Chapter 2372: Shocking Battle

Mu Shaochen didn’t simply fly away. He had jumped from one set of coordinates to another, implying prudent preparation from the beginning in case of defeat. This was indeed flawless planning.

Unfortunately, flawless planning couldn’t accomplish anything since he met Li Qiye.

One strand of the flame crossed through space straight for the young lord, like a drop of molten liquid falling on top of the snow. This layer, no matter how thick it might be, wouldn’t be able to stop the descend.

Mu Shaochen had crossed through several coordinates already but this single strand instantly caught up.

He felt the danger and decided to take out the jewel, activating it against the incoming heat ray. Unfortunately, he couldn’t activate its true power.

“Boom!” Despite being a Quasi Artifact, its dormant state left its weak so it was blown away.

Shaochen raised his speed to the limit but still couldn’t escape this fire affinity.

“Ah!” When it touched him, he instantly evaporated from this world. Nevertheless, a faint light instantly flew towards the horizon.

Li Qiye took note of this and chuckled: “A bit interesting.” He didn’t give chase.

Those who managed to see this scene became speechless.

Though the winds were still blowing on the majestic scenery, the atmosphere in Moneyfall underwent a monumental change. The drop of a needle could be heard right now.

Not long ago, Mu Shaochen was illustrious with numerous treasures and a behemoth as his backing. More important, his talents were peerless as well, commanding the respect of many systems.

It could be said that he could call for winds and rains in Myriad Lineage. Not to mention Ascenders, even Eternals were willing to toil for him.

His title caused people to change their expression upon hearing it. All needed to call him “Young Lord Mu” to show respect.

But today, Fiercest destroyed everything - the Mu Clan, Shaochen, supreme talents, unbeatable means! All of this couldn’t reach the apex.

An Eternal like the falcon god failed as well without ashes remaining as if he had never appeared in this world.

This was someone who had swept through Myriad, virtually untouchable. Though he wasn’t on the same level as Dracoform Martial God, he was still a top dog in this world. His accomplishments and life seemed so meaningless now thanks to Li Qiye.

Everyone started glancing at those nearby, especially Shaochen’s supporters. They turned pale; some even dropped down on their butts, drenched with cold sweat and unable to speak.

“Mu Shaochen is finally dead, like I said, he can’t act cool forever.” A genius became excited after the lull.

“Hmph, you’re right, he’s not part of our Myriad anyway. That’s what he gets for acting arrogant, getting a taste of our invincibility - dead without a grave.” The fans of Cloudcrossing Princess and the other girls were happier than everyone else.

Their greatest love rival was gone now; they still had a chance in the future.

“Li Qiye is our real genius, the top existence. Three Young Nobles and the saber-and-sword duo are nothing compared to him.” Some considered Li Qiye as their new source of pride: “He can crush the geniuses from Imperial and Immortal too! In fact, any other progenitor from the same generation as him will be suppressed! He’s a second Gao Yang!”

“Gao Yang, huh? I think Li Qiye has a chance.” one ancestor murmured.

Progenitor Gao Yang was an interesting case. Normally, people would be respectful regarding the title of progenitors. However, most referred to him by his real name.

He was a peerless progenitor. Normally, one generation might not be able to produce one progenitor, let alone two.

However, during his era, he became one along with Cloudcrossing Progenitor. Unfortunately, the latter was completely overshadowed by him. This was not to say that Cloudcrossing Progenitor was weak, but Gao Yang was simply brilliant.

So now, when people compared Li Qiye to Progenitor Gao Yang, it indicated just how highly they viewed him. He became the new pride of Myriad.

“There’s nothing special about Imperial, like that Mu guy, he only relies on his own clan. If he was actually that amazing, he would have become a True Emperor already. Not worth mentioning compared to the number one genius of our world, Li Qiye.” The youths were converted by Li Qiye, especially those who considered Shaochen to be their love rival.

The sudden shift was understandable. The cultivation world has always belonged to the strong; experts were worshipped. As long as one was strong enough, people would always overlook their heinous sins.

“Number one genius?” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Too common of a title; I prefer Fiercest.”

“Fiercest? It’s a good title, much more aggressive.” His fans agreed right away.

He seemed uninterested in this new fame and turned towards his enemies: “Anyone else wants to take care of me? Here’s your chance right now while I’m still here.”

No one dared to say a single word, not even Shaochen’s supporters. Most were scared out of their mind already.

Attacking Li Qiye? Of course not, they would be thanking the heaven and earth right now if Li Qiye were to ignore them.

“No one?” Li Qiye’s eyes fell on the untethered: “How about you, Beautiful?”

Everyone stared at the untethered; some smiled wryly. Only Fiercest would dare to tease her like this in public.

She coldly responded: “If you cultivate the blood-sucking art, Yang Radiance still has the responsibility and obligation to destroy you for Myriad’s sake.”

“If you stay by my side, wouldn’t you figure that out?” He continued on.

The sage playfully added: “You might as well take her back home so that she can take her time seeing if you have cultivated an evil art. Since you’re our First Disciple, Longevity Valley and Yang Radiance can become in-laws too.”

Such a bold statement astonished the crowd.

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