Chapter 2315: Arrogance

Bingning became alarmed, realizing that the matron would only make this public with permission from Dracoform Martial God.

Keep in mind that no one had more authority than Dracoform in all of Vermillion. This supreme existence had the final say.

In the past, she could complain to her master and the other ancestors. Out of their love for her, they would hesitate and think about it. But Dracoform’s words were an unquestionable decree. Even her master wasn’t qualified to question it.

Her resistance seemed futile before absolute power. Nevertheless, she still denied: “No, I will not marry into the Mu, and definitely not to that young lord!”

The youths who liked her heaved a sigh of relief. Though this marriage was inevitable, her rejection still made them feel better.

“It’s not up to you!” The matron uttered coldly: “A marriage is a serious matter, it is not your place to decide! Men, ask your successor to return.”

After hearing this, her group slowly surrounded Bingning.

“Please come back or you will have to excuse us.” Several old True Gods had no choice but to use force.

“Elder Chen, your group isn’t enough.” Bingning scowled and raised her spear forward. Her battle intent surged, showing everyone that her title of a martial goddess wasn’t all talk.

The old men hesitated but still decided to use a formation. This was the only way for them to capture her alive.

The crowd was in awe. She had completely gone against her own dao system - a traitorous act.

This was a difficult and painful choice for any cultivator since they would have nowhere to go, especially when the sect was a top one like Vermillion. No one would dare to help or take her in lest they risk antagonizing Dracoform. 

“A bunch of old fools.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head after hearing this.

The matron slammed her walking stick on the ground, causing the mountains nearby to tremble. She uttered: “You have an exaggerated opinion of your own abilities, your deception warrants death, and I shall be the one to carry out the punishment, ridding Myriad of a vermin like you.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Li Qiye didn’t bother standing up.

“Brat, this isn’t Insane Court or Longevity, it will be too easy to capture you!” The matron continued.

Everyone took a deep breath. It seemed that Vermillion has made up its mind about eliminating Li Qiye.

“Buzz.” the old man finally activated their formation. Multiple pillars descended from the sky and sealed the area, stopping Bingning from escaping.

“Break!” She roared and thrust upward with her spear with impeccable ferocity, capable of penetrating the sun and moon.

The old men summoned a golden bell in order to capture her alive. 

“Bang!” Unfortunately, it shattered before her sweeping spear. She leaped in the air and gathered more power in order to break the formation.

The old men roared and created a huge palm with the formation to stop her next thrust and prevented her from escaping.

In this split second, an invisible and soundless palm strike slammed on her back. She looked as if struck by thunder and vomited a mouthful of blood. Her cultivation was sealed so she started free-falling towards the ground.

“Take her away.” The matron’s cold voice sounded.

Everyone thought that she was about to fight Li Qiye but she actually chose to ambush Bingning instead. As an eighth-level True God, she shouldn't have performed a sneak-attack on her own junior. That’s why everyone was caught off guard.

As the old men drew closer to pick Bingning up, a shadow suddenly flashed and slammed into them, causing them to go flying with broken bones and blood gushing from the mouth.

The shadow then caught Bingning with imperceivable speed. This was naturally Li Qiye. He then removed her seal and said: “Stand back, leave this to me.”

Bingning hesitated for a moment before moving behind him and started recovering.

The matron was naturally furious and bellowed: “Little animal, you want to die!”

“That’s my line.” Li Qiye lazily looked at her: “Scram before I make a toilet out of your skull.”

“Hahaha!” She laughed from being overwhelmed with rage before telling Bingning: “Girl, it is not too late to give up or your sin will be unforgivable!”

Bingning looked straight at the matron before choosing to close her eyes to meditate once more.

Her attitude made everyone understand her resolute will to rebel against Vermillion.

The crowd was astonished - the successor of Vermillion was going against her own sect!

“I’ll kill this little animal before dealing with an idiot like you!” The matron was ready for blood.

“I’ll make mincemeat out of you!” Her eyes exuded terrible rays - as sharp as blades.

“Let’s go. I don’t like bullying old people with one foot in the grave, but since you are courting death, I’ll entertain you.” Li Qiye retorted.

The crowd didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. An eighth-level True God was someone with one foot in the grave?

The matron felt humiliated as rage filled her head, causing her to tremble. She pinned her walking stick on the ground and began her attack.

People were naturally frightened. A being of this level was no joke. Plus, because of her master, she was far stronger than another True God of similar cultivation.

“Boom!” Her energy erupted with halos appearing. They could create a new world and raise the sun and moon. She looked like an almighty god standing in the middle of the halos.

The spectators held their breath, ready to watch her first blow. Some wanted to use her in order to have a better idea of Dracoform’s power.

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