Chapter 2345: Death

Death approached without the use of any merit law or technique. It drained life and harvested everything else until only ashes were left. Resistance and avoidance were futile.

This affinity spelled the doom of a True God, quite a frightening matter. No one knew what was going on.

“What merit law, law is that?” One stuttered.

“The highest of profundity.” Li Qiye said: “If there is life, then death will be inevitable, so if the heaven is the creator of life, then I am the harbinger of death! Only fools would think that this is an unholy art.”

Everyone stared at him in a daze, filled with confusion.

“Is he serious?” Another asked his ancestor.

The ancestor eventually murmured: “Well, legend states that only the high heaven can create life, but if someone else can grasp death, this would indeed be at the highest order of profundity.”

He highly doubted this possibility, however. Of course, grasping death and gathering death were two different matters. Li Qiye was using a very profound merit law at this moment.

Death - a new page of the Death Scripture as the old one ceased to exist. He was the embodiment of death right now, allowing him to harvest lives!

Because of this, he just needed to look at the True God and his force of death devoured the guy’s life. 

“Highest profundity?! What a joke! Don’t believe him, take him down now!” Blade-reaper roared.

His weapon of choice was a butcher’s blade. The moment it left its sheath, a bloody light and the stench of death filled the world.

The most horrifying thing were the cries of anguish as if millions of its victims were trapped there for an eternity with no chance of entering the reincarnation cycle. Despair and fear naturally struck the spectators.

They shuddered, realizing the True God’s kill count - true to his title.

“Take this!” With a ferocious expression, he gathered his power into a slash, willing to massacre the sects and clans of those who dare to oppose him. This was Blade-reaper - never showing mercy!

“Pluff!” The incoming slash extinguished the stars. The entire world turned into an ocean of blood. He had no fear, only brutality.

Decapitation seemed certain; he could already see Li Qiye’s head flying in the air.

“Death? I am Death!” He confidently smirked before declaring.

Not a single blade of grass would survive this attack. All it wanted to do was kill.

“His title is apt.” An ancestor shuddered after seeing the True God’s ferocity.

“Clank.” Li Qiye reacted by simply raising one finger to stop the blade.

Time became frozen because Li Qiye did it so easily. The slash was insignificant before his force of death, unable to move an inch forward.

“Life is not the only thing I harvest.” Li Qiye smiled, but this smile terrorized the crowd as if he was a god of death.

Starting from the tip of his finger, the blade began to decay. The bloody glow grew fainter before disappearing.

Blade-reaper was scared out of his mind and leaped backward.

“It’s too late.” Li Qiye shook his head: “You can’t dodge death with your meager abilities.”

“Buzz.” The massive body of Blade-reaper decayed at an insane rate. It started with his wielding hand but in this blink of an eye, he decisively cut it off in order to avoid further spreading. This proved to be futile.

“No!” He continued to chop off other areas but this didn’t work. This wasn’t corrosion; Li Qiye was simply draining him of life, so the decaying was an after-effect.

“Rumble!” His incredible frame faltered like a collapsing pillar. The golden maelstrom exploded as well, revealing the alliance once more.

These ancestors and experts were horrified. They didn’t care for anything outside of running away from this force of death.

Despite running with all of their might, their body began to decay as well.

“No!” They screamed and struggled only to end up as a pool of liquid.

Blade-reaper screamed as well, unable to stop death despite attempting to seal and suppress the various parts of his body. He became a pool of liquid just like the rest.

The last to die was Myriad-armed King since he had the best cultivation out of everyone. He took out his strongest defensive treasure but this was useless too.

It didn’t take long before more than a thousand ancestors from the three systems turned to ashes.

“Yama’s summoning rate might not be perfect, but if I want you dead today, you won’t live to see tomorrow.” Li Qiye coolly said.

The scent of death dispersed and only Li Qiye remained amidst the bright sky.

People had no words to describe what had transpired here. It felt just like a nightmare.

The only thing Li Qiye did was lift one finger from start to finish. That was enough to harvest the members of the three systems, not leaving a single survivor just like he had stated in the beginning. They finally believed that he had a firm grasp on death since that’s the only way for him to do something like this.

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