Chapter 2377: Big Eye

During the furor outside, Li Qiye had reached the deepest area of Moneyfall - a massive dimension.

He has been walking down the stairs of darkness for a long time, only to be met with endless space. Falling down would mean ceasing to exist.

He looked around with a piercing glare, wishing to see through everything. Finally, he took out a handful of white sands. They emitted a faint light just like pearls in the night.

He traded coins for these specks of sand with the ants. People were laughing at him for doing so but they weren’t aware of their uses. Of course, it was useless to know since they couldn’t reach this place either.

“Ffff-” He blew away the sand into the endless space with one breath.

They looked like fireflies flying around - quite a beautiful scene. Their glow wasn’t radiant but it was still helpful in this dark space. As they drifted farther away, their glow became distant before disappearing from sight.

The stagnating and suffocating darkness returned once more, as it always has been. This silence seemed to be a greeting for something on the verge of awakening.

After a long period, a soft pop was heard with a rippling in space as if something was being lifted open.

Beautiful light began to leak from somewhere like the opening of a world. The intensity increased until calling it an “ocean” of light was an understatement.

The entire place became resplendent, covered in this warm and non-blinding light. The place emitting the light was full of stars and galaxies as well. It had an azure color, filling this area with life.

Suddenly, this was interrupted by another popping sound akin to a cover being pushed down. The world fell into darkness again; the beautiful light disappeared without a trace.

“A very beautiful and gasp-worthy eye, unfortunately, the world won’t see it.” He smiled and murmured: “Of course, it might not be a good thing for it to come out.”

He took out an order, the one he got from the final level of Bewildering Palace.

“If I’m not mistaken, this order belongs to you, so in accordance with the rules, I am allowed to make a request.” He raised it and chuckled.

“Pop!” The light poured down again as the beautiful world appeared once more.

However, Li Qiye was right - it was actually a massive eye. The stars and galaxies were actually just part of it.

If one eye was already this big, just how large would the person be? Truly unfathomable. Perhaps one couldn’t even begin to imagine how a creature got this big, perhaps the largest being in existence.

The phrase - close one’s eyes and darkness comes; open and welcome dawn - was in full effect here.

All existences seemed tiny in comparison. How could they compare to a vast expanse? Plus, this vast expanse was only one eye. Li Qiye was smaller than the tiniest speck of dust before it.

“Speak.” After a careful gaze at Li Qiye, the eye finally spoke using its divine intent. The receiving end wasn’t the ear but rather the heart.

If one tried to listen, they wouldn’t hear anything. Only the heart could sense it. This sound wasn’t limited by languages; it could directly convey its will.

Li Qiye smiled: “Moneyfall is not a land of death, only a container of something unimaginable.” 

If people were to find out the truth about this monster, they would be scared out of their mind.

He declared: “According to the rules, you need to fulfill my demand.”

“What do you want?” The voice came again: “Immortal pills? Artifacts? Techniques? Or an invincible body?”

“No, those are too common.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I wouldn’t be here if they were my goal for plenty of other places have them. Plus, the ones I truly want? You can’t provide them anyway.”

The strands emanating from the eye intensified. Just one strand alone could kill an Eternal or light up a world.

“What do you want?” The voice expressed zero emotion; no one could read its mood.

“I want to borrow your eye to take a look, that’s all.” He answered.

“Borrow my eye? To look at what?” The intent replied.

“You already know since I need to borrow your eye to see it. What I want to see is not the present nor the future nor the past of this land. I wish to observe an older age, a period that has been erased from existence!”

“If it doesn’t exist, then it can’t be seen.” 

Li Qiye spoke with certainty: “Others can’t see it, but you can, not because you understand it, but because it is in your memory.”

The intent didn’t answer right away this time, seemingly pondering.

“I once said that I need an answer. Perhaps I already know this answer, but before making up my mind, I need to see it for myself.”

“You can go to that place to take a look.” The intent spoke.

“I will but before that, I need to learn about this period in order to fully understand my enemies and the ultimate terror. That’s why I need to borrow your eye for a bit.” Having said that, Li Qiye’s eyes became profound enough to pierce through this vast expanse, all the way to the depth of the pupil.

The intent took its time before answering: “I can refuse a demand like this.”

Li Qiye said: “Perhaps, but since I am already standing here, I won’t take no for an answer. You won’t be able to refuse! I will see it!”

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