Chapter 2359: Ghosthand Ground

After the imprint, a buzzing noise came about. The scene in the mirror suddenly changed with the shadow disappearing. Li Qiye himself also gone.

A new image emerged on the surface, a place shrouded by dark clouds and perhaps a terrible monster. Li Qiye seemed to have been transported to this place.

“Ghosthand Ground!” One ancestor shouted in horror.

Despite the ominous location, Li Qiye stood there without a care.

“What is that?” A junior asked the ancestor.

“A terrifying place of Moneyfall. I heard that when Sword Saint came here in the past, he once dropped money down for a summoning and a terrible creature came out. It devastated the land and trapped him. He eventually managed to break through this area and killed the creature, but some believe that it is not completely dead. Thus, anyone who enters its area will die.” The ancestor stared at the mirror and said.

“It’s that scary?” His juniors were horrified.

Sword Saint was a powerful progenitor, a master of the sword. If someone like him was trapped there once, one could easily imagine how frightening the place is.

Before people could calm down, tentacles suddenly latched tightly on Li Qiye. He was pulled into the dark clouds and disappeared from sight.

“Ghosthand!” One spectator screamed.

“He’s done.” No one expected for Mu Shaochen to be capable of something like this.

“Haha, no one can escape Ghosthand Ground beside me.” Shaochen laughed.

The crowd took a deep breath. This guy came out of Ghosthand Ground alive? That’s quite a mighty feat.

The ancestors not on his side were stunned. He was more powerful and scarier than their expectation.

“And here I thought that the guy would at least be competent… Can’t handle a single blow, that’s the fate of those who oppose me.” Shaochen stared at his mirror and said with contempt.

“You are invincible, Young Lord, crushing that guy is like crushing an ant for you.” One expert immediately flattered.

“Right, Li Qiye is only a firefly, how could he compare to the sun? He’s not worth mentioning compared to you.” 

These sycophants were actually famous characters but they showed no shame while sucking up to the young lord.

Both the sage and the untethered became serious, aware of the great mirror. This might be a treasure from a progenitor, capable of teleporting Li Qiye to that dangerous areas. This attack could be replicated.

“Don’t celebrate so early.” Bingning sneered at the other side.

They immediately stopped after hearing this. Mu Shaochen laughed: “You have picked the wrong person, he’s dead for sure but it’s not too late for you to change your mind. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being considerate of our relationship!”

“Don’t flatter yourself, we have no relationship to speak of.” She coldly looked at him.

The young lord turned slightly red with annoyance after hearing this.

“Brother Chen, let me teach this ignorant wretch a lesson for you.” Cloudcrossing Princess smiled charmingly.

“Very well, let me teach you a way to break her martial arts.” He arrogantly smiled: “So that she can see my supreme talents and realize the right person to pick.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll defeat her for sure.” The princess was seductive enough to make the crowd go weak.

She pointed at Bingning and sneered: “Brother Chen was kind enough to offer you a spot yet you chose to follow someone else. I will defeat your progenitor’s martial arts with his guidance, it’s too late for regrets now!”

Bingning’s eyes narrowed while glaring back at the princess: “Break my progenitor’s techniques?”

“That’s right, I will defeat your Lightning Leo, do you even dare to take me on?” The princess had complete confidence.

“Is she serious?” The crowd started talking among themselves. 

A few ancestors were more alarmed. Lightning Leo was one of the twelve variations, the start of Bingning’s combo. She relied on this and nearly defeated the three young geniuses not long ago.

So now, people found the princess’ claim hard to believe.

“It’s impossible, the twelve variations are the strongest merit laws of Martial Ancestor.” One ancestor doubted.

Though the martial court had lost a considerable portion of this art, many still considered it to be unbeatable.

How could a junior come up with a way to defeat it? Plus, Cloudcrossing Princess’ wasn’t as strong as Wu Bingning either in terms of cultivation.

“There is no merit law I can’t break in this world. I don’t even need to do it myself and your Lightning Leo will still be defeated.” Shaochen interrupted their skepticism with a proud laugh.

Everyone recalled his supreme talents, able to discern many things from a single glance. Could he actually come up with a method?

“Do you dare to fight or not?” The princess aggressively said, not considering Bingning a worthy foe.

“Will Mu Shaochen be able to create a miracle?” Someone murmured.

“Maybe.” His ancestor quietly said: “You know, people do say that his talents are scary, not just in the contemporary but few in history can match him. Some went as far as saying that he is only a little bit below the Ten Radiance. If this is the truth, maybe he can defeat the twelve variations.”

“We’ll see just how amazing your art is.” Bingning felt a competitive urge and agreed.

“Haha, you’ll find out right away. It’s more than enough to defeat you.” The princess was as proud as a peacock.

“Clank.” Bingning summoned her spear, not underestimating her foe despite having far stronger cultivation.

She certainly disliked Mu Shaochen but also admitted of her talents. Otherwise, their Dracoform Martial God wouldn’t view him so highly. Perhaps this god wanted to employ Shaochen’s help to find their lost variations.

Thus, the guy must have a great understanding of her martial arts. Prudence was required.

“Go first.” The princess ordered, seemingly resentful.

“Clank!” Bingning’s spear began gathering terrible bolts of lightning.


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