Chapter 2355: Myriad Peaks

Myriad Peaks were true to its name as a large mountain range located in Moneyfall.

Numerous experts were here today with no lack of big shots and ancestors. Coiling Dragon, Sword Grave, and Heavenstart virtually went all out with their full fighting force.

The untethered was in charge of this event. Though she didn’t send out a direct order to demand the appearance of all systems, the majority still came.

Whether it be to support Mu Shaochen, watching the fun, or some other motives; everyone still participated.

This event might have been rushed but the smart ones knew that it would affect the current political climate of Myriad. If Mu Shaochen were to seize the upper hand, he would be in charge of Myriad for a long time to come.

With a powerful alliance including the martial court and various systems, he would be able to do whatever he wanted, toppling the other great powers.

Because of this, the wiser of the crowd could sense the foreboding atmosphere. It wasn’t only a trial on Li Qiye or the agreement with Insane Court.

The place was packed with people from all over the world. Even Ascenders that normally didn’t come out made an exception. All of this made the atmosphere even more somber.

The ancestors from Coiling Dragon were ready to kill. Their bloodthirst engulfed the area.

Yang Radiance was responsible for maintaining orders and it didn’t hold back from showing its power, allowing it to take care of all the troubles. Because of the untethered’s presence, most ancestors played nice instead of showboating.

Yang Radiance Buddha and other ancestors from her sect were here as well. This was quite a powerful group.

On the other side were ancestors of Coiling Dragon and martial court. They took up the central peaks while other experts stay in the nearby vicinity.

This reflected the current situation of Myriad. The top systems were still at the center, acting as the pillars.

“Are they really trying to judge Li Qiye?” One junior asked.

“It’s not that simple.” His senior shook his head: “It will determine the direction and prosperity of Myriad for years to come.”

“What do you mean? Isn’t it just a trial.” The youth lacked the insight to read the situation.

“You’ll find out later.” The senior continued watching the gathering of heroes with a serious expression.

More and more systems came but the accused was nowhere to be found.

“Untethered, if this Li Qiye doesn’t appear, how are we going to carry out the trial?” An ancestor from Sword Grave took the initiative to trouble the untethered.

“Right, that crafty devil won’t show up when so many of us are here, maybe he’ll even hide in the shadows and come up with schemes to assassinate us.” Another one from Heavenstart unhappily said.

“I’m sure Li Qiye will come.” The untethered was unmoved: “He’s not one to run from trouble.”

“Untethered, we’ve been too merciful against him!” One more from Coiling Dragon jumped in: “It’s a fact that he had killed thousands using evil techniques. We all should be trying to eliminate him right now since it’s our responsibility to uphold justice, am I wrong here?”

“No, you’re right. Everyone should be trying to kill that monster!” This garnered support from many systems.

“Rules are rules, since we have signed an agreement, we will follow it.” She replied: “If you do not recognize your own agreement, then feel free to act independently. Otherwise, he deserves a chance to defend himself.”

People scowled after hearing this but none expressively objected. After all, they did sign the agreement back then. To refute this was akin to throwing away their system’s reputation and honor.

“Untethered, we’re just saying if. If this guy doesn’t come, then what do we do? It would be a waste of time, a complete joke.” An ancestor from Vermillion who has been sitting there quietly finally spoke.

The stake became higher. Whatever happened next could shake the status of Yang Radiance in Myriad. If that’s the case, then Vermillion was next in line.

This sect was already strong enough, not to mention its relationship with Mu Shaochen!

People weren’t stupid and could see the martial court’s ambition. Since many assumed Li Qiye wasn’t going to show up, they were ready to see the martial court attacking Yang Radiance for this ineffective event.

Longevity Sage leisurely added: “Don’t you worry, our system guarantees that he will show up. Give up on thinking otherwise.”

“Haha, Sage, excuse me for being frank, but your system is clearly conspiring with him, so you are not qualified to act as guarantors.” The ancestor from Coiling Dragon spoke again.

The sage looked straight at this ancestor and smiled: “We’re not qualified? At least we aren’t parasitic thieves like your Praymoon Sect. I’ll be frank too, you’re not qualified to speak before my Longevity Valley.”

This verbal slap struck Coiling Dragon System quite hard. Everyone knew about this story but none wanted to bring it up lest they wanted a feud.

Now, the sage didn’t hold back at all. This wasn’t the old style of Longevity Valley.

“You!” This ancestor was furious and glared at her: “You think you can say whatever you want?!” 

“Why not? I’m not afraid of your system.” The sage sneered.

“Sage, you are out of line.” An ancestor from Heavenstart interjected: “Even if Li Qiye is your disciple, acting as his guarantor won’t be that simple…”

The sage interrupted him: “It is that simple. Just a guy with the last name Wu, no problem, we can invite a True Emperor from Immortal Lineage to come down if everyone wants to go all out! Let’s stop being hypocrites that hide behind the veil of justice.”

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