Chapter 2318: Coiling Dragon Young Noble

Coiling Dragon’s eyes flashed like a heavenly lamp. He said: “Brother Conqueror, you have killed thousands of disciples on top of the emperor of Five-saints. This had ruined the orders of the system. You need to give a reasonable answer.” 

“No need for this unctuous act.” Conqueror shook his head: “If you want to fight me, just do it. Be a man instead of looking for excuses and justification. It’s very simple to say that you want to kill me, but if you don’t even have the courage to do so, you won’t be able to accomplish anything.”

Conqueror directly broke the false pretense without any hesitation. The crowd certainly knew about this matter.

Eight-armed Dynasty and Coiling Dragon Young Noble would only have peace of mind after eliminating Conqueror. As long as he was around, he would always be a ticking calamity.

The problem was the main branch of the progenitor. His descendant could appear and retake the authority of the system. After all, Praymoon didn’t have strong claims to the system. Once Conqueror could prove his legitimacy, it would be a great blow to their sovereignty.

Under this assumption, Conqueror should be the next leader of Coiling Dragon System, not Coiling Dragon Young Noble. If such a day were to come, Conqueror would garner many followers.

Thus, before he could become a True Emperor, they would come up with ways to eliminate him. Otherwise, his ascension would also shut the door on their dynasty.

In fact, they have tried repeatedly to end him, albeit not out in the open. Ambushes were done in secrecy but this only resulted in failure and death. Because of this, the dynasty became increasingly nervous; some members thought that he could use the power of their system, or that he had some great masters protecting him.

The latter would be preferable because in the former case, it would mean that he could actually be a true descendant of the progenitor.

“Speak as you please, but I’m the successor of Coiling Dragon with responsibilities to uphold order. It is undeniable that you have slain many disciples of our system, and you must answer to the great powers. That’s what I am here for.” Coiling Dragon slowly said.

His stance erred on the side of justice and logic since Conqueror did indeed slain his fellow cultivators.

“Feel free to try, but you alone won’t do. Even your Seven-Murder has been put down by me, you think you are stronger than him? How far away are you from becoming a True Emperor?” Conqueror didn’t lose his smile.

“Seven-Murder True God!” The astonished crowd knew this name.

A while back, news regarding the untimely death of General Seven-Murder from Eight-armed Dynasty became public. Everyone found it surprising that such a being would die from an illness. But now, they finally found out that Conqueror was the culprit.

During the previous conquests, this general was already a second-level True God, an Ascender. Some believed that he could even be at the third level. Did this mean that Conqueror was a True Emperor?

People found this impossible because the commotion of an ascension would be great, impossible to keep under wraps.

But if he was only a pseudo-True Emperor, killing a third-level True God would be prohibitively difficult.

“Brother Conqueror, you’re forgetting that this place is not our system. You have no advantages to speak of here.” Coiling Dragon spoke with grace.

He tried to pry into Conqueror’s power with this statement. Everyone else was also eager to find out whether Conqueror could use the system’s power or not. Though impressive if he could, it would be unwise to fight here since this wasn’t Coiling Dragon System.

“I can still take you down all the same.” Conqueror replied without any hesitation.

Coiling Dragon’s eyes became serious with cold, murderous intent. Though they were in the same classification, his status far exceeded Conqueror, so he wouldn’t stand for such blatant disdain.

Nevertheless, the crowd focused on the revelation - Conqueror had just admitted that he could use the system’s power. This was a big deal.

“Looks like you’re quite confident, Brother Conqueror.” Coiling Dragon’s inflection turned aggressive.

Conqueror shook his head: “It’s not that I’m confident, but rather your Praymoon Sect is weak from birth. Your merit laws consist of the inessential branches from Coiling Dragon, possessing no real grasp on the orthodox grand dao and the true secrets of the progenitor. If it wasn’t for the excellent Coiling Dragon True Emperor, your sect wouldn’t have been able to take over the dao source.”

Coiling Dragon’s expression soured as he struggled to breathe, feeling as if someone had punched him right in the heart. The comment pointed out the flaws of the current dynasty.

More and more felt that Conqueror was indeed a descendant of the progenitor or he wouldn’t speak with such certainty.

After taking over Coiling Dragon System, Eight-armed Dynasty found many merit laws and added to their collection over the long years. Plus, they have produced many True Emperors. Their merit laws weren’t weaker than the other great powers.

Alas, one must admit that they had very few arts from the actual progenitor. Perhaps only his descendants could truly have the complete versions. However, these descendants disappeared along with the arts. The dynasty had tried to find them for generations now.

“I want to see how many merit laws of the progenitor you have learned.” Coiling Dragon challenged.

Conqueror remained dismissive of his foe: “I don’t think you’re my match, so you won’t be able to figure out anything. If some of your ancestors are here, come together, then maybe there’s a chance.”

“Hmph.” Coiling Dragon became dissatisfied.

“What if I join too?” Sword Sovereign finally spoke: “Our feud is not over. Let’s settle it today.”

Coiling Dragon looked over at him and didn’t refuse. 

The crowd believed that if these two were to team up, Conqueror would be at a great disadvantage. 

However, he laughed and accepted right away: “Sure, come together. I also want to see how much you have learned from Sword Grave.”

Some took a deep breath after hearing this. Conqueror was fierce indeed, wanting to go one versus two.

“You speak as if you have learned everything from your system’s progenitor.” Sword Sovereign shared the same dissatisfaction as Coiling Dragon. Coincidentally enough, Sword Sovereign’s branch was also not the direct one in Sword Grave despite being in charge right now.

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