Chapter 2416: When Will The King Die?

Nevertheless, Jiadi didn’t give up and spoke with a soft tone: “Your Highness, it is still better if you train just a little bit. Maybe not a merit law, just a movement technique. We have several movement techniques that are virtually peerless, not inferior to the ones from Godstep Sect. It would be good if you know how to move quickly.”

He tried his best to persuade Li Qiye despite being a mighty Eternal.

“What’s the point?” Li Qiye looked just like a spoiled young master and smiled: “Our dynasty is unbeatable and you are my guard, who would dare to touch me in this world, however vast it might be?”

Li Qiye seemed to be without ambition, more than content at being a useless crown prince that only seeks pleasure.

Jiadi felt helpless. Anyone else would want to learn the movement steps from the dynasty, something they could only dream about. On the other hand, begging didn’t even work for this guy. 

Jiadi sighed and kept on trying: “Well, yes, Your Highness, you might have the supreme authority right now, but many people are salivating for it. Not to mention external enemies, just great powers like Godstep and the Bingchi Clan have been coveting the throne of Nine Secrets. If you aren’t capable of suppressing them, it’s only a matter of time before they rebel.”

Lucidity was like a second father to Jiadi. He knew that the king didn’t have much time left and at that time, these mighty sects would lose their patience.

He didn’t wish to see the collapse of War Saint Dynasty, hoping from the bottom of his heart that this new crown prince could help Lucidity protect his legacy.

Therefore, he earnestly tried to convince Li Qiye to learn a few arts. Only with strength could he be able to stabilize the future. Otherwise, Nine Secrets would definitely fall into chaos and war.

“We’ll talk about this later.” Li Qiye didn’t seem to care while fixing his hair.

What more could Jiadi say? He tried his best but failed. All he could do now was protecting Li Qiye.

“Did the king send you to be my guard or my imperial teacher?” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Jiadi hurriedly said: “His Majesty sent me to ensure your safety. I came from humble roots with no education, not qualified to take the role of an imperial teacher. If Your Highness finds displeasure in me talking too much, then I’ll stop.”

“It’s fine.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Talking is fun. It would be worse if you’re a statue that just follows me all day.”

Jiadi lamented in his mind, not knowing what lies in the future for War Saint Dynasty with this guy in charge.

“When will the king die?” Li Qiye suddenly asked.

Jiadi became startled. He shuddered before quietly answering: “His Majesty has boundless longevity and will forever be invincible.”

He was frightened because this question was no different than cursing the king - a crime punishable by death. He knew that Lucidity was a ruthless person and wouldn’t spare anyone that had crossed the line.

“No need to speak such self-comforting words.” Li Qiye dismissed the reply and smiled: “Even an idiot could tell that it is only a matter of time before the king dies. Maybe not today, but not far. He can’t hold on any longer.”

Jiadi widened his eyes, unable to tell whether this guy was insane or just reckless. Worst of all, the guy was telling it straight to his face.

Everyone knew that he was Lucidity’s loyal confidant and he might tell Lucidity of this transgression. Was this guy tired of living?

Li Qiye might be the crown prince right now, but he shouldn’t be wishing for Lucidity’s death so that he could take over. Or, even if he harbored such thoughts, he should just keep it to himself. The blatant comment made it sound like he just wants it to happen as soon as possible.

“Your Highness, please mind your words, you don’t know who might be listening.” Jiadi cautiously reminded.

Anyone else would have reported such insolence to Lucidity so that he would get decapitated. Nevertheless, Jiadi pitied that the guy was still young and rash.

“It’s fine, growing old and dying are a part of life, no one can live forever. I’ll go ask him later when he’s going to die.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Jiadi truly didn’t know what to do - what is this guy’s goal? Who else would dare to attempt such a thing? Not even an idiot would do so. 

Jiadi stopped talking and didn’t want to cause any more trouble. This made the trip quieter but Li Qiye didn’t mind. He continued to enjoy the scenery along the way.

The two finally made it to the treasury guarded by numerous experts. Entry required permission.

After passing through multiple layers of verification, they entered the place.

It was massive just like another world with treasure chests everywhere. Powerful artifacts were also floating in the air.

Li Qiye looked around and said: “Is there another secret trove? There is a lot of treasures here, but they are rather mediocre.”

“I, I do not know.” Jiadi forced a smile.

He didn’t understand his new master at all. It was understandable for a youth to speak without thinking, but this guy was on a whole different level.

This treasury contained the wealth of the entire dynasty. Not to mention a youth, he was shaken the first time he saw this accumulation of treasures.

However, Li Qiye didn’t react at all and even criticized it. An Eternal like him wouldn’t dare to act so pompous or easily be fooled by someone putting up an act. Alas, he didn’t have a single clue about Li Qiye.

The treasures here included weapons, immortal metals, strange artifacts, divine woods… 

Not just usable items but also materials and resources. Each of them exuded wondrous light of all colors, more than enough to dazzle the spectators.

Jiadi carefully watched Li Qiye to see his reaction. Normally, a youth wouldn’t be able to contain their excitement knowing that they could take these treasures. Even the strong-minded ones would show signs of happiness.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye remained calm as if this was no big deal during their trip. He seemed to be going to the market to buy some vegetables. These amazing treasures were no different than cabbages in his mind. He would only occasionally stop to look at something that had caught his attention.

Jiadi’s observation was meticulous. He found that Li Qiye wasn’t pretending or controlling his emotions. The guy was truly leisure and relaxed, completely in his element. An Eternal like him would definitely be able to tell if someone was acting. This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye.

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