Chapter 2371: Flame Sword

The chill outside mimicked the chill in everyone’s heart. If this beam were to hit their system, the entire place would become a large glacier - instant destruction.

“That’s only a Quasi Artifact, then just how terrifying would the real thing be? Probably enough to destroy all of Myriad Lineage?” Someone murmured.

No wonder why progenitors didn’t leave behind their Paragon Artifacts. This power was insane!

“Is it over? I think he’s finally dead.” One ancestor talked to himself while looking at Li Qiye.

“No physical shell can withstand that freezing force, even an Eternal will die for sure.” His peer stated.

“It’s about time…” People heaved a sigh of relief.

Shaochen had plenty of supporters in the crowd. They placed their future on him and dared to go against Yang Radiance.

If Shaochen were to lose to Li Qiye, they would have a dark future waiting ahead of them. But now, his success meant that he was capable enough to lead Myriad in the future and that they have made the right choice.

“Hmph, so what if Li Qiye is strong, he’s still no match for Young Lord Mu.” A god child from a system sneered: “Remember, the young lord is the successor of the Mu with numerous treasures. Not to mention just Li Qiye, he can destroy a system with no problem.”

“You’re right, Li Qiye overestimates himself. It’s suicidal to go against the young lord.” A saint child joined in.

One ancestor sighed and said with regrets while looking at Li Qiye: “He lacks resources compared to the Mu and would have definitely become a great master if he didn’t die here. He’s really one-and-only.”

“Hmph, you’re nothing compared to my progenitor’s power.” Mu Shaochen scowled at Li Qiye.

He turned his sight towards Wu Bingning and laughed: “I told you, you chose the wrong guy, he isn’t qualified to oppose me. Come and play nice in my clan, I’ll let you enjoy boundless glory and splendor.”

Wu Bingning stared coldly at him and said: “Don’t be so pleased with yourself just yet, you don’t know who you are messing with and even when you do, you would already be dead.”

The young lord laughed in response: “Are you listening to yourself? But whatever, I have plenty of ways to make you willingly obey me.”

“Wait, what is that?!” Someone shouted.

Everyone saw a ray of light emanating from Li Qiye’s chest, just like a jumping spark.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye began to move against the freezing power, seemingly unaffected. His motion remained fluid and free. He walked forward, unencumbered by the ice around him.

Not a single drop of water or a fragment of ice was sticking to his body after he got out of the massive glacier.

“You!” Mu Shaochen and the rest of the crowd couldn’t believe it. His Quasi Artifact didn’t damage Li Qiye at all.

“Just a Quasi Artifact.” Li Qiye gently shook his head before smiling: “Far inferior compared to the real thing. I can control the extremities of yin and yang. This freezing power is akin to spring where snow melts away, a tinge of coldness amidst the warm weather. I merely wished to see how strong it was and here I am, disappointed.”

“Testing a Quasi Artifact with his own body?” Jaws dropped to the ground after hearing his intention.

After all, those with a tiny bit of common sense knew to use yang affinity or raw power against icy techniques instead of those water swords. Water belonged to the yin and softness affinity. Using that against ice was the same as adding oil to the fire, or courting death.

Li Qiye made a mistake that no one else would make, but it turned out that he was only testing the artifact.

A powerful ancestor felt dizzy and murmured: “The, the guy is insane… I don’t think anyone else in this world can be worse than this, using his own body to test a Quasi Artifact? Is he tired of living?”

Li Qiye smiled: “A quasi one is boring indeed, I’ll test your progenitor’s Paragon Artifact if I have a chance later, that’ll be more interesting. But as for now, time to end this.”

“Clank!” He took out a red sword. When one had a better look, they would find that the thing was actually made from fire, akin to a divine sword being heated to a red shade, still under control. All of the temperature and actual flame were still stored within the blade. Even the sun felt cold in comparison. The most impressive part was not its temperature, but rather Li Qiye’s perfect mastery over the flame. 

Everyone shuddered in response. True God? Treasures? Even the world itself would instantly burn to a crisp upon touching this sword. Ashes wouldn’t be left behind.

Sure enough, space near the sword was melting away with a viscous distortion.

Flame, another move from Finality Sword. It was the embodiment of yang and power, containing the hottest temperature in the world. 

Mu Shaochen became afraid right away and decided to attack with his jewel, sending another ray forward.

“Come.” Li Qiye smiled and casually swung his sword forward as well.

“Buzz.” This was a contest between hot and cold. Evaporation filled the sky with obscurity.

In the end, extreme cold lost and the terrible temperature came knocking for the falcon god and Mu Shaochen.

“Boom!” The youth borrowed the momentum to form a massive wall before them. In this very second, he also ran away with lightning speed, crossing through space and disappearing into the horizon.

He had prepared a way out from the beginning, locking onto a different set of coordinates in order to run the moment something was wrong.

Right when the falcon god was caught off guard by this, the momentum failed and evaporated as well.

“Break!” He used the strongest defensive technique of his life since there was no time to run.

“Ah!” His agonizing howl echoed. The technique failed to stop the flame so the falcon god became nothingness, instantly evaporating without remnant ashes.

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