Chapter 2395: Heart Devil

“This is absurd, that can’t be Martial Ancestor, didn’t he ascend a long time ago?” One ancestor questioned.

Dracoform refuted Li Qiye’s assertion but he wasn’t sure. This person was truly too familiar despite his face being shrouded in darkness. However, the figure was exactly like a painting of their progenitor.

“To be exact, this is a part of your progenitor.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “He used martial arts as his path, resulting in violent tendencies. As he reached for the supreme, his heart and mind give birth to mental weakness - or a devil. Reaching for the top required expelling this heart devil, so he used a great method to do so after becoming a progenitor.”

“Unfortunately, the violent tendencies have taken deep roots, becoming part of your progenitor. Expelling this thing was akin to cutting off his own arm, severing part of his grand dao. Because of this close connection, your progenitor can’t actually kill him, or his own grand dao would shatter. Because of this, he came up with sealing it beneath the martial court, using the entire power of this place to suppress it. At the same time, he refined a suppressive weapon with the name - Martial Dao Truncheon! This weapon holds his twelve variations!”

“He wanted to use the faith and worship of the descendants along with the power of time to destroy this imprisoned heart devil. Unfortunately, his descendants are too greedy, desiring this powerful artifact without knowing the real stories.” Li Qiye shook his head and laughed at this point.

He told this story from start to finish as if he saw it with his own eyes back then.

Dracoform turned pale and gripped the truncheon tighter. The previous ancestors all knew that their progenitor had buried a wondrous weapon but didn’t know the reason why.

This was understandable because it wasn’t written down. Martial Ancestor himself chose against divulging it. His direct disciples knew about it but couldn’t actually record it for the future generation because it would be a stain on his reputation. Thus, the information behind this buried weapon remained a secret.

“Hahaha, Li, you are something else, knowing so much about this.” Mu Shaochen who was far away from the martial court laughed: “I have perused numerous scrolls and visited so many systems and only got a little hint, yet you know it like the palm of your hand. So extraordinary, worthy of being my greatest rival.”

So it turned out Mu Shaochen was aware of this secret and took advantage of Dracoform and the others’ greed. With the martial court help, he was able to dig out the truncheon and find the pagoda.

The ancestors and Dracoform were ecstatic after finding the truncheon, the so-called strongest weapon left behind by their progenitor. They didn’t expect to be used by Shaochen in this manner.

Dracoform had an ugly grimace - his hard-earned reputation was ruined just like that, tricked by a junior.

“You’re not qualified to be my rival.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and nonchalantly said.

“Hahaha, Li, keep on being arrogant.” Shaochen said: “Wait until this heart devil restores its vitality and power, he will sweep through the world. Myriad will be under my control, I will not only unify it but will kill my way back to Imperial, I will make it tremble, same for that bitch who dared to oppose me! As for you, Li, you will only be a skeleton beneath my feet…”

“Sounds like you got beaten like a dog without a master and had to run with tail tucked between your legs. Nowhere else to hide up there so had to go down to Imperial.” Li Qiye smirked, noticing the details.

“You!” Shaochen turned red right away: “I was only hiding my skills…”

“I know, I know, just a homeless dog.” Li Qiye interrupted his justification.

People exchanged glances. Mu Shaochen, an esteemed guest by so many, was chased out of Imperial? The crowd felt as if they had just swallowed a fly and became as uncomfortable as can be. Nevertheless, they couldn’t exactly voice their frustration at the moment.

At this time, the black figure seemed to have returned after a moment of relaxation. It landed and touched the ground, seemingly enamored with this feeling - being back here with his beloved land.

“Buzz.” Unfortunately, the ground and the foliage touched by this hand immediately turned to black ashes.

It stood up and opened its mouth, wishing to devour the entire martial court. It inhaled and the power of the land, the endless light, the true energy around… all were sucked into its mouth.

A thousand miles turned into a lifeless wasteland. The wondrous landscapes and vegetation, birds and fish, mortals and cultivators; all got devoured and became dust. 

“Clank.” When this devouring force reached the area of a powerful clan, the imperial formations left behind instantly activated. Divine swords rushed to the sky while all of its experts roared, fueling their vitality into the formation in order to stop the heart devil.

“Boom!” This was useless since the imperial formation instantly crumbled before its might.

“Ah!” The clan was annihilated. All of the living beings there were devoured. The clan’s territory also turned into a land of death.

As it continued to inhale, more land suffered this fate. Although these territories only made up a very, very tiny portion of the system, this was only the beginning. With its extraordinary devouring speed, it wouldn’t be long before this creature takes everything.

“Hahaha, once he devours Vermillion, he’ll be a living Martial Ancestor. Who will be able to stop his madness?” Mu Shaochen laughed.

Everyone gasped. This devil heart was truly frightening and would bring doom to all of Myriad. No one will be lucky enough to escape.

“Die!” Dracoform Martial Ancestor roared before crossing through space, instantly appearing above the heart devil.

“Boom!” The truncheon came crashing down and smashed the myriad laws. Nothing could stop its momentum.

However, the heart devil simply raised its hand to meet the blow directly.

“Crack!” The creature’s hand shattered. The weapon even left behind a mark on its arm.

The mark then moved onto its chest and made the creature tremble.

This strike from Dracoform was undoubtedly mighty. After all, he was powerful himself and the truncheon was made to suppress this heart devil.

People heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, they saw hopes of stopping it.

This heart devil wasn’t weak but the long duration and suppressive power have nearly destroyed it. Destruction was inevitable if Mu Shaochen didn’t let it out.

It inhaled again and devoured 100,000 miles of land this time. Its power surged as the dark glow around it intensified. 

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