Chapter 240: Heaven Protector Goddess (2)

Chapter 240: Heaven Protector Goddess (2)

The helpless Gu Tieshou had no choice but to follow Li Qiye’s wish. Although Li Qiye did not personally go to greet Heaven Protector Goddess Zi Cuining, Gu Tieshou — on the other hand — didn’t dare to have the slightest sign of tardiness. All of the elders and protectors welcomed her in person while using the highest level of ceremonial reception.

After Zi Cuining sat down, Gu Tieshou passed on Li Qiye’s message. He naturally twisted the words with finesse in order to keep Zi Cuining content. After he finished speaking, his hands were filled with cold sweat out of fear that Zi Cuining might suddenly wave her sleeve in anger and leave.

But to his surprise, Zi Cuining showed no signs of dissatisfaction. She simply pondered for a bit and agreed to go meet Li Qiye.

At the Lonely Peak, Zi Cuining finally met Li Qiye while he gauged her with a glance. The girl’s aura was vast and calm like a mountain yet roaring-powerful like thunder. She was like a goddess with an ethereal, mighty ocean roaring behind her with its torrential waves.

Meanwhile, Zi Cuining also observed Li Qiye. He was absolutely ordinary with nothing noteworthy. However, there was an indescribable calmness like the water in a well; it was as if even when the heaven and earth was meeting its demise, he would still be able to maintain his composure! The focus of his eyes was an unfathomable depth; a pair of eyes that were seemingly able to surpass time itself and see through all generations!

At this time, Gu Tieshou also silently retreated and didn’t dare to disturb them.

“You are Li Qiye?” Heaven Protector Goddess Zi Cuining’s voice was very pleasant to the ears, just like the gentle ocean waves cleansing a lustrous jade fragment. She handed a piece of paper with engraved magical runes over to Li Qiye and asked: “Do you recognize these magical runes?”

Li Qiye looked at these magical runes and did not answer her question. He instead stared at Zi Cuining and inquired in the most serious of tones: “Is the Black Dragon King still here in this world? Tell me the truth.” At this time, Li Qiye’s voice was filled with majestic authority; he was like an unquestionable, solemn True God!

Her eyes turned serious after hearing these words. She had met countless illustrious characters, but Li Qiye’s austere expression — at this moment — had an authority that left others with no chance for denial!

Zi Cuining glanced at him in silence for a while before finally answering: “The patriarch has not appeared after the fight with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong thirty thousand years ago.”

This was not a big secret at all. Everyone in the world knew that the Black Dragon King had not shown up again after the fight that year. In fact, even Immortal Emperor Ta Kong never appeared again as well.

Li Qiye sighed softly after getting the confirmation from Zi Cuining even when he had this premonition beforehand in his heart. However, after getting such a definite answer, his heart was still not at peace. He was clear on one thing — Immortal Emperor Ta Kong wouldn’t have been able to kill Little Black!

“Is High Elder Lu still around?” After a long period of silence, Li Qiye recomposed himself with a deep breath and asked.

Zi Cuining was taken aback because very few outsiders knew this name, yet this seemingly ordinary young man said it without any gravity. If it was someone from their Heaven Protector City, they would absolutely not use this title in such a frivolous manner.

“Sacred Ancestor underwent his death cultivation seclusion a long time ago and did not come out in the end.” [1. Raw is death gate. It is the final cultivation attempt to try and stay alive. If one can surpass this trial by increasing their cultivation or erasing their flaws, they can live longer. If not, death is their fate]

This was a secret of the Heaven Protector City. However, after a long period of contemplation, Zi Cuining still chose to reveal it in the end.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but sigh. This brat — in the end — could not hold on to the present. He had already lived for too long and could no longer bear it till now, just like Li Qiye’s expectations.

“Who has the highest seniority at your Heaven Protector City right now? Who is in power?” Li Qiye inquired.

Zi Cuining was quite suspicious after being bombarded with so many questions from Li Qiye. After thinking about it for a bit, she finally acquiesced: “Normally, the elders would discuss the matters of the city together. If they do not come to a consensus, then they would ask for Ancestor Gu’s advice.”

“Humph! Gu Zun!” Li Qiye coldly snorted! He was not surprise that Gu Zun was still alive till now! If the Black Dragon King didn’t implore for him that year, he would not be alive right now! [2. Normally, I would translate Gu Zun as Venerable Gu. But I don’t think Li Qiye would call this person “Venerable” after the snort, so I’m translating Gu Zun as his name for now]

Zi Cuining shivered a bit from the statement. What perplexed her was that this young man before her was quite dissatisfied with their ancestor. But logically speaking, Ancestor Gu had not received any guests for a long time and outsiders essentially couldn’t see him!

“I’m sure you have many doubts in your heart since you brought these magical runes here.” In the end, Li Qiye slowly spoke to Zi Cuining: “Correct, I was the one who performed the ceremony for the Black Dragon King outside of the Heaven Protector City that year.”

Zi Cuining slightly opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but Li Qiye waved his sleeve and interrupted her: “As for why I wanted to perform the ceremony and my relationship with the Black Dragon King as well as why I have these magical runes, I cannot answer you at this moment!”

“Then what can you tell me?” Zi Cuining looked at Li Qiye and gravely said. Li Qiye narrowed his eyes to look at Zi Cuining and carefully spoke: “You surely have your reasons for using the magical runes to find this place! You are the descendant of the Heaven Protector City, but this does not mean that you will only rule over the Heaven Protector City in the future and carry out its prestige! There is another mission on your shoulders!”

“What do you think my mission is!?” Zi Cuining’s beautiful eyes flashed a cold glimmer. This had touched a taboo secret of the Heaven Protector City.

Zi Cuining clearly had a murderous intent, but Li Qiye was still calm as he carefully spoke: “You came from the Little Sea Village, what do you think your mission should be?”

Zi Cuining’s expression completely changed the moment these words came out. A sharp glint appeared as a blade was already right next to Li Qiye’s neck! At this moment, Zi Cuining’s aura was extremely frightening, just like a god of death.

“How do you know?” There was absolutely zero doubt in Zi Cuining’s killing intent. If it was necessary, she would definitely kill without any hesitation. Her origin was a secret even within the Heaven Protector City. Even though she grew up in the city, unless they were people who had the authority to touch such a matter, her origin was something that couldn’t be discussed! Only a few people at the Heaven Protector City had such clearance.

However, an outsider just easily revealed this secret, how could Zi Cuining’s urge to kill not be aroused?

“Since you came from the Little Sea Village, you should be aware of your mission! Who I am does not matter, and what I know does not matter either. The most important thing is your mission!”

Even as the blade edge met his neck, Li Qiye still maintained his composure.

Zi Cuining’s soft body quivered as she took a deep breath. In the end, she withdrew her blade and looked at the young man ahead while feeling even more perplexed.

“Take out the Black Dragon Spear!” Li Qiye demanded while staring at Zi Cuining.

Another earthquake shook her heart. After looking at Li Qiye for a long time, she finally took out the Black Dragon Spear! The moment it was free, an aura permeated the sky as if a True God was descending down, or as if an Immortal Emperor had just arrived. It suddenly shocked the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“What is that!” The group of Gu Tieshou felt the supreme aura and became astonished. He had an illusion as if the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Immortal Emperor True Treasure had returned.

“You still haven’t master the Black Dragon Spear.” Li Qiye shook his head and said after seeing the spear. He then flicked his hand and the Black Dragon Spear fell into his palm. Right when he was gently caressing it, its momentous aura slowly converged back to the spear and disappeared. It was as if an arrogant and haughty stallion had met its fateful master, suddenly becoming docile. A light jumped around as if it was showing intimacy in the hand of Li Qiye.

The Black Dragon Spear was completely black with a faint violet shimmer. It resembled a black dragon, one that could fly up to the nine heavens at any moment. From a black shade changing to violet, this was a symbol for a Flood Dragon turning into a True Dragon — the spear of the heavens itself! [2. Flood Dragon is below True Dragon, still having too much serpent blood. It can, of course, evolve into a real dragon as its bloodline becomes purer]

Zi Cuining couldn’t believe her widened eyes for this was unbelievable! One had to know that when the Black Dragon Spear was passed down to her, it had an invincible and arrogant aura. It had followed her since her youth, but she still couldn’t force this spear to accept her as its master even now. But today, a stranger was able to tame it like a haughty stallion meeting its master — this was truly an incredible sight!

Keep in mind that the Black Dragon Spear was the weapon used by their Patriarch, the Black Dragon King, as he swept through the world. It brought all existences down to their shivering knees. This was an invincible spear, yet it was tamed by a stranger today. No one would believe such a tale! Even she herself didn’t dare to believe it!

“Black Dragon Spear ah!” Li Qiye gently stroked the Black Dragon Spear as it made a gentle and clear sound as if it felt Li Qiye’s soul.

Li Qiye had too many memories regarding the Black Dragon Spear. It originally came from him and was with the Black Dragon King as he fought against the world, sending chills down all of his enemies’ spines!

“Clang clank clank...” At this moment, there was a transformation in the Black Dragon Spear in Li Qiye’s hand. Even Zi Cuining was not able to clearly see the technique employed!

After the sounds of the spear resonated, the Black Dragon Spear became smaller then larger, and even its color was changed! In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye was a magician, and the Black Dragon Spear finally became a short spear!

The short spear had a crimson shade that was pretty and alluring. Its sharp brilliance carried a heaven-frightening murderous intent that caused even the heart of Zi Cuining to turn cold from horror!

However, with a gentle tap from Li Qiye’s right hand, this frightening murderous intent suddenly calmed down. However, the pretty crimson shade on the tip of the spear was still shiver-inducing. Zi Cuining sensed a bloody presence and could even smell the stench of blood as she looked at this shade.

A vicious weapon! This was the first impression this short spear gave to her. She couldn’t think that the Black Dragon Spear that was always by her side since childhood had turned into a short spear. She found it hard to believe this sorcery right before her eyes.

“Do you know the Black Dragon Spear’s other name?” With his eyes completely still, Li Qiye looked at this short spear in his hand as if he was spellbound by it.

“What is it?” Zi Cuining was not following Li Qiye’s question. This matter was too unfathomable to her for she did not know that it could turn into a short spear!

“Immortal’s Blood Spear!” Li Qiye slowly enunciated each word. His voice was filled with coldness when he spoke this name.

“Immortal’s Blood Spear…” Having heard this name, the first thing that came to mind for Zi Cuining was the extremely pretty crimson color on the spear’s tip!

Li Qiye slowly continued on: “Because it had tasted the blood of True Immortals, this is why it is called the Immortal’s Blood Spear!

“True Immortal!” Zi Cuining’s pretty eyes condensed into amazement as she heard such a phrase. She then looked at Li Qiye and asked: “There are really True Immortals in this world?”

Li Qiye did not answer her question; instead, he carefully spoke: “This is a vicious weapon, and I hope that you will one day be able to grasp it! Otherwise, you are not worthy of it!” Finished speaking, he returned the Immortal’s Blood Spear back to Zi Cuining.

Zi Cuining accepted the Immortal’s Blood Spear as her expression became solemn and dignified. The moment the spear was in her hand, she felt an unprecedented destiny right before her that had not been there before!

“Don’t ruin the prestige of the Immortal’s Blood Spear.” Li Qiye spoke to Zi Cuining with a serious tone: “It is not only a weapon. It has massacred True Gods and pierced through the neck of an Immortal Emperor!”

“What…” Zi Cuining was in a stupor with a shocked expression. This phrase to her was too overwhelming.

True Gods were such powerful existences, yet the Immortal’s Blood Spear was able to massacre them. An Immortal Emperor was someone who shouldered the Heaven’s Will and obtained the meaning of true invincibility! Piercing the neck of an Immortal Emperor was an unthinkable matter, it was simply the most ridiculous statement in this world.

Yet Li Qiye’s expression was telling her that these were not blustering and crazy words; rather, it was a fact.

In just a moment, Zi Cuining was in a daze. The Black Dragon Spear was left behind by their patriarch and finally fell into her hands. She knew that this spear was unbeatable and had dominated the Nine Worlds.

However, she had never thought that this spear actually massacred True Gods and pierced an Immortal Emperor’s neck! However, today, it seemed that this unthinkable matter was the truth.

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