Chapter 2380: Art Of Immortality

The atmosphere in Myriad was one of excitement. Everyone waited for Fiercest to appear and the stench of blood. The world would quake before his coming.

“Pop!” Space was ripped apart and a person emerged.

“Looks quite fun.” He glanced around and said.

“Fiercest, he’s here!” A spectator recognized him right away.

The crowd took a deep breath after seeing his presence and all eyes turned towards him. He was the hottest character in Myriad right now, not just within the young generation. Only Dracoform had a comparable prestige in the contemporary.

“The show is about to begin, same with the storm of blood.” Someone else murmured. No one knew where he was a while ago, but it didn’t matter right now. 

After returning from Moneyfall, the sage spoke to him. He had an amazing harvest and saw what he wanted through the gigantic eye.

His expression carried a hint of brutality, a bit different from the past. Those who knew him were aware that this was his expression before a massacre.

He glanced briefly towards the martial court in the far horizon and smiled: “I’m nice enough to assist people if they wish to die.”

The crowd shuddered in response, feeling a chill coursing down their spine. Such provocation would be laughed at in the past, but they were ready for a massacre now. Fiercest always followed up his threat with blood.

“Hahaha.” A burst of hearty laughter came about as Mu Shaochen appeared above the martial court: “Today is a joyous occasion for me, marrying the martial goddess. I welcome you-...”

Li Qiye’s provocation was swiftly countered.

“Pluff!” Mu Shaochen suddenly stopped by a finger strike from Li Qiye. It pierced through his chest and blood gushed out as he fell on his back.

Keep in mind that Li Qiye was nowhere near the system yet despite the distance, just one finger strike from him ended Mu Shaochen.

Many started thinking that maybe Dracoform couldn’t be that much stronger than Fiercest even with the help of his system.

“I can’t be killed! This is our clan’s art of immortality!” Shaochen eventually got up and shouted.

“It’s just one hidden soul.” Li Qiye leisurely: “Calling this an art of immortality is just a joke. Don’t worry, I will make your death gruesome.”

“Hah, looks like you do know quite a bit. We’ll be waiting for you at the martial court for my marriage ceremony.” He snorted before disappearing.

Everyone realized that he was just trying to provoke and lead Li Qiye to the court, straight into his trap.

There was no way Li Qiye would let this go since Wu Bingning was one of his followers despite being aware of the traps.

“Well, today is a good day to kill.” Li Qiye looked at the sky before flying for Vermillion.

“Fiercest is going there.” It didn’t take long before more and more people started heading towards Vermillion. The martial court became lively and crowded with numerous guests. 

“This fight is totally worth watching, don’t miss it! You better start betting too! Test your luck!” The gamblers had their fun.

The news of this battle spread across all of Myriad. The excitement was at an all-time high. The disappointment would be palpable if they chose to not fight.

Discussions began everywhere.

“Does the Mu Clan really have an art for immortality?” People saw Shaochen coming back to life multiple times and began asking their seniors and ancestors.

If such a thing truly existed, everyone would covet this knowledge.

“Perhaps, but who knows to what level?” One old ancestor with information on the Mu said: “Fiercest said it earlier. Shaochen is hiding one soul, so he only has two souls with him, rendering him unkillable. Looks like the legend is true, their progenitor has really found an incomplete version of a heavenly scripture.”

He was right. The Mu had something like this, albeit, it wasn’t true immortality. After obtaining an incomplete scripture, their progenitor created this undying art. As long as the user hid away one of their souls, they would be extremely hard to kill.

There were negative side-effects. By taking away one soul, the user’s cultivation would become stifled, most likely unable to become a True Emperor or progenitor.

Mu Shaochen chose to do it. Despite his supreme talents, he didn’t care for cultivation and hated putting in the effort. This made his cultivation far inferior to his eldest brother.

What he could do was understanding numerous merit laws and perfecting the lost legacy of their clan. Thus, he was extremely valuable to the clan so they wanted him to cultivate this undying art. Though it would weaken his cultivation, the benefits outweighed the cons for someone who didn’t put in the hard work. It was enough to satisfy him.

Thus, the guy remained confident and boisterous despite knowing that he was no match for Li Qiye. As long as his one soul was still at the Mu, so what if Li Qiye was stronger?

Li Qiye seemed to be taking a stroll, but each step was covering a massive distance.

The martial court’s atmosphere became quite tense. Its members readied their weapons while trembling with trepidation. Certain sects in the system have actually already activated their best formations. 

Though he could sense the fluctuation in powers, Li Qiye ignored all of this and leisurely arrived with a smile on his face. 

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