Chapter 2337: Murderous Slash

“Boom!” The two sides couldn’t pull a fast one, needing to rely on brute force and perseverance for this exchange. 

Space was blown to smithereens and the sky turned dark as if crippled to the horror of the crowd. Cracks appeared all over the ground.

Bingning couldn’t stabilize her stance and blood gushed out of her mouth. She turned pale, losing control of her legs.

Using three variations together was exceedingly difficult because they have lost the complete version. Though the three she used were next to each other, learning how to do so was no easy task.

She paid a great price and felt her energy churning in the opposite direction, nearly causing an implosion. Just staying alive and calming this surge was amazing. Nevertheless, she needed the help of her halberd just to stand.

The other three weren’t much better. Blood seeped out, drop by drop.

Coiling Dragon’s shoulder had a terrible puncture, essentially crippling that arm. Sword Sovereign’s weapon cracked; he himself was ladened with wounds. The least injured was the crown prince since the halberd only broke several bones of his. His advantages became apparent since he cultivated a complete version of progenitorial laws. Because of this, his cultivation might not be as strong as the other two, his defensive prowess was certainly better.

If her attack was focused on only one of them, that person would definitely die. Unfortunately, the power diffused on three targets and weakened as a result.

The atmosphere became serious; everyone took a deep breath while watching this scene. They finally saw the might of the twelve variations, truly frightening. She could take on anyone in the young generation with this combo. In fact, it would be a sure-kill.

“Whoosh!” Saber Devil Crown Prince went at it again. As an assassin, he knew when to strike.

This was, without a doubt, the best opportunity. He didn’t give her the chance to rest. The saber turned into a slash aiming straight for Li Qiye, wishing to decapitate him.

Bingning became startled and raised her halberd. Alas, the fatigue made her unable to stop the saber.

“Clank!” Her halberd was knocked out of her hands.

Everyone knew that Li Qiye was dead for sure this time.

In this blink of an eye, Ximo didn’t have the ability to stop the slash, needing to resort to using her body as a shield. She knew she was done for but courage made her stand in front of him. Meanwhile, Bingning closed her eyes, not wanting to watch.

“Boom!” Everything seemed to stop for a split second.

When Ximo regained her wits, she found that she was still alive and painless. Not even a drop of blood was dripping.

Bingning also opened her eyes to confirm the situation. People saw the crown prince’s saber being stopped by two fingers without any difficulty.

Moreover, he couldn’t pull it back and became horrified.

The person stopping the blade was obviously Li Qiye.

“Clank!” He flipped his fingers and the saber broke apart.

The prince couldn’t believe it. This was a divine saber but it felt like tofu before Li Qiye.

“Silly girl.” Li Qiye stood up and patted Ximo’s head while shaking his own.

He then helped Bingning who was on the verge of collapsing and fed her a pill: “Little girl, you don’t understand me at all. How can a few ants do anything to a sleeping dragon?”

He let her sit down and assisted her in recovering. With that done, he stared at the trio.

They understandably turned pale with fear and started retreating backward. They were still very afraid of his unbelievably fast quick-draw.

“What do you want?!” Coiling Dragon shouted, sounding much weaker than before despite the loud volume.

“You three deserve death.” Li Qiye declared sonorously as if it was the truth.

“The ancestors of our systems are here, they won’t let you do as you…” The prince shouted!

But he suddenly stopped speaking. A sword flash appeared and froze everything. After a long time, one could finally hear the clanking of a sword leaving its sheath and time flowed again.

Li Qiye had taken Ximo’s sword from her back. It was just that his speed was incredible. People saw the flash first before the noise.

“Thump. Thump. Thump.” The head of Coiling Dragon, Saber Devil, and Sword Sovereign fell to the ground.

“Poof!” Blood gushed out from their neck like a flood breaking the dam. They could still watch their body falling to the ground, wanting to scream but not a single sound came out.

The spectators were reminded of this terrible slash.

“Little bastard!” Experts from Sword Grave howled. How could they stand their sect master being murdered?

All three systems had furious High Gods getting ready for battle. Several hundred leaped to the sky and unleashed their treasures at Li Qiye.

“Boom!” These weapons illuminated the world. A terrible aura came like a tempest.

“Clank!” Another slash surpassing time itself appeared, unspotted by the crowd.

“Thump, thump, thump…” One head after another started rolling on the ground. Blood gushed out of necks like rainbows, crossing each other and eventually culminating in a sanguine rain.

They wanted to kill Li Qiye but the moment his sword left the sheath, the result was obvious. No one could stop his slash.

“Members of these three systems, don’t think about escaping.” His eyes turned towards the remaining ancestors.

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