Chapter 2391: Suppression

The spectators deeply inhaled after seeing the defeat of Dracoform’s River-crossing Elephant.

They both used the same style but Dracoform had lost. One must note that Dracoform was the strongest ancestor of Vermillion while Li Qiye was only an outsider; Dracoform had all the advantages. This was completely unexpected.

Their lost legacy was used to defeat their own ancestor? Numerous disciples from Vermillion turned pale right away.

“Ooo!” A dragon materialized and roared before leaping into the sky and coiled with the stars. It separated the yin and yang and sealed everything else in the world while acting as the strongest defense.

Because of this, the third wave smashed the dragon but it was completely fine. This powerful move was finally stopped.

“Abyss-dwelling Dragon!” This majestic and immovable creature made an ancestor shout: “This is the strongest defensive technique of Vermillion, virtually impregnable!”

This was one of the five remaining variations of Vermillion.

“Dracoform is amazing indeed, his five variations are perfectly connected so he could change to a different one without any negative effect. Perfect mastery.” A few ancestors praised. They could see how the elephant turned into a dragon without any delay in time nor stagnation in energy.

One of the problems with their five variations was that they weren’t next to each other. Thus, using them one after another would have adverse results.

For example, when Wu Bingning used her three variations in a row, she couldn’t withstand the ripples in energy and vitality.

This wasn’t the case for Dracoform. He used and changed them at will, so effortlessly as well - showing off his mastery of these five variations.

“Splash!” A fourth wave came, ravaging the space above. The most terrorizing thing was that just like the third wave, this one was more powerful than the previous three combined.

“Boom!” It slammed into the dragon’s barrier and made the entire upper sphere tremble. The dragon separating the yin and yang was also shaking. Dracoform was under the danger of being blown away at any moment.

“Splash!” Then came the fifth wave without any delay. Words couldn’t describe it since the carp this time sent an entire ocean forward.

Just imagine, this ocean had drowned all of Myriad. Thus, it came with enough force to annihilate the entire world. It smashed the sky vault and buried numerous stars.

“Boom!” This ultimate defensive dragon couldn’t stop the entire ocean. It crumbled like a broken shield.

Dracoform went flying while vomiting blood, having suffered a grievous injury.

Everyone stared at this scene in a daze. No one else would believe what had unraveled here today. Someone actually used Martial Ancestor’s variations to defeat Dracoform Martial God. Others would take this as a joke.

“So many unexpected things in the world.” Despite his injuries, Dracoform’s spirit remained high. He stood up; his eyes had shock and fear deep inside from being defeated by their progenitor’s variations.

“I want to see everything you have up your sleeves!” He didn’t give up and remained competitive and stubborn, wishing to fight with Li Qiye to the very end.

A while ago, this fight was only out of necessity to him, a promise of sorts. But now, he truly wanted to partake in this duel in order to see what Li Qiye could do.

“It is unlimited, a level unreachable by you.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Very well, I’ll give it a shot!” Dracoform roared.

“Boom!” The deepest area of Vermillion poured out a pure beam of light in an endless manner - wielding the strongest power available.

He stood there proudly with a dao source beneath. It was resplendent, seemingly gestating an entire world.

This pure power instantly gathered on his body. Everyone felt the power of the system and its inhabitants empowering him.

“Boom!” He took another step into the sky, covered with a radiant glow. There seemed to be three thousand worlds appearing behind him, dependent on him to shoulder them. More and more worlds were appearing; the number of living beings gradually increased. He resembled a progenitor with an aura engulfing the myriad realms.

“The power of the dao source.” Everyone understood that Dracoform had taken control of Vermillion System, but his actual efficiency remained unknown for now.

Even if he couldn’t grasp the entire thing, he had become quite terrifying with this power of the progenitor.

“Splash!” The sixth wave came, no longer bearing the immensity of the ocean. However, Myriad seemed to be flipped over. This wave contained a power dozens of times greater than the previous five combined, an insane surge of power.

Dracoform chose River-crossing Elephant again. However, no great ocean or gigantic elephant appeared.

Only a normal-sized elephant came about yet it had a holy glow that was untouchable, seemingly coming from the sacred land of Buddhism.

“Boom!” The myriad laws screamed and lamented after the beast stomped down with enough power to suppress an eternity.

Numerous existences in Myriad felt suffocated, no matter how strong they might be. It was as if the beast was stomping on their chest.

The physical aspect was certainly worrying yet not the crucial part. People became hopeless under this suppression. One wouldn’t be able to struggle; all they could do was lay there, completely immobilized.

There were rumors of him suppressing Chillwater True Emperor before. This seemed to be true now since everyone was experiencing the same feeling. They could also imagine how the emperor became victim to this. A True Emperor becoming helpless? Such despair.

The target of the stomp was the tail of the carp. Though this fish could uplift the entire world, it couldn’t move right now.

“It’s suppressed.” People gasped in response.

Dracoform stood there like an untouchable supreme, akin to an awe-inspiring progenitor.

“Great Ancestor, you are invincible!” The experts from his system prostrated.

“Dracoform Martial God is really strong enough to suppress a True Emperor, the rumors are true.” The other spectators shuddered.

Prior to this, some would question the legitimacy of his tales. They would certainly stop after today.

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