Chapter 2347: Tiniest Gain

Li Qiye continued forward with the two girls.

“What were you trying to understand from that dao bone?” Bingning audaciously asked, showing no restraint like Ximo.

She knew that someone like Li Qiye, once started, would be able to find something.

“It’s more accurate to say that I was arranging and confirming previous ideas. That dao bone was indeed amazing, allowing one to reach simplicity and drive away the clouds.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Oh, so what did you figure out?” She curiously asked, aware that this new finding might be heaven-defying.

“Just something very tiny, adding to the precision like sliding a thread through the eye of a needle.” He answered.

“Precision?” Ximo was surprised, thinking that he would find an incredible merit law due to his abilities.

“Apogee!” Bingning knew what he was talking about right away.

“Indeed.” He chuckled: “An inch forward to reach an entirely new domain. A little more precision can do many things.”

“I am not at this level, only progenitors are qualified to research this domain.” Bingning smiled wryly, understanding the gap between them.

Just adding a little more precision was impossible after a certain point, nearly impassable chasm.

“I don’t understand, could you elaborate, Sister Bingning?” Ximo’s cultivation was shallow so she asked for further elaboration.

Bingning could only look at Li Qiye because she wasn’t at this level either.

Li Qiye patiently explained: “For example, your Sword Saint had left behind a sword technique for future generations. Alas, no one can reach the same level as him, unable to cultivate the same sword intent. Is this due to a lack of cultivation? In fact, perhaps one of your ancestors was stronger than Sword Saint when he created this art, but this isn’t about raw power or dao comprehension, but rather, apogee.”

Ximo still didn’t understand the meaning of this particular concept.

“For one sword technique trained by future generations, there will be differences in variations. This difference may be minuscule, but as it passed down, the changes added up. Because of this, peerless merit laws became different after successive generations, resulting in a loss of power, perhaps even losing these legacies completely. An inch forward to reach an entirely new domain, but the reverse is true as well.”

“I see.” Ximo murmured.

“Of course, one needs to use apogee to fulfill its meaning for existence.” He went on.

“Use it?” She inquired.

“For instance, I am standing in front of you, and you will be slashing horizontally with your right hand. I just need to shift back one step to dodge the strike and apply a little pressure with a finger strike. The sword momentum is still the same, but you will lose control of the slash, resulting in self-decapitation…”

She carefully listened to the scenario.

“... Because it is your slash and you have a firm grip, you should be able to stop the slash from cutting your neck the moment it reaches your skin. However, since you have lost control because I have added a tiny amount of force, the momentum will end your life. A little bit of change resulting in losing everything.” He solemnly said.

“People often lose control over minute changes and unexpected developments.” Li Qiye said: “By applying this principle, you can kill a True God with a finger flick, using the weakest strength to defeat the mightiest force with precision - this is apogee.”

To Ximo, grasping the strongest merit law and possessing an invincible weapon established a cultivator’s status.

However, Li Qiye’s topic far exceeded this, virtually unreachable to regular people.

“Apogee.” Ximo regained her wits and smiled wryly, thinking that she will never be able to reach this height. Bingning had a chance, but not her.

She stopped talking and quietly followed him. This conversation had shown her a new world, stating that after reaching a certain power level, merit laws and treasures alone weren’t enough.

After a while, Li Qiye paused and said: “I should enter my destination alone. You two can go look around, enjoying the scenery or looking for fortunes.”

“Just you alone?” Bingning asked.

“Yes, your dao heart isn’t strong enough. It might have adverse effects.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

The girls nodded, agreeing to his order.

“Little girl, I do not mistreat my followers.” Li Qiye patted her head and chuckle: “Wait until I’m done with Moneyfall, I will teach you the twelve variations then.”

Bingning was shaken since he hasn’t admitted to knowing the twelve variations before until now. This was their lost legacy; the system only had five variations left now.

“The truth is that your training in the three variations is a big mess. If your Martial Ancestor were to see how his descendants have ruined his art, he would stomp all of you to death.”

She angrily glared at him and coquettishly said: “That’s why you have to teach me better.”

This was her happiest moment ever since she left the martial court.

“I will.” He spoke with a rare, gentle tone.

Ximo became envious. Learning all twelve variations would change Binging’s life.

“And as for you, don’t worry, I will help you find your Sword Tomb.” Li Qiye looked at Ximo.

“Really?” Her eyes widened.

“My words are more precious than pearls.” He smiled.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She became emotional and got down on her knees.

He waved his sleeve in response: “Go look around now.”

With that, he entered the deepest location of the mountain range by himself.


“Young Lord Mu is here!” A piece of shocking news spread across this area.

“He’s here?” Even the ancestors were alarmed.

“I’m positive, Young Lord Mu is the one sending out this message.” Another released this information and everyone quickly found out.

“Mu Shaochen, huh?” One ancestor from a powerful system said: “What does peerless talent want here in Moneyfall?’

“Don’t worry, Young Lord Mu isn’t here to find treasures since he has plenty himself.” One person informed.

After all, everyone wanted treasures in Moneyfall, so the young lord’s presence would only intensify the competition.

“The young lord is here for that Li fella.” The guy continued: “He adores Myriad Lineage and saw how that villain is ruining it, so he is here to rid the world of evil, for that is the responsibility of everyone.”

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