Chapter 2393: Martial Dao Truncheon

Everyone became stupefied, especially the members of Vermillion. Some started to wonder whether Li Qiye was an ancestor from their martial court despite knowing that it couldn’t be true.

“My turn.” Li Qiye smiled and casually pointed forward.

“Boom!” It was the same move again - Wavebringer Carp. The fish with its tail stepped on began to flip again, causing Myriad to seemingly topple over the elephant.

This move became incredible without using any wave for the world itself served as the greatest medium.

“Boom!” The elephant couldn’t stop it at all and got struck by the tail. Its head turned into a mist of blood after a loud cry.

“Ooo-” Dracoform shouted in this key moment: “Abyss-dwelling Dragon!”

A true dragon leaped to the sky and sealed the myriad realms - capable of stopping the strongest blow.

This was his second time using this variation. It was far stronger than the previous, capable of separating everything. Someone wielding the momentum of the ages still wouldn't be able to break through.

Nevertheless, after a loud blast, Myriad fell into darkness. Dracoform’s position was annihilated back to the starting point. Stars became dust; space above also fell into the same darkness.

The dragon was destroyed as well and Dracoform went flying once more. He himself nearly got turned into a mist of blood. His flesh battered into a pulp and left in a horrendous state.

The spectators fell into a hush. The number one expert of Myriad nearly got killed in one hit. They only found Li Qiye’s true strength to be even more unfathomable.

“Buzz.” Dracoform’s beaten body quickly came together again. Nevertheless, he turned pale from wasting so much energy and vitality to do so.

The wound was grievous; healing it instantly was impossible.

“Well done... I’m no match for you.” Dracoform said sentimentally. Spewing words of anger was useless now so he simply stated the truth.

“It is not too late to hand him over.” Li Qiye said.

“If I have agreed to something, I will not go back on it.” Dracoform assumed a stern expression while declaring: “You will have to walk over my corpse if you want Young Lord Mu.”

Li Qiye smiled: “I don’t mind walking over your corpse. That’s no big deal, I would even walk over your progenitor’s corpse.”

Dracoform’s expression changed for the worse, but he didn’t bother expressing his fury. Li Qiye was more than qualified to say so without being haughty. This guy’s power level was virtually peerless.

“I will still fight to the end even if I’m no match for you.” Dracoform took out a weapon and solemnly said: “Dying to you in battle will leave me without regrets.”

“Buzz.” His weapon exuded a massive divine light, full of different colors. It illuminated the entire world.

A truncheon not in one piece but crafted from twelve stars connecting together. Because of this, it possessed a starry light, not only possessing the power of the twelve stars but also of space itself. 

Most importantly, these stars were awakening and acting as perfect sealing totems - allowing the weapon to be quite terrifying.

“Martial Dao Truncheon!” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed after seeing it.

Dracoform was surprised to hear this: “You know of it?” [1]

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “More than that. If I’m not mistaken, that brat Mu helped you find and create it.”

“Precisely.” Dracoform nodded: “Young Lord Mu helped our martial court find the truncheon so we have reached an agreement with him.”

Li Qiye sneered: “A bunch of fools! If your Martial Ancestor were to find out, he would stomp all of you unfilial children to death! Incorrigible stupidity, idiotic beyond words! Such greediness.”

“You!” Dracoform didn’t take this harsh scolding in stride.

People didn’t recognize the name of this weapon despite knowing that it should be quite formidable.

“I remember now.” One knowledgeable ancestor shouted: “According to the legend, after creating Vermillion, Martial Ancestor used suns and moons to create a weapon. Upon its inception, visual phenomena raged everywhere. Martial Ancestor went to great lengths to craft it but no one saw him using it later on. He gave it the name, Martial Dao Truncheon.”

People glanced at each other. A weapon created by a progenitor on top of having visual phenomena? It should possess outstanding destructive potential. How come he never used it before? What was the reasoning behind this?

The ancestor went on while looking at the weapon: “When I read the text, I thought that the future generations fabricated this story, who would have thought that he did create one and that the martial court would be able to find it?"

Dracoform didn’t comment and continued to glare at Li Qiye. His system had writings about the truncheon. It even stated that the progenitor had left it here but no one could find it in the past.

Moreover, the ancestors across many generations believed that the power of this truncheon was far more than an ordinary ancestral weapon. Because of this, they have always been searching for it despite a lack of success.

Now, Mu Shaochen had found it for them so they gave him a promise. Because they owed him this great favor, Dracoform also fully supported the youth.

“Alright, time to end this.” He shouted while pointing the truncheon at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye shook his head: “Fool, even if it doesn’t end today, it is still over for your martial court since you have ignorantly invited a wolf into your own home.”

“Don’t try to scare us, elaborate then.” Dracoform became serious at this moment, also thinking that something was wrong but he couldn’t exactly pinpoint it.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see it soon.” Li Qiye said while staring at the horizon.

“Rumble!” The entire martial court suddenly quaked with increasing intensity, seemingly on the verge of collapsing.

“What’s going on?!” People fell to the ground while mountains and rivers crumbled. This scared the hell out of the experts from Vermillion nearby.

1. Dracoform has been using a respectful “you” all along, but I can’t quite express it. As I’ve said before, sir would be the best thing to use here, but it’s too much, especially in a duel

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