Chapter 2335: Taking Advantage Of The Situation

At this moment, the cliff became the center of attention. So many ancestors widened their eyes in order to see some clues.

“Can a dao bone be that big? That’s impossible.” Some remained skeptical. Dao bones did exist in Coinbeast City, but they were only around the size of a fist.

But this one ahead was massive. How could such a large one exist in this world?

Nevertheless, Solitary Sword God was positive and they had no reason to claim otherwise.

“It might just be one…” After a while, both Blade-reaper and Myriad-armed gave their opinion, still amazed by the sheer size of the bone. It wouldn’t surprise them if this was the largest dao bone in existence.

“I can’t see through it.” The two had no choice but to give up, aware that they were no match for Solitary in dao comprehension.

Solitary himself failed to see through anything but didn’t wish to give up.

“Can anything be better than this?” People stopped doubting and thought about something else.

One ancestor murmured: “According to the myth, Elucidation True Emperor only found one the size of a palm, and this allowed him to be incredible. If one could understand this one, wouldn’t the person become unbeatable for an eternity?”

This possibility made them salivate with desires. Of course, wanting and taking were two different things.

Wu Bingning was worried at first, but this misdirection made her sigh with relief.

Alas, this didn’t last long. Coiling Dragon Young Noble and Sword Sovereign moved forward to her chagrin. The thing she didn’t want to happen the most was unraveling.

“Li Qiye, we will go to the death with you today!” Coiling Dragon shouted: “Do you dare or not?”

The sudden challenge attracted everyone’s attention. They knew that he couldn’t fight right now due to being immersed in meditation. It was also his weakest moment and the best opportunity for his foes. A forceful severing would result in qi deviation or worse, death. 

This challenge was only an excuse. They wished to eliminate him here and now.

As for the ancestors, they simply watched without stopping the youths. The ones from the last generation didn’t want to do something like this, but they wouldn’t stop the youths from doing so either.

“If you want to challenge our young noble, then pick a time and location. We will be there.” 

Sword Sovereign smiled: “Why not now instead of picking a different date? In my opinion, this is a great place to fight as well.”

“Count me in.” Saber Devil Crown Prince coldly smiled.

Some of the crowd naturally looked down on this despicable method from the three. However, as the adage goes, no better time to strike than when an enemy is ill. This was Li Qiye’s most vulnerable moment. It would be foolish to wait.

“Despicable cowards.” She glared at them and sneered: “Outside of Coinbeast City, just one slash from our young noble frightened all of you into running for your life.”

Her reminder of the previous humiliation naturally vexed them. Their face turned red and ugly; shame slowly turning into anger.

“Martial goddess, you’re no longer a member of justice after conspiring with that villain and won’t be able to escape death either.” Sword Sovereign put on a tough expression and declared.

“Say what you want.” She didn’t mind her reputation being tarnished and sneered: “If you want to challenge our young noble, you must get through me first.”

The crowd was impressed to see her willing to fight all three of them.

“That’s why she became the successor of Vermillion Martial Court.” One spectator noted.

Coiling Dragon was also furious: “Martial goddess, you think too highly of yourself, can you actually take all of us on?”

He was still annoyed that the three of them couldn’t kill Conqueror. The guy’s fame soared above them afterward; it was just one failure after another in recent days. Now, this challenge from Bingning diminished their prestige even more. It’s arguable that they were at the peak of the young generation, but they weren’t getting the respect they deserve.

Today, if they didn’t defeat Wu Bingning, it would be too shameful to stay in Myriad Lineage.

“Try and see.” She remained imperious and glared at the three.

“Very well, we’ll have a look at your supreme martial arts.” The crown prince smiled. He didn’t care about his reputation and fame, unlike the other two.

He wouldn’t miss the chance to have a three-on-one fight.

“So be it.” Sword Sovereign also gave up at this point.

“Clank.” He slowly unsheathed his sword. Its terrible glint deterred people from looking over.

“I suppose, why not?” Coiling Dragon uttered: “If you want to be buried with that villain, we’ll satisfy you.”

“Boom!” His eight hands held eight treasures, exuding a massive power.

“Buzz.” The crown prince also had his saber ready. It emitted a terrible evil energy that eventually engulfed its user, enough to make the crowd shudder.

Bingning didn’t dare to underestimate them and put away her sword, choosing a halberd instead.

Coiling Dragon began the battle by using a treasure seal. It didn’t directly attack her but rather hovered above him, pouring down rays of grand dao laws on himself for protection.

Sword Sovereign also summoned numerous divine swords. They rotated around him and formed a defensive barrier.

The crown prince chose to rely on stealth and disappeared from sight.

They have experienced her ambushing techniques earlier and assumed a defensive stance.

“Get ready.” She didn’t waste time before fading away.

All three opened their heavenly gaze but still failed to find her.

“Boom!” A halberd thrust an empty space and forced the crown prince to show himself.

He retaliated by swinging his saber and unleashing numerous slashes.

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