Chapter 2379: Worries

“Maybe Mu Shaochen isn’t a match for Fiercest, but don’t forget about Dracoform Martial God. He will definitely be on Shaochen’s side to stop Fiercest from interfering with their marriage.” One expert jumped in.

“Right, and his title as Myriad’s number one expert is completely justified. Even if Fiercest is crazily strong enough to overwhelm him, he’ll be at the martial court since that’s where the marriage is taking place, someone else’s territory. Dracoform Martial God has a great advantage.” An ancestor speculated.

“That’s true, Dracoform Martial God might be the best system controller in Vermillion. Let’s say he can’t muster all of the dao source’s power, it should still be terrifying enough, perhaps doubling his power or even more.”

The power of Vermillion’s dao source was well-documented. It wasn’t only created by the Martial Ancestor but has also been blessed by numerous True Emperors and Eternals.

Some even said that it couldn’t be weaker compared to Yang Radiance. Thus, Dracoform possessing the power of his system would be something quite amazing. A high-level True Emperor might be suppressed in that place.

“The young versus the old, it’s a must-watch.” Myriad Lineage became excited.

The guests didn’t care about their own schedule and quickly rushed for Vermillion.

Remember, grand weddings were common but a fight between Fiercest and Dracoform was once in a lifetime. It would certainly go down in history so missing it would be quite a shame.


Wu Bingning was anxious despite only being under house arrest right now.

“Little one, don’t worry, when the time comes, we old men will help you run away. Though the ancestor has been pushing this marriage, but if you really don’t want it, we’ll come up with something. We might not be as influential as Great Ancestor, but it will be fine.” An ancestor next to her said.

This was a member of the coalition that attacked Insane Court back then. They remembered their debt to her.

Prior to this, she was a pampered jewel, beloved by the ancestors. Though they couldn’t change Dracoform’s mind, they would definitely help her in this endeavor.

“Ancestor, I’m not worried about myself.” Wu Bingning gently shook her head: “Young Noble Li will definitely come on the wedding day, so I’m worried about our system. A disaster is not what I want to see, so I hope Ancestor Dracoform can change his mind.”

She was telling the truth since she didn’t hate the martial court and the seniors did treat her quite well. Furthermore, Li Qiye will appear and Mu Shaochen was only courting death.

Thus, being dragged down in this mess would be disastrous for a furious Li Qiye would kill everything in his path. The martial court might turn to ashes.

“Don’t worry, our court has been standing for so long, weathering numerous storms. We can handle Li Qiye since his power can’t be unlimited.” The ancestor shook his head and smiled.

“No, Ancestor, you don’t know Young Noble Li.” Bingning’s expression hardened: “Anyone else, however strong they may be, might not be able to destroy our court, but this is not the case for him. We won’t be able to stop him and our destruction depends on his whim!”

She has stayed with Li Qiye for a long time so she was aware of his personality and abilities. 

“That’s an exaggeration.” The ancestor remained skeptical and optimistic: “Alright, I admit that he is very strong, perhaps just as strong as Great Ancestor, but that’s not enough. I’m sure he’s unstoppable in Insane Court, but this is Vermillion Court, our ancestor will be unbeatable since he has control of the dao system’s power.”

“The entire power of the system won’t do either, unless he is the reincarnation of Martial Ancestor, but that probably isn’t enough either.” Bingning said with gravity: “Trust me, Young Noble Li is the most terrifying existence I have ever seen, he is at least at the progenitor level. So, I ask you, is Great Ancestor at this level?”

This ancestor became serious as well after seeing her expression and took it more seriously. There was a reason why she was chosen as the next successor, and she was very knowledgeable as well.

Their Dracoform Martial God was mighty indeed, but he still had a way to go compared to their progenitor. At the very least, he hasn’t reached the everlasting level. Only an Everlasting Eternal would be able to challenge a progenitor.

“Maybe we need to take this seriously.” The ancestor spoke with a serious inflection: “But changing Great Ancestor’s mind will be very challenging.”

“I want to see him again in order to convince him to stop this.” She said.

“That’s meaningless.” The ancestor disagreed: “Great Ancestor has already made up his mind. Plus, he wants Mu Shaochen’s twelve variations. Nothing is more important than this for him.”

“Mu Shaochen might not have the real variations, but Young Noble Li definitely does.” She continued.

The ancestor looked at her and remained skeptical: “I doubt it, Mu Shaochen’s talents are indeed extraordinary and Great Ancestor trusts this, thinking that he will be able to find the lost techniques. Even if Li Qiye actually has the twelve variations like you said, he won’t believe you.”

He paused for a moment before elaborating: “Li Qiye is an outsider that has never visited Vermillion, so how could he know the twelve variations? That’s not the case for Mu Shaochen. They have been researching this at the tower with a degree of success. Great Ancestor saw Shaochen’s derivation ability with his own eyes. The guy really has a chance to find them again through his comprehension.”

“Well…” Bingning didn’t know what to say. She agreed that Dracoform wouldn’t believe her.

“Unless, you can get Li Qiye to perform the twelve variations in front of Great Ancestor. He will believe you then.” The ancestor said.

“That’s impossible.” Bingning smiled wryly. Though Li Qiye looked amicable enough at times, he was unreasonably arrogant.

Even their strongest Dracoform wouldn’t earn any respect from him. Why should Li Qiye perform the twelve variations? The guy wouldn’t give a damn about Dracoform’s opinion and stance.

The moment Dracoform stood in his way, Li Qiye would kill him without any hesitation. Thus, this idea was impassable.

“Then I’m out of ideas.” The ancestor gave up.

She pondered for a bit before sincerely asking: “I need your help.”

“Speak, little one, we’re not strangers, no need to be so reserved. I’ve watched you grow up.” He smiled.

“I hope you can go see Young Noble Li before he enters our system and give him my letter.” She requested.

This was the only thing she could do, feeling unsure whether she could save her system or not.

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