Chapter 2369: Mu Shaochen’s Ace Card

“Ah!” The falcon god was blasted away; his blood gushed and stained the azure.

Numerous spectators shuddered - an Eternal had just been pierced by countless swords.

Everyone assumed that he was dead until they saw him slowly come to a halt, still trembling.

He looked quite pitiful with blood everywhere; his clothes ripped and torn. The worst damage was in his chest with the largest hole. The rest of his body was penetrated as well. In short, he resembled a sieve at this moment.

Without the last-second help from Shaochen, he would have been turned into a mist of blood or even just specks of dust.

People heaved a sigh of relief after seeing him standing back up, especially Mu Shaochen. An Eternal being killed by a youth would have been too much to take because he has yet to become a True Emperor. The older generations would have no place to stay then if this were the case.

“Hahaha! Sorry to disappoint you, little animal! You can’t kill me, an Eternal is unkillable!” The falcon god howled.

Of course, he needed this showing of bravado in order to boost his own morale. Though his body could be recreated easily, he understood that he was not Li Qiye’s match after the previous exchange. 

Though he wasn’t at the very top among Eternals, he wasn’t at the bottom either. He couldn’t recall the last time he was wounded, so this dealt a great psychological blow to him.

“That’s just a casual slash, don’t be so excited for surviving a warm-up attack.” Li Qiye lazily said.

Li Qiye’s attitude froze the falcon god’s laughter. He stood there, embarrassed, not knowing what to do. He couldn’t exactly surrender to a junior, but what was he going to keep fighting with?

“That was just a casual slash? What type of sword techniques is that?” Everyone was stunned as well.

Everyone didn’t know that this was another strike from Finality - Water. It could take in all offense and after reaching the limit, the accumulation of power would then be returned to the original user in the form of myriad swords.

The best part about this technique was its longevity. The counter would maintain the peak state of the entire accumulation in an endless manner.

“Senior, lend me your help so I can take him down!” Shaochen shouted.

Everyone looked over and saw the ground beneath him lighting up, full of spreading dao runes.

From a distance, it looked as if his feet were being rooted to the ground. The spectators saw an illusion of him turning into a great tree, becoming one with the earth and absorbing its power.

This allowed him to stop the water swords from Li Qiye earlier using his divine shell. Otherwise, with his limited power, even that incredible shell wouldn’t have been able to stop that onslaught.

“Very well, Virtuous Nephew, if you have a way to slay this devil, I will assist you to the best of my abilities.” The falcon god became ecstatic and teleported next to Shaochen.

“The two of you should have done this from the beginning instead of wasting my time.” The undaunted Li Qiye laughed after seeing this.

“Li, you might be strong but you’re still going to die today!” Shaochen’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Li Qiye glanced at the brilliant expanse beneath Shaochen and smiled: “You have indeed seen through some clues, enough to borrow the grand momentum of Moneyfall, but just a tiny bit, too naive if you think you can kill me with this. Your progenitor is barely qualified to fight me, you’re nothing but an ant.”

The spectators gasped in response, not only about the young lord’s ability to borrow the momentum of this land but more so about Li Qiye’s comment.

The ancestors stared at each other, not knowing whether Li Qiye was being serious or not. The progenitor of the Mu was definitely a monster of an existence, yet this being was only qualified to fight Li Qiye? Wasn’t this comment too much?”

“Hey now, that progenitor is one of the Immortal level.” An ancestor remained skeptical and thought Li Qiye was being unreasonably haughty.

Regardless of everything, Shaochen’s talents were indeed incredible. He had actually comprehended some of the mysteries in Moneyfall. Though he could only borrow a little bit of the land’s momentum, this was already excellent enough.

His face became ugly as he retorted: “Ignorant fool, my progenitor’s power is beyond your imagination. I can kill you myself for insulting my clan’s sage!”

Li Qiye smiled: “It’s idiotic to think that you can kill me with this little momentum.”

In Li Qiye’s eyes, this was insignificant because if he wanted to do it, he could borrow the entire momentum of Moneyfall and instantly destroy everyone here.

Shaochen laughed, the only way he could cope with his anger: “If you wish to challenge my progenitor, then I will show you his invincibility.”

Having said that, his expression became solemn as he took out a box.

Even before opening it, the box already emitted an untouchable aura, more than enough to make the crowd tremble. The thing inside certainly possessed a world-destroying capability.

“Senior, please help me. This is a Paragon Artifact left behind by my progenitor, if we activate its power, we will be able to kill him.” Shaochen didn’t dare to be careless.

“I will go all out.” The falcon god jubilated, not expecting for Shaochen to have a weapon of this magnitude.

“A Paragon Artifact?! We need to get the hell out of Myriad Peaks now!” A few ancestors ordered.

It didn’t take long before the horde retreated from this area, watching from as far as possible.

Not all progenitors could create these artifacts. They needed to reach a particular level before earning this right, and the one from the Mu clan was one of them.

Progenitors certainly had plenty of treasures and weapons, but only one Paragon Artifact. Why? After creating one, they would find it hard to find the energy and materials to create a second. Plus, why create another one when the first was more than strong enough already?

Everyone found it inconceivable that the Mu would let Shaochen have this Paragon Artifact. The falcon god was already celebrating since they could finally kill Li Qiye now.

Thus, he placed his hand on Shaochen’s back without any hesitation and sent his own energy into the youth.

Shaochen knew that his power alone couldn't control this treasure so he enlisted the help of an Eternal.

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