one explain this lapse of logic? No one understood what Lucidity was trying to accomplish.

Li Qiye spent his days enjoying life. The servants around couldn’t be more respectful to him, nearly on the verge of licking his boots.

After all, he was the crown prince, the future leader of Nine Secrets with supreme authority. Who wouldn’t want to curry favor right now?

If he wanted something, anything, these servants would satisfy his demands - truly an enviable life of the future king.

The gentle breeze blew by in a bamboo thicket belonging to the eastern palace. Their gentleness made people drowsy in a comfortable manner.

Li Qiye lay down on his large chair, seemingly asleep. The wind continued to caress him like a lover.

Some time passed by later, his servants all disappeared, leaving him alone.

No, there was someone else next to him - a girl sitting on a boulder nearby. She looked relaxed and natural, seemingly one with the world.

She was unreasonably gorgeous. Longevity Sage and Yang Radiance Untethered were pretty enough to topple kingdoms and sway the soul. However, they seemed to be missing a little something compared to her.

Her beauty wasn’t limited to her physical appearance but rather her aura. The other two were certainly transcending and pure like fairies, but that was in terms of appearance.

This girl gave the impression that she was an immortal, not just in appearance.

She wore a green dress with a faint, undulating glow around her like the currents in a lake. She had a gem on her forehead, as green and unfathomable as can be, seemingly connected to an ancient world.

She sat there quietly, each of her move resonated with the world, or rather, the world was moving to her actions. The orders and rhythm of nature followed her whims.

One would never get tired of looking at an immortal like her. One glance would all it takes for her to etch her image into someone’s mind for an eternity.

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