Chapter 235: A Stone Egg was Born (1)

Chapter 235: A Stone Egg was Born (1)

Li Qiye felt very helpless at this moment. If he could obtain this huge pond of Myriad Star Water, then he would simply be the richest person in this world; it would be enough for him to squander crazily. At that point, it would be difficult for him not to rule over the world.

However, he had nothing that could store such a large pond of Myriad Star Water, so Li Qiye could only let out a wry smile as he sighed.

Finally, Li Qiye gave up on the idea of capturing this pond of water. His gaze fell on the Pristine Worldly Metal instead. This treasure metal could be considered the number one metal since the ages ah.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and reached for the metal above the surging spring, but no matter how he tried to grab it, it wouldn’t budge!

“Move…!” Li Qiye screamed out and exerted his maximum strength to grab this piece of metal, but it still remained immobilized. His utmost effort was not enough to move this metal at all.

“Bang--bang--banngg.” Li Qiye became riled up and decided to use his body to slam it, a sword to slash it, and a treasure to hit it. Nothing was capable of shaking this piece of Pristine Worldly Metal.

In the end, Li Qiye became a bit discouraged and angry. He finally struck the stone tablet forward while cursing: “Damn thing…”

“Boom!” The stone tablet smashed the metal flying away. Fortunately, Li Qiye’s reaction was fast enough to immediately catch the soaring metal.

“Please don’t fly away, my little treasure.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but excitedly exclaim after catching it.

“Rumblee--grummblee--” A swallowing sound appeared right when Li Qiye caught the metal because the stone tablet sank into the pond. It blocked the surging spring, and an unbelievable thing happened. The stone tablet crazily swallowed the water inside the pond as the water began to disappear at a rapid pace!

“What the hell…” Li Qiye was dumbfounded while watching the stone tablet sucking up the Myriad Star Water. His Myriad Heavenly Cauldron had a frightening origin, but it couldn’t handle drinking the water, yet this stone tablet was able to crazily devour it. It was drinking the Myriad Star Water as if it was just ordinary water that could be drank without any difficulty.

“Please, leave a little bit for me. I still want to try to see if my body can handle some Myriad Star Water or not!” Li Qiye shook his body a bit and regained his wits as he immediately shouted.

“Xsshh...” But right at this time, the stone tablet had already drank all the water, leaving behind a dry pond.

Li Qiye wanted to cry after seeing this scene; Myriad Star Water ah. Not to mention an entire pond, even one cup alone would be enough to drive the Nine Worlds crazy, even True Gods would climb out from their graves! However, this broken stone — in the end — actually swallowed all of the water in the pond!

“Damn it, since the ages, I always consider myself to be the most prodigal man and the most extravagant spender. I didn’t expect that a broken stone like you would be ten thousand times more wasteful than me!” Li Qiye looked at the dried up pond and wanted to cry.

He jumped down into the pond and kicked the stone tablet while cursing: “Get the hell out for me, don’t block this spring. I want to see if there is more Myriad Star Water pouring out.”

However, Li Qiye’s kick did not knock the stone away; instead, a “crank crack” sound appeared. The stone tablet shattered all over the floor, revealing a stone egg. This stone egg was only a little bit smaller than the stone tablet. It was completely gloomy and dull and was seemingly cheap at a first glance.

“Egg...” Seeing the cracked stone revealing an egg, Li Qiye also widened his eyes in surprise at this seemingly insignificant egg.

“Was it you that sucked up all the Myriad Star Water?” Li Qiye was a bit shocked as he murmured: “I’m really meeting so many strange things today!”

After calming down and staring at the stone egg before him, he said with some astonishment: “I assumed that the opening of the divine stone would give me eternal life. This shattered stone gives me a stone egg instead. This is too strange, I am not a hen!” [1. He meant that he isn’t a hen to incubate and hatch the egg]

Even though Li Qiye was complaining, he knew that this stone egg that was capable of devouring all the Myriad Star Water was absolutely unimaginable.

Li Qiye hugged the egg with both hands and shouted out loud: “Open for me…”

“Boom!” With a loud explosion, the stone egg was like a cannonball as it shot out into space, carrying Li Qiye along with it.

“Oh my mother, where do you want to take me!” Being suddenly shot out surprised Li Qiye as he tightly held onto the egg.


Today, Ancient Sky City was very quiet because many great powers had begun to leave the city after the end of the Underworld Boat event. Not many chose to stay behind.

A depressed atmosphere lingered over the Heavenly Grotto of the Nine Saint Demon Gate inside the city. The group of Li Shuangyan, along with Chi Yun’s people, were both unhappy.

It had been twenty days since Li Qiye departed with the Underworld Boat, and there has been no news. Of course, needless to say, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were very worried as they prayed for Li Qiye. They hoped that Li Qiye could create another miracle and come back safely. Even though they had great confidence in him, there was still unrest in their hearts.

At the end of the day, this was the Underworld Boat ah. Since the ages, very few people returned from the Underworld Boats alive, unless they were the near-death and chose the correct life-boats. However, this was not the case for Li Qiye.

As for the group of Tu Buyu, they were first shocked when they heard about Li Qiye boarding the boat. This was the craziest thing they had ever heard in their entire life.

“Oldest brother is sure to return triumphantly!” Nan Huairen swore with this phrase as his trust in Li Qiye exploded! However, after twenty days passed, Li Qiye still had not returned. Not to mention the other disciples, even Nan Huairen — who had unwavering confidence in Li Qiye — began to worry.

Amongst them, the most reassured was Niu Fen. Niu Fen had been to the deepest part of the burial ground on an expedition, so he murmured: “Even the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground will not be able to stop Young Lord’s return!”

As for the elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate and Chi Yun, they were even more worried, but their concern was not simply only for Li Qiye’s safety!

Their Nine Saint Demon Gate guaranteed success for the War God Temple. Even though Li Qiye was the one who conducted the business with the War God Temple during this Underworld Boat burial, their Nine Saint Demon Gate also paid a huge price as guarantee. Even their Demon King had to stay behind inside the War God Temple. If Li Qiye really didn’t come back, then it would be big trouble!

Even a few elders of the War God Temple did not leave. They chose to stay behind in Ancient Sky City to wait for news regarding Li Qiye for they wanted to see if he could come back alive. If he was able to, then their confidence in this trade would be much greater.

“Twenty days has passed already!” Inside the mansion, Chen Baojiao sat next to the window with her chin propped up by her hands while staring at the sky! Chen Baojiao could be considered a crazed cultivator even though she was a supreme beauty. She crazily trained harder and put out more effort than anyone! No matter the occasion, she wouldn’t waste time sitting idly by without cultivating!

But in the last twenty days, Chen Baojiao was quite restless and had no desire to cultivate or to eat. Day by day, she waited for her young noble to come back. However, as the days passed by, she became increasingly worried about the absence of their young noble.

“He will come back. He is even more powerful than our imaginations!” Li Shuangyan sat to the side with her cold and aloof demeanor. However, at this minute, there was a lingering sorrow unhideable in the middle of her beautiful brows.

Even though Li Shuangyan was saying such things, her heart was still at a loss. In the end, this was the Underworld Boat they were talking about, and twenty days had passed as well!

Li Qiye told them that, if he did not return in half a month, they have to leave and bring the juniors back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. However, twenty days had passed and they were not willing to leave. They were still hoping for their young noble to return.

Today, Ancient Sky City was sunny with a cloudless sky — this was a good day.

“Xshhh--” At this moment, in the wide cloudless sky, there was a sudden sharp noise piercing above as a star passed over Ancient Sky City.

“Meteor…” Many people looked up and said: “No, it is not a meteor, it is a person!”

A person was shooting across the sky with an extreme speed — just like a burning meteor — as his entire body was bursting in flames.

“It is Li Qiye…” Even though the speed was very swift, there was still a Royal Noble with sharp eyesight and was able to discern the person burning with raging fire in a flash.

Having heard this, many cultivators present were shocked. A great character lost his voice in exclamation: “Impossible, I clearly saw him ride an Underworld Boat, flowing away!”

“It really is Li Qiye!” At this time, more than just one person recognized that the burning man was truly Li Qiye.

Momentarily, many great characters were amazed that Li Qiye came back alive!

“This kid is truly too scary!” No matter whether they were royal lords or sect masters from the previous generations, or even some secluded undyings, all of them were greatly alarmed.

“Being able to come back alive after riding the Underworld Boat, this is extremely devilish!” In just a second, countless people glanced at each other and felt that this matter was impossible.

“Boom!” With a loud knock, the Heavenly Grotto of the Nine Saint Demon Gate was pierced through, frightening everyone inside.

“What happened…” The group of Chi Yun jolted because, after the attack from the Heavenly God Sect last time, the Nine Saint Demon Gate became more vigilant. Countless disciples rushed to the scene of occurrence.

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