Chapter 2381: Unstoppable

Vermillion was one of the strongest systems in Myriad Lineage. In fact, some even believed that it was only second to Yang Radiance.

Martial Ancestor also spent a lot of effort when creating this system. This was a progenitor full of legends, praised to be a peerless martial artist with amazing techniques.

According to the tales, he found a heavenly stone carved with a scripture containing numerous profound dao. He greatly benefited from it and created his own path. Rumor has it that his twelve variations came from this stone.

While walking on Vermillion, one would feel a mighty force resonating, different from the powers of the other systems.

Normally, these were pure powers left behind by the progenitors after refining the land. As for Vermillion, its power was filled with deep intents of martial arts. Each vibration seemed to encompass a particular technique.

Because of this clear sensation, some believed that the Martial Ancestor had fused his lifelong learning into the land, including the twelve variations. Thus, anyone who could understand the power of this system could also gain its merit laws.

Numerous have tried before to no avail. It seemed that only those who have learned his legacy chants could comprehend the mysteries here.

Li Qiye walked on this land and chuckled: “A familiar sensation and rhythm, all derived from a single word.”

It didn’t take long before he made it to the outskirts of the martial court despite his leisure pace.

However, he was blocked by someone. This person wore a robe, concealing their face.

“Young Noble Li, I have a message for you from someone. Please take a look.” This person handed him a letter then disappeared.

Li Qiye opened it and smiled after finishing reading. The letter turned to ashes right after.

It was personally written by Wu Bingning whose goal was to beseech for the martial court. After all, this was her home so she didn’t want it to be destroyed by Li Qiye.

“Silly girl.” He shook his head. Of course, he would act with propriety in this matter.

While standing outside, one would see that the martial court was powerful and majestic, no different from a sacred ground.

Vermillion was a system acting as an independent world with numerous sects and clans. The stronger clans numbered in the thousands.

The center of power was the martial court; this has always been the case since its foundation. Inside were sky-piercing mountains and floating palaces with a sun and moon. Rivers and mountains, sacred legacies and sanctified grounds. Flood-dragons soared around in the sky with other auspicious beasts below. 

Li Qiye chuckled since the gate was closed for him. They clearly didn’t welcome this guest.

In fact, among the citadels up in the clouds were nervous guards clenching their spear tightly.

“Boom!” Li Qiye took the first step into the court and the massive gate crumbled instantly. The entire court trembled from the force of his stomp and walls began to fall.

“That’s Fiercest for you, domineering like no one else.” People glanced at each other; some even gave him a thumbs-up.

“The last time this happened was numerous generations ago.” An older cultivator smiled wryly.

Who else in the world would dare to do something like this? It was akin to slapping the martial court straight in the face and asking for an irreconcilable feud.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” As the walls were fallen down, armored guards also descended from the sky. Each carried a great bloodthirst.

“Clank!” They aimed their spear exuding sharp glint straight at him. Lightning currents coursed through their weapon, seemingly wielding the power of the heavenly tribulation.

“Imperial Guards.” A sect master said: “One of the strongest legions of Vermillion, I wonder what they can do.”

“Intruder, please leave.” One of the guards uttered coldly: “Those who enter the court must follow the rules of visiting.”

“Otherwise?” Li Qiye interrupted with a faint smile.

“Otherwise, it is considered an insult and an invas...” The guard replied.

This particular legion would find a forceful showing like this a provocation, never allowing for escalation.

Li Qiye interrupted him: “That’s what I’m indeed doing, are you prepared to stop me?”

“Kill!” The guard furiously gave out the command.

“Clank!” The tip of their spears pulsed with sharp arcs just like the blades, virtually unstoppable.

“Very well.” Li Qiye casually raised his hand in response.

“Buzz.” A world appeared in his palm with resplendent stars.

“Get back!” A warning shout resounded but it was too late.

“Ugh…” Blood gushed out after Li Qiye threw this tiny world like a flying dagger. The guards were skilled enough to switch to a defensive stance with their spear but it was useless.

How could they actually stop a revolving world? One by one, they were decapitated as blood scattered out of their gaping neck. This rain of blood soaked the ground.

More than one thousand members of the Imperial Guards were decapitated before finishing their first technique. They had no chance to fight before someone like Li Qiye. The difference in power was immense.

The spectators took a deep breath. Vermillion’s powerful legion couldn’t stop a single move from Li Qiye. He was showing off his terrifying abilities once more.

“How disappointing.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

“Open Woodmen Alley.” An old woman gave out a command inside the martial court. Everyone looked over and saw that it was Windchaser Matron, Dracoform’s disciple.

“Won’t give up until you see the coffin, I see.” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

“Little animal, you can boast after you get through Woodmen Alley.” The matron shouted while gritting her teeth.

She swore that the blatant humiliation suffered must be dealt with. Moreover, she was the biggest supporter of the marriage between her system and the Mu. She definitely wouldn’t allow for anyone to ruin it.

“What a failure of a disciple taught by the so-called number one expert of Myriad.” Li Qiye mocked.

“We’ll see about that, little animal! Woodmen Alley will trap you!” The matron shouted again.

“Rumble!” Mist suddenly filled the sky while the earth quaked as if something was rising from underground.

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