Chapter 2408: Desolate Saint

The untethered remained cool against the sage’s repeated teasing. She looked just as transcending as ever with a mind-swaying beauty. Of course, no one would dare to have any idea and could only watch from the distance.

Li Qiye was unaffected and took his time enjoying her beauty. His unrestrained eyes aimed to see everything of hers, inside and out.

“Look at how much my disciple likes you, staring the entire time, completely enamored. I’m almost jealous.” The sage smiled and blinked during the staredown.

The untethered was affected by the invasive stare and glared explosively at him. The contrast between hot and cold was strangely mesmerizing.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I never say no to beauties, if you want to stay by my side as a maid, I can consider it.” 

The frustrated lady continued to glare at him. The slight vexation in her eyes only increased her beauty. Of course, this feeling was also justified. She was the leader of Yang Radiance, the strongest system in Myriad. How could someone in her prestigious and authoritative position become Li Qiy’s maid?

“Don’t be mad.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Follow me during your youth and you will have a chance to see the dawn of Immortal Lineage.”

“It’s not a bad idea. I’ll feel much better when there’s someone to take care of my disciple.” The sage chimed in.

The untethered clearly disagreed and stared at the sage to say: “Mind your dignity.”

“Your kingdom-toppling beauty sways so many souls, it would be a waste if you were to do nothing with it. Just follow my disciple.” The sage wrapped her hand around the untethered’s shoulders and acted sincerely.

“We’re just messing around, but indeed, if you have a chance, do go to Immortal Lineage. Your progenitor came from the Academy of Light. After learning the main arts there, he decided to create your sect, so you might benefit from visiting that place.”

“You know quite a bit.” The untethered’s eyes narrowed.

Their progenitor’s name was Wang Yangming. He had many accomplishments and battle records. [1]

Rumors stated that he eventually jumped out of the institution’s grand dao and opened a dao source to become a progenitor. He used the Brightheart Scripture to refine the dao land here for Yang Radiance.

“What do I not know? Just come visit the Academy of Light, it is worth a trip. Their progenitor is very interesting too.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Desolate Saint.” Even the sage felt great respect. 

“The Academy of Light…” The untethered murmured, seemingly musing the idea.

She had heard of this place before, one of the most prestigious systems in Immortal. It was as deep as the ocean and had produced numerous geniuses. Many of them went on to become True Emperors and progenitors.

The most discussed character there was its progenitor - Desolate Saint whose light could grant salvation to the myriad worlds, leaving no place for darkness to hide.

“Yep, that’s his title.” Li Qiye smirked, truly amused by the hidden stories of this matter.

Desolate Saint - may his light and flame illuminate and save the world.” The untethered chanted with respect.

Wang Yangming learned the arts of Desolate  Saint, so Yang Radiance would naturally respect the master of their progenitor.

“May his light and flame illuminate and save the world.” Li Qiye also found this line very amusing, wearing a grin on his face.

“Why not? Desolate Saint is a renowned progenitor, and his light did illuminate Three Immortals for a long period.” The untethered wasn’t happy with his attitude and glared at him again.

Li Qiye said: “Light and darkness, whatever, just polar affinities. A heart with light can illuminate the myriad ages; a thought of darkness could massacre an epoch. How can there be darkness without light? How can light exist bereft of darkness? Plus, who can actually define these affinities? Perhaps you don’t know this, but light is the greatest nutrient for a heart of darkness.”

Desolate Saint is a very interesting title, truly worth pondering. Of course, the person behind this title was even more interesting. [3]

“Nonsense.” The untethered was unhappy due to her great reverence for Desolate Saint.

“I’m just casually speaking.” Li Qiye didn’t contest since the girls weren’t at the level where they could touch this issue lost in the fog on the river of time.

“I want to hear more.” The sage said: “Maybe Desolate Saint has more stories that we don’t know about. The legends are too distant from our time, who knows what is true or otherwise?” 

“So noisy.” The untethered scolded.

The sage didn’t mind at all and continued hugging her. She spoke with an implicative stare: “If you really want to know, then just follow my disciple and warm his bed. Those late-night chats might teach you something.” 

The untethered gave her a look of disdain before turning over at Li Qiye: “Is Imperial just a shortstop or do you have other plans?” 

She had absolute confidence in his power and that it wouldn’t take long before he reaches Immortal Lineage. After all, those talented enough in history would all ascend there.

Nevertheless, going from Myriad to Immortal was difficult even for the strongest beings. Normally, True Emperors would treat Imperial as a stopping point and waited until they were strong enough to reach Immortal.

In her mind, Li Qiye was certainly talented enough, not inferior to any sage in history, so reaching Immortal was only a matter of time. 

“Oh? You want to follow me, my earlier comment still applies. I will take you in.” Li Qiye smiled.

“In your dream.” She gritted her teeth - this pair of master and disciple really got on her nerves.

“Are you really just passing by?” The sage knew more about Li Qiye, that he wasn’t from Three Immortals.

For example, he came to Myriad most likely for the Three Immortals Tree. He probably had other goals in Imperial, not just using it as a stopping point before Immortal.

“I’ll do some other things since I’ll be there anyway, but they can’t be forced.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Despite his nonchalant answer, the sage knew that his trip would not be that simple. She held his hand and said: “I wish for your success.”

Li Qiye smiled and turned towards the horizon. The Mu Clan, naturally, wasn’t his only goal in coming to Imperial. It wouldn’t be worth his time.

While watching these two, the untethered knew that these two didn’t have a master-disciple relationship at all. She and the sage could be considered friends despite their previous quarrels, so they knew each other quite well.

Their conversation was interrupted by a disciple who came in to report: “Sect Master, the elders wish to let you know that they are ready.”

The untethered looked at Li Qiye after hearing this.

“Let’s go then.” He withdrew his gaze and smiled.

“Alright.” The sage quietly murmured, feeling a little sentimental.

1. Yangming means Yang Radiance, Yang had many meanings so I left it as Yang. That might not be a bad choice now that we know it is named after a real name

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