Chapter 2370: Quasi Artifact

The scene came to a deathly quiet since the crowd was overwhelmed with dread and anticipation.

“Buzz.” Mu Shaochen finally opened the treasure box, releasing buzzing noises.

A chill permeated the world as if it was trapped in a glacier, just that the temperature was a hundred times colder.

Snow and ice covered Myriad Peaks; these large mountains became encapsulated with thick layers of ice.

This instant change was too terrifying but people couldn’t quite react because the ones nearby were turned into sculptures without a chance to scream.

The ones in the horizon shuddered. If they were just one step slower earlier, they would have died as well.

Shaochen himself was suffering from the freezing process starting with his hands. He was relatively stronger compared to the rest but failed to do anything.

However, the falcon god’s pure energy poured into his body like an ocean, allowing him to withstand this cold aura.

People finally saw a white jewel inside the box, around the size of a goose egg, seemingly a stone being polished into this shape. It looked quite ordinary yet contained enough power to freeze the world.

“It’s a nice treasure but unfortunately, its power is being released because it is unfinished and bereft of a foundation, only containing seventy-percent of the original materials.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “This is only a Quasi Artifact. It looks like your progenitor created it early on then after reaching a higher level, he abandoned it for something else.”

“A Quasi Artifact?” This was the first time many have heard of this name.

“Only a progenitor at the immortal level can create a real Paragon Artifact.” An ancestor explained.

Progenitors of the myriad and imperial have copied the existing rules of creating a Paragon Artifact in order to create their strongest weapon. At their level, it was the right time to gather materials.

However, there would still be a long way to go since they need to reach the immortal level for true completion. Because of this, this initial imitation was called a Quasi Artifact. 

This jewel belonged to Shaochen’s progenitor. After becoming one, he began the crafting process but eventually abandoned it for an entirely new Paragon Artifact. This jewel was left to the clan for future descendants.

Mu Shaochen was indeed loved by his clan, even allowing him to bring this artifact to Myriad.

“It’s more than enough to kill you!” Shaochen shouted.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “It’s just a Quasi Artifact, if I wanted to, I can just give them away. This scrap metal can’t kill me.”

One listener immediately stammered: “Hey now… a Quasi Artifact is a piece of scrap metal? Then what kind of treasure is good enough for him?”

“Arrogant fool, I will take you down today!” Shaochen roared and the light beneath his feet became resplendent in a celestial manner. No one could open their eyes at this moment. 

“Boom!” Shaochen seemed to be the child of the world, shouldering its immense power. His body grew in size.

There was no doubt that he was borrowing the momentum of Moneyfall. Despite it being just a little portion, this was Moneyfall, just this amount allowed him to touch the realm of an Eternal. He possessed a power similar to the falcon god.

Meanwhile, the falcon god didn’t stop sending more energy to him. A pair of fiery wings grew behind him.

Just one flap could sweep through the stars in the sky, causing them to explode.

“Buzz.” Under the addition of energy, the jewel seemingly opened up with strands of light coming out.

A while ago, it resembled a white expanse of chaos but now, a primordial force has invaded this area to dispel the chaos.

“Boom!” Shaochen couldn’t control it completely and aimed the beams of light towards the sky.

“Buzz.” Wherever it touched, the area froze instantly into crystallized portions.

Finally, it actually touched a galaxy of stars and froze it as well. A while later, after reaching the limit, this galaxy collapsed into floating bits.

“Your turn now!” Shaochen grabbed the jewel and aimed the dazzling beam at Li Qiye. All of the mountains in the vicinity became encapsulated in ice then collapsed all together even though the beam was only focused on Li Qiye. 

“Interesting, let’s see how strong it is.” Li Qiye remained all-smiles. Having said that, he turned his water swords towards Mu Shaochen.

“Zzzz…” The swords were instantly frozen. Nevertheless, the sheer quantity made the flood seems unstoppable.

This freezing power exceeded everyone’s imagination. It only grew stronger and managed to freeze an area of ten million miles, trapping all of the water swords.

Li Qiye himself became frozen in his sword-controlling stance. The world around him, mountains and rivers, became victim to this severe change in temperature. Time and space halted as well.

No one dared to come close to this area. Even the ones in the horizon couldn’t stand the chill. They watched this frozen world and could see a clear light flowing within - the affinity of time.

A contrast between the regular timeline outside and the frozen timeline inside the glacier created this visual phenomenon.

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