Chapter 2368: Echo Of The Myriad Swords

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The sound waves from the drum came towards Li Qiye, destroying everything in their path.

It looked as if a thunder god was punishing the world. Thick lightning bolts, some as large as a mountain range, began to fly towards Li Qiye with supreme power.

When a yellow bolt touched the ground, black smoke immediately came out from the bottomless crater left behind. If all of them were aimed straight at the ground, this entire area could be turned to ashes.

The spectators were naturally frightened. The sound waves and lightning bolts were more than enough to annihilate Ascenders.

At this moment, the falcon god was up in the sky vault, ten million miles away from Li Qiye. The latter must survive this barrage first before thinking about retaliating. 

The falcon god remained far away in order to avoid Li Qiye’s crystal sword because it was simply too sharp. Even an Eternal like him couldn’t stop it from dismembering him.

“Can he stop the waves of onslaught from that drum?” A True God said with chills.

 Not only was this drum powerful, it was also unending. Even if one was strong enough to stop several waves, how long could they keep this up?

“Buzz.” Li Qiye raised his hand and caused a ripple in the grand dao. This massive dao of his with the sword affinity engulfed the entire world like mercury invading everything - all nooks and corners.

A great lake emerged before Li Qiye and absorbed all the lightning bolts and sound waves. Though it only blocked out his frontal area, the entire world seemed to be encompassed within.

Loud explosions detonated during the process. The lake water was being pushed down by the great pressure of the attack. However, the ripples and waves eventually turned into swords.

As the attack grew bigger, more swords were created. To everyone’s astonishment, it was clear that the liquid swords were separated from the water itself now.

“Clank!” Each sword had a terrifying, murderous intent. The sheer amount was the scary part.

“Badump! Badump! Badump!” The falcon god continued to drum like a madman, increasing the power of the lightning bolts.

The surface of the water was being pushed all the way down near the bottom. If this continued, the bolts would be able to penetrate this lake. However, the number of swords also increased as time passed.

This absorbing barrier confused the crowd. They didn’t quite know what Li Qiye’s goal was.

“How much longer can you last?! I’ll break through now!” The falcon god roared with heightened morale after seeing imminent success. The shock waves from the drum could destroy everything in this world.

There were tens of thousands of swords humming. Their energy engulfed the entire sky. Nevertheless, the lake was on the verge of being penetrated.

“I don’t think it can last much longer.” Someone shouted. This was Li Qiye’s final defensive line. All of the terrible lightning bolts would strike Li Qiye at once afterward.

It wouldn’t matter how strong his body was, he would still be rendered to ashes.

“Clank!” A sword hymn was clearly heard as if a divine sword had pierced through the world.

“Boom!” The water swords oozed out at the same time, akin to the opening of a new world. They ravaged like an ocean of steel.

It was clear at this point that these swords were the concentration of the sound waves and lightning bolts earlier. His own attack was going back at him in an endless manner. 

Being made of water didn’t diminish their sharpness. They were still as fatal as swords made out of ice, capable of piercing through the world and severing time.

One could hear the spatial fabrics being torn apart by the myriad swords. The sky shattered and turned into nothingness.

The falcon god was startled and crazily drummed in order to muster sound waves and lightning bolts towards the sword.

“Bam!” Many water swords were destroyed but this was nothing in the grand scheme of things.

He looked up and the entire scene ahead of him was drowned by the water swords. Even if he ran for more than ten million miles, the result would be the same.

“Break!” He chose to take out one heaven-defying treasure after another in order to build multiple layers of defense.

Unfortunately, these defensive barriers were useless before the incoming onslaught. They crumbled along with their respective treasures. He had run out of options, unable to stop the attack.

“I’m done for…” He lamented after the final barrier fell but there was nothing he could do.

“Senior, I’m here!” Mu Shaochen roared and created a grand momentum beneath his feet. 

A great shell emerged and blocked before the falcon god.

“Boom!” Though this shell could stop any unbeatable attack, it was still blown flying by the flood of swords.

Nevertheless, the power of the swords has weakened considerably as they slammed into the falcon god.

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