Chapter 2410: Sun Lengying

The guards nearby prostrated, resulting in a momentum akin to a collapsing mountain or pillars breaking down. Waves of troops showing their respect resulted in a fascinating scene.

“My Lord.” They shouted in unison, regardless of their cultivation and rank. Even the captain, an Ascender, had fear in his voice.

The guards stole glances at this man; they did so very discreetly and just once before lowering their head again.

No one dared to breathe loudly. It became clear that fear was a greater motivator than reverence.

This old man wore a gray robe and looked quite thin. He lacked an intimidating presence or a suppressive divinity, more like an ordinary elderly man.

Alas, the flash in his eyes could cause the sky to explode. An Ascender could be killed in an instant. He was undoubtedly a terrible Eternal, capable of killing Ascenders like ants.

Outsiders would feel the same horror as the guards right now if they were here and knew who he was.

Sun Lengying! A name that can terrorize Nine Secrets and all of Imperial Lineage. People would shudder upon hearing his name. [1]

Lengying wasn’t his real name. He used to be called Sun Lijiang but few knew this in the present. Even those who did wouldn’t dare to say his real name, only addressing him as Lord Sun. 

He resembled a shadow looming everywhere - cold and emotionless. He usually accompanied behind Lucidity King.

“Please excuse our pitiful reception, Esteemed Guest.” Lengying said, not living up to his notorious legends. His tone was gentle, courteous, and refined.

Only those who truly knew him would advise one to not be fooled by his demeanor. His hands were stained with the blood of countless victims.

The guard who had his saber next to Li Qiye’s neck immediately pulled it back and dropped to the ground, overwhelmed with fear: “This lowly one deserves death!”

This guard was also a powerful True God, definitely a big shot anywhere else, but he was frightened by Lengying.

Lengying continued standing there to observe Li Qiye without exerting any pressure. He gently nodded and said: “Our Majesty wishes to see you, Esteemed Guest.”

The guards took a deep breath and stared at Li Qiye in confusion, unaware of who he was.

In their mind, their king was a supreme and unreachable existence. He lorded over many living beings. Earning an audience with him was prohibitively difficult, but now he wanted to see this unknown person?

In fact, the members of Nine Secrets shared the same view as these guards. Their king could sentence death upon anyone without any resistance.

“Very well, I just got here and am unfamiliar with the place. A meeting will be fine.” Li Qiye smiled and patted his clothes - completely cool and collected. He stood up and followed Sun Lengying.

This was a large encampment for a great army on the move, only stopping for one night or so. The area didn’t allow any trespasser. Death was the punishment.

The guards took their responsibility seriously. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that not even a mosquito could get through; it would be crushed to dust instantly.

Murderous intents and danger lingered everywhere. Who knows how many True Gods were hiding?

The truth was that no one would try anyway. Not to mention Nine Secrets, everyone in Imperial would quickly retreat after seeing the banner with the word “secret” embroidered with silver threads.

Silver Secret Legion. Their banners alone could scare people out of their mind and make them flee. It was the strongest legion of Nine Secrets and ranked among the top five in all of Imperial.

It made sense for them to be alarmed at an uninvited guest coming out of the sky and entering their fortified encampment. 

If traveling with a divine carriage or a palanquin was considered impressive and awe-inspiring, then how would one describe someone traveling with a palace?

Prior ago, Mu Shaochen had great fanfare with his entourage. Alas, his was nothing compared to this particular group.

Approximately one million troops were at the ready. The master wasn’t riding in a carriage or a palanquin. There was a massive and magnificent palace befitting of a king, carried by eight golden warriors.

It was truly a shocking display, traveling with so many troops. Few in Imperial could match this scene.


1. Lengying means chilling shadow

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