Chapter 2353: Against The Rest

The challenge startled everyone due to the numerical advantage on the other side. In short, Li Qiye was public enemy number one right now, so the appearance of his supporters seemed rather reckless.

A female daoist arrived with enough beauty to topple the world and a transcending temperament.

“Longevity Sage.” Someone muttered under the breath after recognizing her.

The leader and representative of Longevity Valley; no one would dare to question the gravity behind her words.

Mu Shaochen glanced at her with a peculiar flash in his eyes: “Daoist Sage, your fame precedes you.”

“Young Lord Mu, likewise.” Longevity Sage floated in the air with her wondrous aura like a flower only beneath the heaven.

The crowd became excited. Everyone knew that the young lord must eliminate Li Qiye while the sage was here to protect him. Her action was inciting both his wrath and the animosity of Myriad Lineage.

“Sage, I’m afraid you are being fooled by that villain.” The young lord revealed a graceful smile: “Li Qiye faked his identity to earn your trust and the role of First Disciple. He clearly had ulterior motives, wishing to destroy your system, for he is a wretch with no crime too heinous.”

“I know he is from Insane Court, its current leader, but so what, he is still my direct disciple. Anyone who dares to touch him will become our enemy!” She declared.

The crowd didn’t expect her strong response, or why Longevity System was willing to help Li Qiye.

She just needed to refute his role as their First Disciple right now. Others would understand and sympathize with her choice. However, she chose the path of war.

Mu Shaochen narrowed his eyes: “Sage, don’t be unreasonable. Li Qiye murdered the innocent and deserves death. If you continue to protect him, that would be going against the will of the heaven, dragging your own system towards eternal damnation.”

The sage smiled so beautifully, even making the young lord look twice. She retorted: “The will of the heaven? Who is it to decide? You? Whoever you accuse of being a villain is one?”

“No, this is the unanimous belief of the people.” Mu Shaochen said: “It is clear as day how he had massacred members of three great systems. Thus, ridding the world of him is in accordance with the worldly flow and the will of its inhabitants.”


“Because of this, please reconsider.” Mu Shaochen continued: “Opposing the world will not end well. If you continue to be stubborn, many disciples from your system will die as a result, and for what? They will lose their home and families, even you won’t…”

“Is this a threat?” She interrupted him as her gaze turned cold.

“No, you misunderstood.” He smiled: “I am simply letting you know the consequence. An outsider I may be, I also consider Myriad to be my home, wanting nothing more than peace for all. Alas, this villain named Li Qiye is merciless and cruel, so I have no choice but to rise, offering all of my abilities to sweep away the evil in order to restore orders.”

“It is indeed the time to restore orders to Myriad.” A clear and pleasant voice continued the conversation, albeit with a hint of hostility.

Everyone looked over and saw another female daoist arriving. She looked like a lotus flower in a valley; her noble aura overwhelmed the heart of the spectators.

“Yang Radiance Untethered! She’s here too!” Someone shouted.

Her addition only intensified the crowd’s anticipation.

Yang Radiance, the greatest and strongest system of Myriad. The arrival of its leader was a big deal.

The sage and the untethered were present now. People glanced at each other, thinking that it was no coincidence. They wanted to know her stance on this issue.

Though many systems, including Vermillion Martial Court, have turned against Li Qiye, Yang Radiance has yet to make a decision. The choice of this system was crucial. Though it didn’t rule Myriad, many systems were willing to follow its orders.

“Untethered.” Mu Shaochen was visibly pleased to see her and cupped his fist: “Your comment just now resonates with my heart. Thank you for your concern with the wellbeing of Myriad. No wonder why Yang Radiance is the greatest system here. I’m lost in admiration.”

A few ancestors pondered. After all, not all systems were on the young lord’s side. He was riding the momentum, seemingly on the verge of being in charge of Myriad. This was not something they wanted to see.

If Yang Radiance were to stand with the young lord, then that would settle the political climate of Myriad. No one would dare to oppose them. At that point, their words would become the truth. 

“You’re too kind.” The untethered answered: “Myriad and Insane Court had an agreement recognized by numerous other systems. Thus, whether Li Qiye is a heretic or not requires further deliberation. According to the agreement, if Li Qiye does cultivate the blood-sucking art, then he should indeed be persecuted by all. But if this isn’t the case, then Insane Court is still an official system, not a heretical faction. As for his recent massacre, it would be considered a personal feud. Before the agreement is violated and voided, we must follow the clauses! Otherwise, it would be going against the orders of Myriad. If the signers can’t keep their words, chaos would ensue!” She looked at everyone after this grand speech.

Mu Shaochen’s expression darkened despite maintaining his friendly smile: “Untethered, it is admirable that you stay true to your words, but I’m afraid that villain won’t care. Even if he had cultivated the blood art, why would he report this to you? During his previous fights, he had shown everyone some terrifying evil arts.”

“Li Qiye needs to explain himself clearly.” She replied: “Before that, we need to carry out the prior agreement instead of condemning him for personal vendetta, potentially falsifying his reputation. Because of this, I invite Li Qiye to Myriad Peaks to prove his innocence, along with everyone else for his trial. If everyone agrees, my Yang Radiance System is willing to preside over this matter.”

This made a certain few heaves a sigh of relief. They thought that she was here to support the young lord in the beginning, but this didn’t seem to be the case right now.

“I’m afraid that Li guy won’t come to a trial like that.” Mu Shaochen said.

“We can’t be so arbitrary.” The untethered said: “We’ll find the right solution. If Li Qiye is indeed a villain, then Yang Radiance will assist Myriad in ending him!”

“We finally have a voice of reason here.” The sage clapped and heartily smiled at her peer: “Looks like you’re quite sagacious.”

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