Chapter 2394: Shocking Newcomer

The world quaked like it was the end of days for Vermillion. Darkness engulfed the area with black strings digging out of the ground. They gathered in the sky, seemingly weaving a great net.

“What is going on?” The members of Vermillion were frightened, both cultivators and mortals alike.

Instinct told them that danger was coming, and a truly terrifying one at that, and they should run now!

“What’s happening?” Dracoform Martial God was also confused. He looked around with a lamp-like gaze illuming the world.

“Crack!” The dao land of the system suddenly had great chasms, perhaps on the verge of collapsing.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions came with more fissures. The mountains and rivers of the systems also went down.

“What the hell?!” Living beings ran away from their home. When they turned back, they saw that their home was gone, replaced by large pits.

No one knew the source of this calamity. Even Dracoform couldn’t pinpoint it in such a short time.

It seemed that something was trying to get out from underground. Though it has yet to show up, this dark energy resembled a surging vitality - an awakening of sorts.

The ground below the court suddenly rose into the shape of a mound, then one of a mountain of mud. With a loud bang, a pagoda finally flew out with an explosion of debris.

This pagoda was carved from a single piece of rock. The original one must have been massive.

It had an ancient style. Though buried underground, it clearly looked timeworn. More importantly, numerous runes were carved on the surface. Each was majestic with its own dimension. Just one alone could seal an entire domain.

It could be said that this pagoda could imprison all evils in this world, devil kings or whatever.

Who knows how long it has been buried down there? Though the runes were still glowing, their light was feeble. Time has weathered down the runes’ power. It was obvious that during the early period, these runes must have been flashing brilliantly with a golden glow, more than enough to suppress the firmaments.

“The runes of the progenitor, meant for suppression.” An ancestor recognized the runes’ type.

“An entire chapter meant for imprisonment.” People shuddered after hearing this. A progenitor actually carved these runes? What did he want to imprison?

Everyone watched the pagoda gradually leaving the ground with bated breath. 

“There are people below the pagoda.” An eagle-eyed watcher noticed two people struggling to push the pagoda from the ground, mustering all of their strength and finally got it out.

“It’s Mu Shaochen and Heavenrend Viper!” The crowd became startled.

A while ago, everyone was preoccupied with observing Li Qiye and Dracoform. No one noticed Mu Shaochen and Heavenrend Viper sneaking away.

Li Qiye was the only calm one and spoke while looking at the pagoda: “One might be able to survive an act of god, but not a self-brought calamity.”

He didn’t find this surprising at all. All was within his expectation.

“Virtuous Nephew, why are you doing this?” Dracoform felt something ominous while staring at the pagoda but didn’t know what was actually inside.

“Haha, martial god, forgot to tell you, this is a big present for you and your system.” Shaochen laughed boisterously and said: “Oh, it’s a present for Myriad Lineage too. Today is really a joyous day for me, two celebrations in once. Not only will I marry a beautiful wife but more importantly, I will become the ruler that unites Myriad!”

After stating this, he and Heavenrend Viper instantly retreated away from Vermillion.

Dracoform was shocked, knowing that this wasn’t a good development. The rest of the listeners also took a deep breath - unifying Myriad was a frightening ambition.

“Buzz.” The pagoda sent out rays of light, not the same ones from the carved runes. This time around, this was a light of the dark affinity.

They seemed to be materializing and seeping out of the pagoda, washing the runes on the surface.

As the darkness grew stronger, the light of the runes grew increasingly fainter before disappearing altogether.

The runes began to scatter down to the ground like specks of sand, issuing rustles.

With them gone, the pagoda had cracks all over the place, on the verge of collapsing as if an evil creature was about to break out.

“Not good!” Dracoform shouted but it was too late once he understood what was going on.

“Boom!” Debris went flying after the collapse of the pagoda.

Everyone felt the rising tides of darkness engulfing the world. Vermillion was completely devoid of light to the astonishment of the crowd. However, this darkness came quickly and left also quickly. It rescinded and the bright sky returned to Vermillion.

Once people calmed down, they saw a man standing where the pagoda used to be. This being was completely black, seemingly fusing with the darkness. No one could see his face. His cloak fluttered with the wind, looking as if it was made from the condensation of darkness. The dark tides could return at any moment as people stared at this man.

Regardless of how strong one was, they couldn’t see through this dark being to see his face. He was one with the darkness - an omnipresent feeling pervaded.

People instinctively shuddered even though he didn’t emit any frightening aura. Dracoform felt the same way. Intuition told them that this was the ruler of darkness - possessing the power of this affinity.

Strangely enough, Dracoform found this person to be especially familiar as if he had seen the guy before. 

“What… no… can it be…?” He became startled after a bold conjecture emerged in his mind, telling him why this person was so familiar.

“You’re right.” Li Qiye answered him: “That’s your progenitor - Martial Ancestor!”

“What?!” The crowd blew up in a furor. Even the power ancestors were astounded.

“Impossible! Don’t besmirch my progenitor’s reputation!” Dracoform vehemently denied despite having the same thought.

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