Chapter 2396: Jade-severing White Tiger

The devour naturally frightened the spectators. The scariest part was how after absorbing 100,000 miles of land and life, the heart devil clearly became stronger. The broken hand turned back to normal without a single wound.

The more grievous injury, the seal on his chest, couldn’t stay on. It was shaken and dropped on the ground.

Like Mu Shaochen said earlier - the more it absorbed, the stronger it would become. Eventually, perhaps it could be a match for Martial Ancestor.

“Vermillion is personally crafted by Martial Ancestor while he is a part of the ancestor. Thus, the entire system is greatly nutritious to it, who can match him after he finishes devouring?” An ancestor trembled in fear.

Everyone else felt the same dread. A heart devil on the same level as a progenitor would be able to sweep through Myriad without any resistance. Without another progenitor in action, many systems would fall down.

It would be easy for Mu Shaochen to unite Myriad at that point.

“Boom!” The second blow came, wielding all of Dracoform’s true energy. The truncheon became as bright and hot as the sun, showing zero mercy.

With the power of the system and the matchless truncheon, this blow possessed an unrivaled power.

Before even hitting the devil’s head, the space and dao nearby exploded with a loud bang.

The devil still chose to block it again with its hand. The same bone-cracking sound came just like before. However, its arms only bent down this time, not completely shattering like the past. This devil has become several times stronger versus the last attempt.

Dracoform was shocked. If this continued, this devil would become invincible.

“Boom!” Dracoform’s body became resplendent with a pulsing beam surging to the sky, full of divinity. His truncheon became hotter and radiant as well.

He looked like a large sun illuminating the world. Spectators found it hard to keep their eyes open. 

“Bang! Bang!” Lightning bolts danced in the sky as he threw out the truncheon.

“Lightning Leo!” Following his battle cry, the truncheon released one of the twelve variations.

The weapon has always contained the mysteries of these techniques, so when a terrifying flood of lightning bolts immediately drowned the world.

One could hear a sharp howl among the lightning currents. A leo rushed out and crushed the void. Its claws could tear anything to pieces.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” The lightning current struck the heart devil while the large Leo also dug its claws deep inside.

Blood gushed out since the creature was being ravaged by the two separate offenses. Its chest was virtually torn open.

“Ra!” The devil roared furiously and opened its mouth to suck in 300,000 miles of territory now. It only took the blink of an eye before this land became barren.

So many lives turned to ashes to the horror of the crowd.

“Bang!” The devil raised its hand and the laws obeyed. A gigantic elephant came stomping.

River-crossing Elephant, one of the twelve variations. The devil who used to be a part of Martial Ancestor naturally knew how to use the twelve variations.

Furthermore, this particular move carried an ancient style - seemingly purer, more accurate, and in tune with the grand dao compared to Dracoform’s.

The elephant kicked the leo flying with one hoof and aimed for Dracoform with the other.

“Ooo-” The truncheon flew out of Dracoform’s hand again as he roared: “Abyss-dwelling Dragon!”

A dragon leaped and coiled in the sky, sealing all directions to stop the incoming stomp.

“Boom!” The stars and planets died as the hoof landed on the shielding dragon. Martial Ancestor thumpingly staggered backward but it was still a successful defense.

“Ra!” The devil opened its mouth again in order to feast on the essences of the world and longevity of all things.

“Shit!” Cultivators and even ancestors from Vermillions began to run, wanting nothing more than to get the hell away from this place.

Alas, there was no escaping. This next devour turned another 300,000 miles worth of land into nothingness along with all the living beings there. Their vitality and power turned into the purest energy flowing into the devil’s mouth.

“Boom!” An endless shadow shrouded out the celestials above before gathering together to create a large serpent.

This large serpent absorbed and spewed out the yin and yang. It had a strong yin affinity with a chilling breath capable of extinguishing the sun.

“Death Serpent!” Dracoform shouted in astonishment. This was another lost technique from the twelve variations being performed by this devil.

“Senior, aren’t you all trying to find these variations? Here, I’m showing them to you right now, no need to thank me, it’s something I should do.” Shaochen laughed and said.

Dracoform was in a terrible mood. They have brought a wolf home, wanting to use his supreme talents to find the lost arts. Who would have thought that it only brought a calamity to their court? Despite his fury, he had no time to deal with Shaochen right now.

The serpent seemingly hardened and leap forward like a drill, instantly piercing through the sky with an unstoppable sharpness.

“Boom!” Though Dracoform had gathered all of his power onto the dragon, it still couldn’t stop this particular move. The shield crumbled and he was blown flying while vomiting blood.

“Activate!” He had no choice but to roar. His chest became bright, seemingly forming a maelstrom. The rest of his body ignited into flame while sending out bloody rays. One could even hear a sizzling sound of something burning.

When he opened his eyes, they looked like a pair of rubies - two worlds of red.

Everyone else could feel his tyrannical power dominating the area. He seemed to be going insane.

“He’s burning his true blood and lifespan.” An ancestor murmured: “He wants to take that thing down at all cost. Even if he can kill it, he’ll lose a lot of his lifespan.”

Dracoform used the truncheon again while shouting: “Jade-severing White Tiger!”

This technique contained an incredible belonging to the yang affinity.

“Raa!” A white tiger appeared with claws sharp enough to slay gods and devils, severing everything in the world.

“Ooo-” The devil retaliated with the Abyss-dwelling Dragon. It coiled around and acted as a shield.

“Boom!” The tiger’s claws ruthlessly slashed the shield.

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