Chapter 2405: Enchanting Smile

The gorgeous scene was beyond words, thanks to the three ladies.

“Venerable First Brother, looks like you’re not only good at alchemy, medicine, and pill-making.” Miaozhen blinked and smiled: “Your cultivation is also number one, the strongest in history, my admiration for you is endless like the surging current of a great river…” [1]

She spewed a barrage of praises at him.

He playfully patted her head in response: “Venerable this, venerable that, I’m at my prime, don’t treat me like I’m old.” 

“Yes, of course.” She flared her nose and continued: “First Brother is still so young, so handsome and gallant, the number one bachelor under heaven…”

“How are you not nauseous?” Yalan was speechless.

Miaozhen ignored this and blinked cutely with a mischievous smirk: “Why should I? We’re family, just playing around. As long as First Brother teaches me one or two invincible arts, I’ll say even more nauseating stuff.”

“So that’s her goal.” The obedient Shaoyao smiled.

Li Qiye pinched Miaozhen’s nose and shook his head: “There are no invincible arts, only invincible people. Once you reach that level, all of your techniques will be invincible. Even simple ones like Black Tiger Strike can destroy the gods.”

“Wow, you are so cool, First Brother. Everyone, look, he can say such domineering comments so effortlessly.” Miaozhen smiled cutely.

“Are you itchy for a beating? Think I won’t teach you a lesson?” Li Qiye slapped her butts and scolded.

She looked like a cat that had its tail stepped on and instantly jumped back, completely blushed while glaring at him: “First Brother, you’re teasing me on top of not teaching us the ultimate arts.”

“You deserve it.” Yalan chuckled in a kingdom-toppling manner: “Only First Brother can deal with a demoness like you.”

Miaozhen glared at Yalan in response: “Siding with your man against your family already? At least wait until after marriage.”

Yalan lost in this verbal contest and became embarrassed again.

“Looks like I’m missing out on the fun.” A leisure voice came from the sky. 

Longevity Sage was floating over. The three sisters immediately corrected their manners after seeing their master. Nevertheless, the atmosphere remained festive.

The sage wasn’t old-fashioned so she waved her whisk, gesturing for them carry on: “I heard you all talking about marriage? Which one is marrying First Brother? Or all three? That would be best since we shouldn’t let our fertile water flow into others’ field. I don’t want to marry my three cute  disciples to outsiders.”

“Master, you’re teasing us too.” The three sisters coquettishly pouted and ran away like the wind.

This left only Li Qiye and Longevity Sage. She stared at them leaving and smiled: “Who do you pick, or all three of my disciples?”

Li Qiye stretched and casually placed his hand around her shoulder: “How about packing up all four? I’ll take everything.”

She gave him the side-eye in response: “Only in your dream.”

“Nevermind then.” He smiled and shrugged.

She gently shook her head. Of course, she was kidding too.

“Alright, let’s go in. We have prepared everything but it is up to you whether you can take it or not. There’s nothing else we can do.” Her expression became serious.

“Don’t worry, I always get everything I want. Plus, I’m perfectly confident in this endeavor.” He remained carefree.

She smiled back and flicked her whisk, leading the way for Li Qiye.

The two of them walked side-by-side deeper into the valley. As they infiltrated farther, the place became more desolate with no one else in sight. This was a forbidden ground. Not to mention outsiders, even the important members of the valley might not have entry permission.

“You want to go up to Imperial?” She eventually asked.

“Want me to hang around?” He chuckled.

“Our little ladies don’t want you to. They’ll miss you, and our valley welcomes you here.” The sage answered with a smile.

“And you?” He teased.

“This again? It’s not like you’re actually staying.” She glared back.

“Freedom with being single. The world is large, no need to shackle yourself. When you have too many things you care about, you will lose the courage to move forward, the guts to abandon everything else. Emotionlessness is an answer to having too many emotions, the best choice.”

She sighed, aware that a dragon like Li Qiye wouldn’t hang around. He would definitely soar above the nine firmaments with his name going down in history.

How could someone like him be willing to stay at one sect? He would cease to be Li Qiye at that point, no longer possessing the same charisma and charm.

“Right.” She smiled wryly: “But this is my limit, I don’t have the same insight and vision as you.”

“You have done an amazing job. Isn’t Longevity Valley flourishing and passing on?” He said.

“Only okay at best, completely insignificant compared to the work of the progenitor. I’ve simply contributed a little bit despite trying the hardest.” She gently shook his head.

“Progenitors have their own sky, and you have your own world.” He said: “No need to envy or think about it, just continue on the path of self-improvement. For many people, progenitors are unreachable, but to them, this is only a beginning. They have a long way to go, far from reaching the desired level of perfection.”

“That’s the future of progenitors.” She murmured.

Li Qiye fixed her fluttering, beautiful hair: “It’s better not to envy others. Doing so will make you happier, and also, ignorance is bliss. Pursuing a few things might take you to a higher level, but at that point, you might find that it’s not the place you want to be. Only darkness and death await.”

She stared at him seriously and asked: “Then what is your pursuit? Simply becoming a progenitor? Don’t say yes because I don’t buy it.”

“Then what do you think I’m pursuing?” He couldn’t help but smile.

It took a while before she answered: “I don’t know, but at least it’s not becoming a progenitor. In my mind, you’re already at that level. Your pursuit must be unimaginable. So far, Myriad is only a place you’re passing by, you weren’t born here and didn’t grow up here. So no one, no system, is worthy of remembrance.”

She knew that he was only a visitor to this world, a matter unbeknown to others. He didn’t care about this world, so he could destroy any lineage and system.

“Intelligent women are so attractive and likable. You’re a rare breed.” Li Qiye stroked her hair.

“It’s not enough to seduce you. No one in this world can place a shackle on you beside yourself.” She smiled beautifully.

“You make it sound like I’m an insane egomaniac.” Li Qiye was amused.

“Isn’t that the case?” She revealed a slightly flirty smile. Keep in mind that she had a transcending aura, so this addition was truly captivating, enough to make people drunk and bewildered with infatuation.

Only Li Qiye could enjoy this beautiful scene.

“I'll take that as a compliment.” He said.

She smiled and extended her delicate hand. The two then walked deeper into the valley with their hands clasped.

1. Using Venerable as a noun for an old, respected person in this case.

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