Chapter 2415: The Responsibility Of A Crown Prince

Li Qiye smiled and said: “How many treasures can I pick?”

“His Majesty didn’t specify an exact amount, so Your Highness can have as many as you wish.” Jiadi instantly replied.

Li Qiye nodded: “Alright, I don’t have anything else to do. Let’s go see if there is something good.”

Jiadi immediately led the way towards the treasury of War Saint Dynasty.

Normally, opening a treasury was a big deal in any sect and kingdom. The majority of sects would have a conference between ancestors or big shots to decide. After all, this was the resource and wealth of the sect, not the property of a sect master or king. One couldn’t make arbitrary decisions.

This didn’t apply to Lucidity. Everything in War Saint Dynasty, whether it be resources or authority, was firmly within Lucidity’s grasp.

This didn’t used to be the case. The king’s authority was limited in War Saint in the past. The real power was within the Sacred Cabinet, consisting of ancestors from the royal clan. They decided the direction of the dynasty and made important decisions.

During his reign, Lucidity built up one generation after the next. After three, he had enough to authority and influence, not to mention his personal strength.

Finally, he began to crack down on the Sacred Cabinet since he had all the advantages. From then on, this group lost influence and eventually disappeared from the court. This established Lucidity’s monocracy and allowed him to stand at the top.

Perhaps there were stronger beings in Imperial compared to Lucidity in the present, but no one had more authority than him.

That’s why no one dared to stop him from appointing a stranger as the crown prince or opening the treasury for the guy to pick treasures. This wouldn’t have passed in any other system.

Lucidity was the only one in the world who possesses so much freedom and authority - truly enviable.

Not long from now, this absolute power would belong to a fameless brat named Li Qiye. He would become a fat piece of meat to everyone else.

“Your Highness, what treasures are you looking for? The treasury is massive so just give me a summary or description so that I can lead the way.” Jiadi sincerely said.

“Let’s have a look and take whatever then.” Li Qiye freely said.

Jiadi really wondered about Li Qiye. He naturally trusted the king but Li Qiye’s relaxed attitude perplexed him. Anyone else would have been jumping with joy.

He recalled back when he was chosen by His Majesty, he became too excited to even sleep that night.

He found his lack of composure embarrassing compared to Li Qiye right now. ‘If I were chosen as the crown prince, will my heart be able to contain the excitement?’

“Have you cultivated before, Your Highness?” Jiadi took a good look and could tell that Li Qiye had trained before. However, the guy’s cultivation was shallow and he couldn’t see the implemented merit law. It must be a weak one anyway.

“Just casually.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Jiadi quickly said: “May I ask which merit law you used? What’s your level right now? How about I find you a suitable weapon?”

As an Eternal, he would be a respected ancestor at any system, more than qualified to teach even the geniuses there. However, he never became arrogant about his status.

“A thirteenth-level True Apprentice. As for merit laws, just random ones.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Oh…” Jiadi was surprised before gently speaking: “Your Highness, the realm of True Apprentice doesn’t have thirteen levels, the highest is the ninth level.”

Even a weak cultivator would be mocking Li Qiye for not knowing the basic fundamentals and ignorantly boasting about having trained before. Jiadi didn’t do so and only politely reminded the guy. 

“I see. Then the third-level then, but thirteenth-level sounds much better and cooler, no?” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Jiadi had no words. This was his first time seeing someone so carefree, not knowing his own cultivation level? Did he even try at all?

“Your Highness, if you are interested, you can try other merit laws. There are many that you can choose in the dynasty. I can help you find some, with your permission.” Jiadi said with good intention.

Any other disciple would be begging for an Eternal to teach them, but now, Jiadi was virtually begging Li Qiye to train.

Of course, as the crown prince under the rule of Lucidity, Li Qiye could pick any merit law in the system without facing any opposition.

“Why bother cultivating when I have you, an Eternal, as a personal guard? I rather just enjoy my life.” Li Qiye said.

Jiadi smiled wryly and insisted: “Your Highness, please don’t say that. I might not be able to protect you forever, plus, there are as many experts in the world as there are stars, with no lack of people stronger than me. It’s better if you know a strong ability or two.”

“If there’s an opponent that you can’t beat, then there’s nothing my crappy arts can do. They can’t scare the enemy away, completely useless, so why bother learning? Are you going to turn me into an Immortal in one or two days?” Li Qiye retorted.

Though his response was improper, it was certainly reasonable. Even if Li Qiye started training in some supreme arts, when real danger came that he couldn’t deal with, the guy wouldn’t be able to do anything either.

“I don’t have a way to make you into an Eternal in such a short time, Your Highness.” Jiadi conceded.

“Of course.” Li Qiye smiled: “If that’s the case, then I should just worry about my business as a crown prince, to enjoy a life of luxury and extravagance. As for my safety, that’s your responsibility. Otherwise, what’s the point of having you as my guard?”

Jiadi agreed completely. If he couldn’t do this much, then what was the point of his post?

“A general leads the troops while a guard protects. Everyone has their own affair.” Li Qiye went on: “If I could sweep through the world and become invincible, then what’s the point of having generals and guards? I would only be wasting money to feed them. So, I just need to have authority and power as the crown prince, then enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy some more.”

Jiadi couldn’t come up with a response right away. Li Qiye’s comments all made perfect sense, outside of the last part about “enjoyment”.

If the crown prince could do everything himself, then why would he need other people like Jiadi?

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