Chapter 2400: Reconstruction

“Poof!” The moment the truncheon pierced Dracoform’s chest, he turned into a mist of blood while his true fate in the shape of a starry night sky instantly melted into the sanguine liquid.

The martial artist suffered a true death right now with the destruction of his fate. There was no chance of recreating his body like the last time. A body could be reconstructed but not utterly destroyed true fate.

In this blink of an eye, the blood with the scintillating pieces of his true fate fused with the worldly essence.  His blood stained the entire ocean of essence into a red color as if roses were blossoming. The light of his true fate continued to illuminate this new expanse with silver rays just like a net.

“Clank!” The silver net gathered all of the blood. Their combination turned into red strings of laws, seemingly refined from true blood.

Just like that, it sealed the ocean of worldly essences, not just fusing with it. It could lead this massive energy without leaking the tiniest sliver. This all happened so fast even before the truncheon made it to the ground. 

“Boom!”  Not only did the truncheon pierce through the ocean of essence, it directly pinned to the ground. With buzzing noises, the laws made from blood began leading the essence into the system. The net made this process possible without leaking any energy. 

A short while ago, something began to change about the land that had been devoured by the heart devil.

It was devoid of life and full of death energy for about a million miles. But at this moment, a touch of green was appearing on this canvas of red. Moreover, it was spreading at a rapid rate as if a master painter was adding more green strokes.

It didn’t take long before it took over the entire painting in a magnificent manner. Of course, this was just the shade of the worldly essence.

Dracoform’s sacrifice was not in vain. He served as a catalyst and a guide so that the worldly essence and life force could return to this land. Without doing so, the barren land would have deteriorated into death zones in the future. 

After finishing the heart devil and changing it back to the source, he needed someone to lead the leftovers back into the land. Dracoform volunteered to be the sacrifice.

The green energy continued to circle and fill the land. The dried-up soil had trees and leaves springing up. The mountains and rivers began to take shape once more. Mountains came back from the debris while the water ran down the streams.

This land became filled with life and vitality once more. The only things that couldn’t come back were the dead. They have turned to smoke - no returning from that.

This was merely certain affinities returning to the source, not a temporal reversal. Mountains and rivers could be rebuilt, but the dead mortals and cultivators no longer existed.

Nevertheless, this was the best result Vermillion could hope for. As long as the land was still around, there were still endless possibilities.

Life would multiple once more in this fertile place, resulting in flourishing areas.

The experts in Vermillion were overwhelmed with emotions while watching this. Some started tearing up, others took a deep breath and more began to celebrate…

So many have fallen but at the very least, the fortunate survivors still found hope and optimism for the future.

The true masters were sighing and reflecting on the transpired event. Just a little bit more and Vermillion would have turned to ashes. Next, Dracoform Martial God was also dead; the end of the number one expert in Myriad. Nevertheless, his story was one of redemption and honor.

Ultimately, many members of Vermillion still viewed him as a great ancestor.

“All will return to the origin, including the heart devil since it was a part of this place as well.” Li Qiye said flatly while staring at the rejuvenated land.

Since the heart devil was a part of Martial Ancestor and how closely connected he was to Vermillion, the devil also became a part of Vermillion after the suppression process. The two, to a certain extent, couldn’t be separated.

Thus, Li Qiye didn’t only return the worldly essence and life force, but also this heart devil. Its power eventually returned to this land, fusing with the system.

It was a silent moment of reflection. Some wondered about Li Qiye’s invincibility. Others were still sad about Dracoform’s sacrifice…

Even under his strongest state, Dracoform still wasn’t a match for the heart devil. However, Li Qiye only needed one move to refine the devil back to the origin before reconstructing the land. This was such a frightening level, truly untouchable in this world.

Everyone realized something - Fiercest was beyond their imagination. Eternals and True Emperors were not his match. Only progenitors were qualified to be uttered in the same breath as him.

At the same time, the death of Dracoform struck a resounding chord. Though he wasn’t the first Eternal to die since Cloudcrossing Falcon God fell to Li Qiye a bit ago, the impact wasn’t on the same level. Dracoform was far stronger and his sacrifice has certainly stirred the crowd.

“The martial god might have made a mistake, but he courageously shouldered his responsibility. Still as respectable as before.” An ancestor gently sighed and said with respect.

Dracoform might have been blinded by treasures, but he used his own life to make up for his mistake. This was worthy of respect.

“Leaving so fast?” While people were busy dealing with the shock, Li Qiye’s leisure voice woke them up.

Mu Shaochen and Heavenrend Viper were trying to escape. They knew that this battle was over.

Unfortunately, their enemy was Li Qiye. Though their evasion was quite stealthy, it couldn’t evade Li Qiye’s eyes.

If Li Qiye wanted them to die by nightfall, they would not live to see the next day.

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