Chapter 2358: Air Of Arrogance

Li Qiye took a gander at the crowd without anger - expressionless even. Nevertheless, people quickly shut up. Some shuddered about how prone this guy was to a massacre, Ascenders or not.

He then focused on Cloudcrossing Princess who was furious about being slapped before the crowd.

She was a princess, an unreachable existence, noble beyond description. Moreover, the falcon god was here. Who would actually dare to touch her?

Alas, Li Qiye didn’t follow the mold and humiliated her, causing her to grit her teeth. For some strange reason, her fury immediately subsided after seeing his nonchalant glance.

She felt as if she was already dead, at least in his eyes. This instilled fear into her very soul so she took several steps back out of instinct.

He continued: “I am here now, speak.”

The ones who wanted to go to war and tear him to pieces earlier as if they had some irreconcilable feud didn’t utter a single word. They only stared at their friends.

No one wanted to be the vanguard against this ferocious man. Plus, with leaders like Mu Shaochen around, why should they try to be fodders?

“The meeting here isn’t meant to be malicious.” The untethered said: “A few systems believe that you cultivate an evil art, so everyone needs to confirm it in accordance with the old agreement. I hope you will follow it.”

“An evil art? Those silly tricks can’t get into my sight.” He chuckled.

The ancestor from Coiling Dragon jumped in: “You massacred countless innocents from three systems, definitely using an evil art from Insane Court. This despicable act will bring about the wrath of all!”

“Fool.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him.

“No point in defending yourself.” Mu Shaochen finally spoke: “Plenty of people witnessed this, thousands have seen you using an evil art to slaughter the innocent.”

Having said that, he turned towards the untethered: “Untethered, there is a mountain of evidence, so what is he if not a villain? In my opinion, no need to be polite, let’s kill him already!”

“You’re Mu Shaochen?” Li Qiye smiled before the untethered could answer.

“That’s right.” Shaochen laughed heartily: “I hate monsters like you the most so I shall rid Myriad of you!”

He didn’t hold back at all and started talking about killing. Their feud was deep and he was certain of victory. Flowery words and formalities were thrown out the window.

“Young Lord, you are heroic and benevolent, our shining example.” His supporters cheered.

Li Qiye glanced at them and shook his head: “How shameful, acting like sycophants despite being from prestigious sects, completely throwing away your progenitors’ face.”

These supporters glared back at him. One retorted: “Li Qiye, you’re a villain and deserve death, Young Lord Mu will deliver justice with his unstoppable might!”

Li Qiye ignored them and told the young lord: “Looks like my message didn’t come. In my eyes, the Mu’s young lord is only an ant prancing in front of me.”

Such contempt naturally affected the proud youth. He looked down at Li Qiye and declared: “Li Qiye, do you not know death is inevitable? It doesn’t matter how strong you are, there are plenty of experts in Imperial Lineage. Even True Emperors had dao discussion with me, your little achievements are nothing. Killing you will only take the blink of an eye.”

Shaochen bombastically spoke, ready to show the world why he was the greatest.

People took a deep breath after hearing this. The ancestors shuddered, not knowing whether he was telling the truth or not. It would be quite something if he was telling the truth about dao discussions with True Emperors.

“The young lord is invincible, and so handsome too.” Many female cultivators were won over by his domineering attitude with nothing but love in their eyes. Jewelbanner Princess and the lady of the Ouyang stared intensely at him.

“That fast?” Li Qiye chuckled in response: “I would like to see someone try, but you can’t. I’ll be the one taking care of you that swiftly.”

“How ignorant! No one in the world can take me down! I cultivate the invincible arts of the Mu and the methods of the myriad dao on top of possessing the strongest treasures, who can take me down/?!”

He fearlessly declared in high spirits: “You’re only an expert from Myriad, no different from an ant in my eyes!”

This comment actually annoyed the crowd, but they had no choice but to admit his qualification to utter such words. So many systems wanted to ask for his help.

“Li Qiye, do you dare to fight me?!” He challenged.

Li Qiye smiled at the confident youth: “Let’s see what you can do. Go all out now.”

“I don’t need to go all out, just one mirror is enough. Do you dare to withstand the reflection of my mirror? You probably don’t have the balls.” He sneered.

“This clumsy reverse-psychology is unnecessary. I like jumping into traps in the first place, go ahead and take out your mirror.” 

All eyes were on the young lord now, anticipating his treasure mirror. Of course, they weren’t surprised that he would have a top treasure due to his background.

“Oh, how brave.” Shaochen remained imperious and haughty. Others couldn’t help but think about stomping him down to the ground.

He took out a mirror and proudly said: “This mirror of mine is unique. If you can handle one reflection, I’ll admit that you’re an amazing combatant. Of course, if you are afraid, it is not too late to surrender.”

People took a careful look and found that the mirror seemed to be made out of an unknown crystal. Nevertheless, it resembled an ordinary mirror.

“Many masters were so sure of themselves in front of me, convinced of their victory. That’s what I enjoy the most, defeating their ace cards and shattering their confidence.” Having said that, Li Qiye didn’t mind looking at the mirror at all.

A shadow immediately appeared, seemingly imprinting him onto the glass surface.

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