Chapter 2343: Giant

The drop of progenitor blood attracted everyone’s attention. This was indeed a priceless treasure.

Among the three systems, only Heavenstart could take out something like this.

Coiling Dragon was strong, but the current leaders weren’t part of the orthodox branch, only the descendants of Praymoon so they didn’t have their progenitor’s true blood.

This also applied to Sword Grave. The Ling were the real descendants, so the ancestors from this sect right now didn’t have this type of true blood either.

On the other hand, the leaders of Heavenstart were from Heavenstart Saber Ancestor’s lineage and he left many things behind for them.

Blade-reaper contributed greatly to the systems in the past, so he was granted this drop of true blood. Across the years, he couldn’t bear to use it because it could save his life during a perilous moment. He had no choice today.

People salivated while looking at the drop of blood. For the ancestors, not only it could increase their strength, life prolongment was also possible with the right methods. As for the youths, diluting this blood and drinking it would make their cultivation soar. 

Thus, this single drop was far more valuable than a treasure or weapon.

“Pop.” The drop of blood fell into the bowl. This particular bowl was an amazing treasure as well, fusing the single drop along with the rest of the blood.

Blade-reaper instantly drank the whole thing. “Boom!” His body became resplendent.

“Rumble!” This dazzling body of his grew larger at a rapid rate.

“Aaa!” He howled in response to the monumental changes happening to his body.

A supreme intent seemed to be reshaping his body. If he couldn’t withstand this power, implosion was imminent.

This physical power caused the space nearby to quake, indicative of its might. It didn’t take long before he was taller than a mountain, wearing the sky above and stomping the ground below. White clouds were down at his waist.

This scene was stirring because it wasn’t an avatar form. At a certain height, these avatar forms were only illusory. On the other hand, he was truly a giant made out of flesh and blood, perhaps the largest existence in Three Immortals.

“Crack!” Cracks appeared all over him as if he was made from stacking rocks. Just one touch could make him crumble.

“Not good, he can’t handle the power of the blood.” Someone startlingly said.

Drinking true blood from a progenitor without refinement was dangerous. Even an Ascender could die from doing so.

“Boom!” As he was on the verge of collapsing, the ancestors and experts from the three systems disappeared. Their vitality and true energy created an ocean of blood.

It started to spin and became a red maelstrom. What’s left of his body emitted strands of blood and runes. These runes locked onto the maelstrom, creating massive waves. The maelstrom was then integrated into his body. It trembled from the influx of energy. He grew even taller and could pluck the stars now.

The crowd understood that he wanted to use this drop of blood to reverse the tide. However, drinking this blood was unbearable so he borrowed the true blood of the other experts as a foundation. This allowed him to withstand the pressure.

Just like that, he grasped the power of the experts in the alliance and a portion of his progenitor’s.

Though the latter was only a tiny part, it made him stronger than Solitary Sword God and placed him on the same level as an Eternal!

“Boom!” Particles of light gathered around him. People felt as if he was creating a new world.

The guy had a golden glow now with a new temperament and style, similar to a progenitor! He looked down at Li Qiye with a dazzling glare.

“Is he a progenitor now?” Someone murmured.

“How can it be that easy? If one could do so in this manner, then progenitors are worthless. He’s not even at the level of a strong True Emperor, let alone a progenitor.” One ancestor shook his head: “This is all because of the drop of blood. He’s stronger than Solitary Sword God, probably matching a new Eternal and can take down ninth-level True Gods. Yes, still weaker than someone like Dracoform.”

“That’s just one drop of blood too, imagine if he has a full bottle.” Another commented.

“Junior, you can’t be forgiven for insulting our three systems!” Blade-reaper spoke as if he was a being standing at the apex.

Li Qiye burst out in laughter: “You think you’re a progenitor now after just drinking one drop? A full bottle might give you a similar aura, but you’re just a fox exploiting the tiger’s might, an ape wearing a hat.”

Blade-reaper’s expression became ugly. He felt invincible under this current state; each of his gestures and actions carried the cadence of a progenitor. In his opinion, killing Li Qiye was as easy as lifting a finger. The blatant contempt in spite of this naturally infuriated him.

“Junior, I will eradicate you!” The true god made the world tremble with his roar.

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