Chapter 2362: Celestial Progenitor Grand Formation

“Li Qiye!” Even the ancestors cried out. Everyone was afraid of this notorious fella.

“I actually wanted to go to Ghosthand Ground, so thanks for the ride.” Li Qiye nonchalantly stared at the young lord then shook his head: “This is the best you can do? I suppose I’m expecting too much out of an ant.”

“How can this be?!” Shaochen was shocked. His awareness of the terrifying location was precisely why he sent Li Qiye there.

Though he claimed that only he alone would be able to leave that place alive, the reality was that he relied on a few tricks to enter, not daring to stay there for long.

He clearly saw the Ghosthand dragging Lil Qiye into the dark clouds so how did the guy escape unscathed?

“How can a place like that imprison me?” Li Qiye casually threw down a skull and it started rolling on the ground.

It had a frightening visage with a pair of sharp fangs, still bloodied. Li Qiye clearly had just decapitated this creature.

“You killed this monster?!” Shaochen took a deep breath and stumbled backward.

Arrogance didn’t mean that he was ignorant. He was aware of how frightening this being from Ghosthand Ground was.

Li Qiye freely said: “I won’t claim credit for this since Sword Saint did the work, almost destroying this area back then with the Sword Tomb. I only ended it by chance.”

The casual comment made everyone take a deep breath. Even a near-dying creature must have been terrifying yet he could still take care of it.

“Your talents are actually not bad. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t have attacked my followers. Die now!” Li Qiye glanced at the youth before unleashing a palm strike.

The gifted guy immediately realized the horror he was facing after seeing this first move. He quickly retreated and threw the two girls at Li Qiye: “Catch then!”

Li Qiye ignored him and caught the two girls then removed the seal on their body: “Stand back and watch me massacre all of them.”

The two of them immediately went behind Longevity Sage.

Li Qiye stepped forward and smiled at Shaochen: “Your methods aren’t bad, it’s just that your cultivation is too shallow. How do you want to die?”

“Seniors, lend me a hand.” Shaochen was startled. As someone who had seen True Emperors before, he could understand how terrible Li Qiye was. However, seeing the first move in person made him realize that he has still been underestimating the guy.

The ancestors from Jewelbanner and Vermillion Martial Court were the first to stand before Li Qiye.

“Clank.” Sword Grave, Coiling Dragon, Heavenstart, Cloudcrossing, Pure Yang also moved in front of Mu Shaochen in order to protect him.

“Think you all can stop me?” Li Qiye nonchalantly glanced at the army.

There were thousands of experts present from the other side, especially Ironbanner True God who was a ninth-level Ascender, very powerful. 

Nevertheless, the crowd still felt trepidation because he has massacred ancestors before and would still be able to do the same.

“Clank!” The ones from Sword Grave unsheathed their swords and formed an array. They soared to the sky and hymned, interweaving together to form a massive blade filled with an ancient and sacred aura, enough murderous intent to slay both gods and devils.

“That’s a formation from Sword Saint?” A spectator murmured.

“It’s all Mu Shaochen. He came to Ghosthand Ground and found the Sword Tomb, from there, he researched the supreme dao of Sword Saint and brought it back to Sword Grave. That’s why they are so loyal to him.” An ancestor said.

Li Qiye looked at the sacred sword and confirmed that it was from the Sword Saint. Unfortunately, its power was limited so he shook his head: “You have only comprehended this dao and the Sword Tomb at an elementary level.”

“This is not the only thing I have in store for you.” Shaochen felt safe with so many experts protecting him.

The ancestors from Heavenstart used saber instead and formed a gigantic divine saber emitting a murderous aura with a terrifying glow. Each strand of light seemed capable of piercing the sky.

This was only the beginning. The ancestors from Cloudcrossing and Pure Yang lined up and formed a protective mirror as large as a moon. It overshadowed even the real thing.

The remaining systems formed different formations that eventually culminated into something greater. This teamwork couldn’t be done on a whim. They must have practiced prior to this day.

Shaochen planned for this using his resources and methods in order to replace Yang Radiance.

When the thousands of experts assumed their positions, he took out a diagram. The stars from above suddenly became resplendent and poured down their light onto the diagram.

This diagram continued to absorb the starry light, culminating in blinding radiance.

When people could open their eyes again, they saw a massive figure wearing the heaven and stomping on the earth, possessing the power of the stars. Its archaic aura resembled one of a progenitor.

It reached forward and grabbed the sword and saber created by the other two formations. The sacred sword and divine saber became even more powerful, capable of cutting out a new era.

At the same time, the protective mirror hovered before its chest as the most powerful defensive measure in the world.

Furthermore, the power gathered by the other systems fused with this diagram, resulting in a powerful suit of armor. Plates began covering this great being.

It didn’t take long before it was ready for battle - sword in its left hand, sword in its right, and a blinding mirror in front of its chest.

This figure seemed tangible as if a progenitor was actually present - a god of war.

“Li Qiye, this is my creation, Celestial Progenitor Grand Formation, able to summon the battle intent of my progenitor. Do you dare to fight?!”

“The Mu’s progenitor?! That’s quite heaven-defying, summoning a battle intent of a progenitor.” The neutral ancestors felt their hair standing on end.

A junior capable of this feat was something else, not to mention that the Mu Progenitor was a top one.

This was a good showcase of his supreme talents. After studying the stars, he could create this formation, using the force of people and the stars to assemble anything together, such as the various formations of these systems.

This summoned battle intent was far superior when compared to Blade-reaper True God’s method of using his progenitor’s true blood to create an avatar.

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