Chapter 2341: Invincible Heavy Style

This casual thrust shouldered the weight of countless worlds, capable of crushing the toughest material in existence. Furthermore, this unimaginable weight was concentrated at the tip of the sword.

It wouldn’t be hard to realize its destructive property. Because of this, the sword created a thin line, as fine as can be. This was the crushing of space.

Earlier, Solitary also achieved this with his attack. Space might have crumbled, but that was in a much wider area. This meant that the weight was spread over his heavy sword. On the other hand, Li Qiye’s thrust only created a line thinner than a strand of hair.

Two different sword experts - the first one could take down a mosquito flying in the air, but the second one could accurately cut off the mosquito’s hair.

This was a massive difference, impossible for Solitary to ever catch up.

The spectators felt something wet on their forehead, most likely beads of sweat. They wiped it and found that it was blood staining their hands.

“What’s going on?!” These experts became frightened.  

Sure enough, a thin cut was there with a disproportionate amount of blood dripping down.

Though Li Qiye’s thrust wasn’t aimed at them, and that he didn’t emit any sword intent, this thrust still struck their mind, resulting in physical damage.

“Get back again!” 

The previous collision left many wounded, so the crowd retreated to a greater distance. Perhaps this wasn’t far enough so they ran even more to guarantee their safety.

“Clank.” Solitary stood still while holding his sword vertically before his chest.

No aura just like before, but it gave off the sense that he was sealing himself off. Not one expert could take half a step forward. The sword became a defensive world standing before him. People saw an illusion of thickness on top of heaviness. Nothing could penetrate this world entirely. A lack of technique, merit laws, and treasure didn’t weaken this defense.

This scene was truly impressive, telling the crowd of this possible usage of the sword, creating a shield thicker than a crust of ten million miles. 

One slash to destroy the earth; another to become invulnerable. The fast switch intensified the crowd’s respect for this sword god.

People finally understood that what they considered the dao of the sword prior was only child’s play, lacking the elegance and refinement found here. The Ascenders felt the same inferiority.  Trying to use the sword in front of Solitary would be quite ironic and asking for humiliation, same as calling oneself a “sword god”. 

“Clank.” Li Qiye’s sword tip finally touched Solitary’s giant sword. 

The sound was akin to a bronze needle touching a wind chime - quiet and unique.

Everyone suddenly felt that this sword had pierced through their chest. The weirdest part that instead of fear, they felt delighted dying in this manner.

“Crack!” Starting from the impact point, cracks emanated all over the giant sword.

“Boom!” Finally, the giant sword shattered into shiny pieces, all of the same size. This breaking process seemed like a perfect work of art. Even the hilt broke down and scattered with the wind.

When everyone calmed down, they saw the tip of Li Qiye’s sword being neck to Solitary’s throat. Just a little push and that would be the sword god’s demise. Needless to say, Solitary was utterly defeated.

“I’ve lost, but just being able to watch this thrust makes my 100,000 years of training worth it.” Solitary lowered his hands and closed his eyes, completely convinced of his defeat: “Kill me.”

No one dared to breathe loudly. This scene was too shocking - a ninth-level True God, one that was far inferior to those on the same level, had lost to Li Qiye.

Everyone knew that Li Qiye’s quick-draw was unbeatable and a sure-kill move, not expecting his heavy style to be just as incredible.

So many felt bad because a true sword god was about to die. Myriad would lose a great master.

There was enough ninth-level True Gods in this world, but someone like Solitary was rare.

“Clank.” But surprisingly enough, Li Qiye put away his bronze sword and said: “Only a few truly understand the sword. It’s a shame to kill you, so you may leave now.”

Solitary opened his eyes to look at Li Qiye before sighing. He left without thanking Li Qiye.

He didn’t care about living or dying, only the sword mattered. It was a lonely way of life, hence his title.

“Ancestor!” The ancestors from Sword Grave shouted but he kept on moving and eventually disappeared over the horizon.

The crowd remained shocked after his departure. The duel only lasted two moves, not requiring techniques and variations, lacking sword energy as well.

Each had one chance, swapping between offense and defense. In terms of sword techniques, this duel was too ordinary. However, the actual process broadened the crowd’s horizon, showing them what true invincibility with the sword was.

Possessing beautiful styles and radiance didn’t matter. When one was truly invincible, even their simplest slash would be unstoppable.

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