Chapter 2401: Pitiful Dog

Both Mu Shaochen and Heavenrend Viper were scared of Li Qiye and quickly retreated backward.

Heavenrend Viper was someone who had fought against a True Emperor before but this didn’t stop him from being afraid of Li Qiye. He was aware of the great disparity between them - something that couldn’t be shortened with treasures and merit laws.

Shaochen turned pale. Ever since coming to Myriad, he got everything he ever wanted and won every battle. Ancestors and systems all showed him respect and consideration.

Alas, he was running away like a homeless dog right now on top of being scared out of his mind. He never got in such a bad position before, not even up in Imperial.

Though he had messed with someone above his station in Imperial, his brothers and ancestors still protected him, allowing him to escape unscathed to Myriad.

This was no longer the case. He was truly scared this time, left in this sorry mess. He was at his wit’s end, no one in Myriad would dare to protect him nor did they have the power to stop someone like Li Qiye.

The only one he could rely on right now was Heavenrend Viper. Unfortunately, this guy had lost to Li Qiye as well.

“Li Qiye…” His legs trembled. He no longer possessed the same haughtiness and fearlessness after finally learning the word “fear”.

“Why leave so soon?” Li Qiye smiled at them.

His tone could confuse some who didn’t know about the situation. They might have thought that he was speaking to friends, wanting them to stay a while longer.

Despite Shaochen’s great talents, he was still just a pampered youth, yet to be sharpened with arduous experiences. Because of this, his dao heart could crumble at any moment.

He no longer had the courage to stand up against Li Qiye and instantly hid behind Heavenrend Viper.

The viper knew his limitations but he had no choice other than to face Li Qiye directly. He looked like a hen protecting its chick. He took a deep breath and cupped his fist: “Honorable Senior, we were ignorant and foolish to have offended you. A person of your status is surely benevolent, please show mer-...” [1]

“Incorrect.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I am still very young, just a handsome and hot-blooded youth. Thus, I’m naturally arrogant and petty as well, benevolence and mercy are nowhere to be found. If someone chooses to oppose me, I will destroy them.” 

Heavenrend Viper took a while before gritting his teeth and responding: “Young Noble Li, you are the greatest genius right now. You surely know that killing us won’t accomplish or change anything. May I ask what we must do in order for you to spare us? Please, state your demands.”

Begging was useless so Heavenrend Viper could only rely on negotiation, using benefits to persuade the guy. 

After all, Mu Shaochen’s life was very precious. As long as it was within an acceptable margin, the Mu would still agree to an unreasonable request from Li Qiye.

“That’s right, just say what you want.” Mu Shaochen immediately added: “Our clan can satisfy any of your demands. Treasures? Training scrolls? Immortal artifacts? We got it all as long as you drop this feud.”

Shaochen was eager to buy his own life, afraid that Li Qiye would really kill him for real. Thus, he started off high, convinced that real treasures might tempt Li Qiye. He was willing to let go of any treasure in order to stay alive.

“Quite tempting.” Li Qiye smiled and rubbed his chin: “So, your clan will give me whatever I want.”

The crowd also took full interest in this because they were curious. How high would this Mu Clan go in order to save Mu Shaochen?

“That’s right.” Mu Shaochen nodded as fast as a chicken eating grain: “Just say the words. Our clan can handle anything.”

Li Qiye smirked in response: “I don’t ask for much. I’m not interested in training scrolls and treasures, just your life. Will your clan give that up?”

“...” Shaochen was shocked. He thought that it was going rather well but it seemed like Li Qiye had no intention of sparing him.

He ran back behind Heavenrend Viper, feeling helpless and overwhelmed with rage.

“Young Noble Li, perhaps you should reconsider? The Mu is wealthy; all of the ancestors there are Eternal. The Eldest Young Noble is also a peerless True Emperor. We can actually satisfy your demands, really.” Heavenrend Viper didn’t give up and decided to go all out.

People took a deep breath - all of their ancestors were Eternals? Mu Shaochen’s eldest brother was a True Emperor?

“Is that a threat?” Li Qiye’s smile became more sinister.

“Of course not, Young Noble. But what’s the harm in having more friends? The Eldest Young Noble is supreme, he’ll definitely become a progenitor in the future. That can be very bene-”

“That’s in the future.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Plus, so what if he is one now? There is no lack of them in Three Immortals’ history, so why should I give a damn about him?” 

No one in the crowd critiqued this comment. Li Qiye had earned his right to be pompous without sounding forceful and unnatural at this time. He had the ability to challenge a progenitor. A True Emperor was rather trivial in comparison.

Heavenrend Viper couldn’t respond since Li Qiye made it too clear. Only progenitors could speak on the same level as him. True Emperors and everything below couldn’t negotiate with him.

Though he wasn’t a peak Eternal, he was still an influential expert in Imperial. Alas, Li Qiye viewed him like an ant. 

The guy became frozen and desperate, knowing that death was knocking on his door.

“I won’t make it difficult for you since your life is inconsequential to me. Leave now and I shall spare you.” Li Qiye looked at him and said.

Upon hearing this, he looked back at Mu Shaochen.

This stare scared the youth. He immediately pulled on the viper’s sleeve and shouted: “Elder Wang, you can’t leave me! You promised my father about taking good care of me!”

The imperious Shaochen was no different from a scared brat. There was no one else he could rely on but the viper.

All eyes were on Heavenrend Viper, awaiting his decision. Of course, no one would laugh at him for leaving. Fiercest was simply too strong so conceding was not embarrassing at all. Anyone else would do the same.

“Thank you for your goodwill, Young Noble.” The viper took a deep breath and said slowly: “One must uphold their responsibility. I have agreed to take care of the young lord, so if you want his life, you will have to kill me first.”

Regardless of whether he was a bad person or not, the viper was still a great character who can stay true to his promises. This was the resolution of a master.

1. He uses a polite term to address an old person here, but I can’t fit that into English. Grandpa? That would be so strange. Elder? Also out of place because it is normally used as a title/position. He could be assuming that Li Qiye is an older master, that’s why he’s using this address along with Senior. But then again, remember that in Chinese, people use roles and status to indicate respect and subservience, especially during begging. It doesn’t have to be literal. The main issue is that this can be interpreted in multiple ways, but there is no word in English that has the same effect. Any substitution would be jarring

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