Chapter 2409: Setting Out

The ancestors gathered at a particular valley in Yang Radiance. Though this sect was a paradise with beautiful scenery everywhere, this valley was rather desolate.

The stones and pebbles varied in size; some stuck out of the ground to feast on the wind and sun. After so many years of polishment, they still looked the same. Bigger boulders scattered randomly as well among the wild foliage.

Upon closer inspection, one would think that this used to be a large mine, now abandoned.

There was a great formation of stones in a corner of the valley, erected with an ancient style.

It looked disorderly, seemingly put together in a hurry. Moreover, the rocks and stones were all taken from this valley. 

Its messy appearance would indicate a lack of use. No one took the time to maintain or re-arrange it. Nevertheless, what else could last longer than stones and rocks in this world? 

A lack of maintenance didn’t deter it from lasting for so long. The entire formation was still in the right shape. 

Inside the formation itself were tiny pits filled with muddy water. They were cleaned nicely now with true stones pushed in, starting at the Ascender level.

Yang Radiance Sect did go all out for Li Qiye. They didn’t mind spending this extravagant amount while not demanding payment from him.

After it was filled with shiny stones, the formation came to life and also exuded its own glow.

When Li Qiye’s group made it here, the ancestors in charge of the formation nodded - signaling that it was ready to go at any moment.

“We haven’t used it in a long time so the only thing guaranteed is your passage to Imperial, not an exact location. We have lost the coordinates.” The untethered said seriously to him.

This wasn’t out of generosity. Li Qiye did deal with some external threats for them, but they also wished to test this particular passage left behind by the wise sages. If Li Qiye could go through it, they could send more people later on as well in the future.

“Just getting there is fine.” He didn’t mind at all.

The sage instinctively held his hand tightly without letting go.

“Start it.” The untethered got her conformation and ordered.

The sage looked at him and he returned the favor while touching her soft hair. He coolly said: “We’ll meet again.”

“Goodbye.” The sage became emotional and took a deep breath before letting go of his hand.

He smiled and nodded at the untethered before walking towards the center of the formation.

Right when the formation was about to start, the sage lost her composure and jumped inside to give him a deep hug. He sighed and returned the gesture. 

“A final goodbye.” She said softly before slowly walking out of the formation. [1]

The sudden hug was because she knew that this might be a forever departure. Unlike her disciples, she didn’t think that they would meet again because she knew that he was only a passerby in Three Immortals and might never return after leaving. Thus, this hug was their final goodbye!

While standing in the center, Li Qiye nodded at the untethered. She, in turn, nodded at the ancestors: “Start now.”

With that, a buzz could be heard. The carved true stones all lit up. Their light seemed to be manifesting into physical form.

When these rays illuminated the formation, dao runes and symbols appeared. They wove together to slowly form a gigantic door.

“Boom!” The door came like a tsunami and drowned Li Qiye, making him disappear.

“Pop!” After he was gone, the door popped like a bubble and the formation deactivated.

The true stones became dark in color. This transportation method clearly required a massive amount of true stones. Only a sect like Yang Radiance could afford it. Any other sect would starve for a long time after one attempt.

“This is a final goodbye.” The untethered became slightly emotional and told the sage: “He doesn’t belong to our world.”

She was discerning enough to read between the lines. This Li Qiye person would never return to Myriad, leaving only his legends behind.

“The grand dao is endless, not many can meet again.” The sage replied wistfully.

The two of them left the valley together, aware that peace would come to Myriad. Alas, this peace to them would be quite boring.


Imperial was larger and more majestic than Myriad. Its exact scale remained unknown. Dao systems and different races existed in great numbers, too many to count. This prosperous world had produced many powerful beings - emperors and progenitors.

Nine Secrets System was undoubtedly one of the strongest in Imperial. People referred to it as one of the three behemoths. Another was the Mu Clan. [2]

The present generation was led by Lucidity King who had done a great job. The system prospered and seemed to be overpowering its two peers.

Today was another beautiful and sunny day in the system.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye fell down from the sky. At the very last moment, the formation failed to support the connecting channel and shattered, causing Li Qiye to go flying.

“Boom!” He fell butt-first into the ground, leaving a sizable hole.

“Clank! Clank!” Swords and sabers left their sheath. 

Li Qiye was still on the ground when oppressive auras surrounded him, the cold blades inched before his neck.

If he dared to move in the slightest, his head would drop to the ground.

He looked around and saw the experts sealing all potential escape paths. They treated him like a powerful enemy.

This was a plain with sentry towers in all four directions. An important person must be taking camp here, hence the numerous guards. Now, a stranger had appeared out of nowhere. These guards were justifiably alarmed.

“Who are you? Where are you from?” The captain, a sixth-level Ascender, asked seriously.

A sixth-level Ascender was only a captain guard? That’s quite shocking.

“Just got here by accident.” Li Qiye remained sitting with a smile.

“Watch your words, this is a forbidden area. No one dares to come within a thousand-mile radius! Speak! Who sent you here?!” The captain’s eyes turned fierce.

“Is this how you treat a guest?” Li Qiye was still nonchalant.

“Looks like you won’t cry before seeing the coffin. Men, prepare the torture tools, he’ll talk!” The captain threatened with a murderous gaze.

“Torture tools?” Li Qiye’s smile only grew wider.

“Cough.” A cough interrupted the tense atmosphere. A person appeared, completely undetected as if he was a specter.

The sound made everyone look back to see an old man. They became frightened and quickly dropped to their knees.


1. I changed the dialogue here. In Chinese, there are two words for goodbye for now and meet again later, and goodbye for good (forever), used in death or emotional circumstances. What she actually said was, “goodbye (regular), or goodbye (forever).” I can’t come up with an equivalent for what she’s trying to express here so I’m just replicating the emotion and intent

2. Nine here could be nine literally, or nine is just used an adjective for greatness, because nine is a special number in Chinese. Either way, I have to go literal here. The author usually does literal number

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