Chapter 2383: Heavenrend Viper

The crowd was naturally in disbelief. Why didn’t the strongest of Myriad try to save his own disciple when it was on his own territory?

“Anyone else?” Li Qiye stood there with the same grin as always.

“Fellow daoist, if you are here as a guest, then welcome inside. But if you want to cause trouble, please leave. My disciple was stubborn and obstreperous, she deserves what happened today for not knowing when to back off.” Dracoform’s voice came about.

People were even more surprised to see him dropping the issue of his disciple’s death. In their mind, he would surely become furious and want revenge. This didn’t seem to be the case at all.

Li Qiye smiled: “It’s not hard to make me leave. First, release Wu Bingning, she’ll come with me. Second, hand over Mu Shaochen, then I can pretend as if nothing has happened.”

The spectators were speechless. Breaking someone’s gate, killing his guards, and even taking down his disciple then making further demands? Only Fiercest would say something so unreasonable without any qualms.

“Fiercest is the only one who can be this overbearing.” One ancestor sighed and praised.

“This is our own matter, please don’t interfere, fellow daoist.” Dracoform said.

“Incorrect.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Not to mention that the little girl is in my camp, that brat dared to oppose me. I will take his dog life and kill whoever tries to stop me.”

Dracoform didn’t answer right away, seemingly pondering.

“Hahaha! I am right here. I’ll marry Wu Bingning today, what are you going to do about it?!” Shaochen laughed and didn’t hold back.

“Pop!” Before he could finish, the space in the martial court suffered a massive blow. All of the coordinates shattered.

One of the palaces inside broke down due to Li Qiye’s appearance inside. This palace was floating up in the clouds with Shaochen sitting on a throne. An old man stood next to him, wearing a large hat and veil.

Shaochen was scared out of his wits to see Li Qiye appearing out of nowhere, causing him to jolt out of his chair.

“Li Qiye!” He faltered backward in fear.

Everything became frozen as if nothing could stop Li Qiye. Shaochen was confident in hiding inside because the places were sealed by numerous spells. However, Li Qiye instantly crossed through space and destroyed the defensive barriers of this world. It was an insane level of power.

“I’ll have you know that I didn’t kill you last time because I didn’t feel like it. Why? Just so that I can kill you in your clan. I’m bored enough to take my time with you, I’m sure your clan members’ expressions will be very amusing as they watch you die a horrific death.” Li Qiye looked at Shaochen and said.

“Li, don’t be arrogant!” Shaochen took a deep breath and strongly responded: “You can only kill me in your dream! In fact, you should be praying about leaving this place alive!”

“I can roam as I please in Vermillion.” Li Qiye remained nonchalant: “Same with killing someone. Your progenitor, Mu Yun, won’t be able to do anything or I’ll take him down too.”

“You!” Shaochen trembled with rage.

“I think it’s about time for you to open a dao portal and run because the incoming pain won’t be pleasant.” Li Qiye grinned.

The ones who knew him would find this grin terrifying. More often than not, his fury wasn’t as scary as his seemingly sadistic smile. It meant that there was no escaping for his prey.

“Sir, please halt.” The old man next to Shaochen walked forward to block Li Qiye.

He has been hiding his face the entire time. His words sent out a chill akin to soaking oneself in a jar of ice water. Despite lacking an aura and divinity, his words alone instilled fear like a sheep coming across a hungry tiger.

“You’re his Eternal?” Li Qiye didn’t care at all.

“Yes, my name is Wang Shihua. Just another Eternal from Imperial Lineage.” The old man replied.

“Indeed, anything below the everlasting level is only an ant that can’t reach the apex, that’s how I view Eternals.” Li Qiye said.

Wang Shihua’s eyes turned fierce like those from a venomous viper hiding in the shadows. Just his gaze alone was scary enough.

“I don’t know what to say.” An ancestor smiled wryly after hearing this: “In other words, only Everlasting Eternals can get into Fiercest’s sight. These Eternals are on the same level as progenitors, I guess what he’s trying to say is that only progenitor-level characters matter to him.”

“I, I know who he is.” A different ancestor took a deep breath.

“Who is he?” Someone else asked instantly.

“That’s Heavenrend Viper! He was really famous in Myriad back then, even beating a young True Emperor, no less famous than Dracoform Martial God now. Later on, he ascended to Imperial and fell into obscurity. Who would have thought he had joined the Mu as a guest?” This ancestor answered.

Wang Shihua’s eyes narrowed but he didn’t react, continuing to hide his face.

This ancestor was indeed correct. Shihua won his fame for grievously wounding a True Emperor. However, there was another part to this story, unbeknown to others.

Later on, this young True Emperor also ascended to Imperial. Alas, time has changed. The emperor was far stronger compared to the past and searched for Shihua to even the score.

He easily defeated Shihua and chased him to a dead end. However, the Mu saved him and took him in. He officially became a guest member there from then on.

For some unknown reasons, Mu Shaochen was forced down to Myriad. Since Shihua was originally from here, he became the top candidate to protect Shaochen.

An Eternal naturally didn’t want to come back down due to the adverse effects on his lifespan. Nevertheless, he owed the Mu so he had no choice but to accompany Shaochen.

His presence was one of the reasons why Shaochen became quite imperious.

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