Chapter 2334: Impossible To Comprehend

The spectators took a deep breath to see the number of ancestors on the other side.

One expert said: “They want him dead since he didn’t give any respect to Young Lord Mu.”

“Even Heavenstart is trying to curry some favors. Young Lord Mu is prestigious indeed, the influence of his clan is a big deal.” Another ancestor sentimentally said.

Coiling Dragon System and Sword Grave were strong but not as glorious as they once were. The current leader of the former was the Eight-armed Dynasty and Sword Grave no longer belonged to the Ling Clan. In short, they were on a downward path.

This wasn’t the case for Heavenstart. The leaders were still the descendants of their progenitor. They had the complete versions of merit laws and grand dao, superior to the other two systems in this aspect. Moreover, their progenitor went on to reach the imperial level as well, according to the rumors. 

These three systems were the first to answer the call of Young Lord Mu, virtually going all out in order to kill Li Qiye. One could see how highly they thought of the young lord.

Because of his status, few dared to challenge him, let alone not giving him face like Li Qiye.

Not only did Li Qiye show no respect to the young lord, but he also held the Mu Clan in contempt. This courage was commendable.

“That Li Qiye guy is intense, to be so courageous.” Another ancestor praised.

“Martial goddess, our ancestors are here.” Saber Devil Crown Prince threatened.

She remained calm and cold: “So what?”

The crown prince continued with rising bloodthirst: “Martial Goddess, opposing the world for the sake of a villain, is it worth it?”

“I don’t need outsiders to tell me what to do.” She replied.

“Hmph, avoid making this mistake. Li Qiye is strong, but nothing good will come from opposing Young Lord Mu…” Coiling Dragon Young Noble joined in.

“I’ve seen plenty of hounds like you.” Bingning interrupted: “When I agreed to join the alliance, I was prepared for death, so you think I would be afraid of this Young Lord Mu? The Mu might be strong but it’s still nothing more than a clan. So many progenitors from our world don’t give a damn about them.”

This statement stirred the heart of the listeners, especially those fearing the Mu.

Everyone feared Young Lord Mu not because of his personal power. But with further rumination, the crowd found that their progenitors were also powerful and imperious.

In fact, some of their progenitors weren’t weaker than the Mu’s progenitor. For example, Sword Saint.

Unfortunately, their descendants didn’t work as hard and succumbed before the might of the Mu.

Coiling Dragon’s face turned red, speechless. They were the Three Young Nobles and Sword-saber Duo. However, they chose to be submissive towards Young Lord Mu.

This wasn’t due to a lack of confidence or weakness; it’s just that they lacked the same courage as Bingning.

“What is he searching for?” Solitary Sword God ignored the quarrels and only had eyes for Li Qiye the entire time.

This sword fanatic didn’t care for anyone else and only watched Li Qiye, a potential opponent.

As a ninth-level True God, he was observant enough to know that Li Qiye had entered meditation.

The rowdiness was interrupted by his comment. Everyone looked over and finally noticed the peculiarity - Li Qiye was sitting there like a statue.

“He’s meditating.” They realized right away.

A while ago, they assumed he was being arrogant and didn’t want to talk to others since this was his style against Windchaser Matron.

The two girls became alarmed. Bingning tried her best to stay calm so that others couldn’t read her emotions. Unfortunately, Ximo was inexperienced and turned pale.

Everyone could tell from her expression that Li Qiye was in meditation.

“Something is strange with this cliff.” Solitary ignored the implication and turned towards the cliff, able to sense something due to his power and vision.

No one cared about this cliff earlier since it looked as common as can be. Some used their heavenly gaze but nothing showed up.

Solitary finally activated his heavenly gaze. It looked like a gigantic jewel emitting a clear light.

The light fell upon the cliff and a slight resonation began - the cliff slightly glowed. Of course, this was far from the ripples created by Li Qiye earlier.

Myriad-armed and Blade-reaper joined the fun. They began dissecting the cliff.

Among the ancestors present, Solitary was the strongest. More importantly, he only cared about the grand dao so this allowed him to have greater comprehension. Myriad-armed and Blade-reaper knew they weren’t a match.

Nevertheless, they still noticed something strange.

“It’s a dao bone.” After a long time, Solitary blurted out in astonishment.

If it wasn’t for Li Qiye, he wouldn’t have paid any attention to this cliff. Now, he was sure that it was a dao bone.

“Sword God, are you sure?” Myriad-armed and Blade-reaper didn’t believe him.

As eight-level True Gods, they didn’t see any hint of it being a bone at all. Despite their skepticism, they had enough respect for Solitary’s dao comprehension to believe him.

Solitary didn’t bother answering the two and kept on looking at the cliff: “I can’t understand it.”

The other two took the lack of respect in stride. Solitary was famous for being arrogant and nonsocial.

The spectators all tried to look at the cliff. The ancestors focused their eyes but failed to decipher anything.

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