Chapter 2313: Windchaser Matron

Li Qiye’s group was not the first to come here. The early birds have already picked the best locations in the valley and the mountains nearby.

The trio also climbed up a peak and claimed it for their own.

“Look, that monster is over there now.” Someone whispered.

“I think he calls himself Fiercest, not only is he the First Disciple of Longevity but also the current leader of Insane Court. No wonder why he can do whatever he wants.” An intelligent expert knew everything.

“That’s pretty cool. He helped Longevity Sage destroy Everlasting Kingdom completely, and back in Insane Court, he fought off the alliance. Yeah, the guy is powerful, Miracle Young Noble was killed by him too. That’s why some is putting him in Miracle’s spot.”

“In my opinion, he’s far stronger than the other two. Think about it, he dared to challenge Young Lord Mu and even killed Elder Fan. That’s as badass as one can get.” Another interjected.

“Shh, watch your mouth. Don’t bring that up unless you hate your sect. Young Lord Mu is not a forgiving person, if he finds out, you better start praying.” His friend immediately warned.

“Wait a minute, isn’t Insane Court a heretical sect?” An unaware junior asked: “Our systems are all against these sects, so someone like him should be everyone’s enemy. How did he become a First Disciple?” 

“That’s in the past. However, the alliance has reached an agreement with Insane Court. Plus, any maneuver like that will be led by Yang Radiance or Vermillion Court. Ordinary sects aren’t qualified to start a war.” A high elder shook his head.

“Why is the goddess with him? Wasn’t she part of the attacking alliance too?” One jealous youth inquired.

“Who knows, I heard Vermillion wants to have a marriage alliance with the Mu too. How strange.” A gossiper was very interested.

Li Qiye ignored the chatting and sat quietly on the peak with his eyes closed. The two girls were next to him. As for Bingning, she was ready for these talks the moment she made her choice.

“Rumble!” One chariot crushed the sky and arrived with incredible speed.

It exuded divine lights, visible from very far away. Six azure birds pulled it, showing off the status of the person inside.

Disciples followed the carriage with no lack of True Saints and even True Gods. This was quite a group.

Everyone looked over and saw the symbol on top of the carriage: “Vermillion Martial Court!”

People shuddered because only big shots from that system could enjoy this treatment. It was considered one of the two strongest sects in Myriad, so a big shot from there was definitely a big deal.

The carriage stopped and an old woman got down with the help of the disciples.

Her hair was as white as snow; the wrinkles on her face indicated her old age, but her eyes were still frightening. She had a walking stick with a dragon-decorated handle. Each step seemed to be a struggle.

Nevertheless, her True God aura could blow people away like a great gale.

“So strong, an Ascender!” People were startled after sensing this aura.

“Windchaser Matron!” An ancestor’s expression changed.

Many strong characters here recognized her identity: “She’s not just an Ascender, that’s an eighth-level True God.”

The seniors came up to greet her. Even the ancestors didn’t dare to show any slight. One of them politely asked: “It has been three thousand years since our previous meeting, Senior Matron. How is Senior Martial God doing?”

“I appreciate everyone’s blessing, my master is doing well.” She nodded and said naturally even when crowded by so many important figures. Her demeanor didn’t come from arrogance; her status was indeed prestigious.

“She’s quite cocky.” One junior didn’t have a full grasp on who she was.

“No more stupid comments or I’ll punish you once we get back.” His senior immediately scolded.

The junior got jolted and no longer dared to run his mouth. He only asked quietly: “Is, is she that strong?”

“Not just strong, very important too.” The senior stared at the matron and said: “This is an influential ancestor, virtually peerless in the martial court. Most importantly, her master is Dracoform Martial God!” 

The disciple became astounded: “That, that Dracoform Martial God?”

“How many Dracoform Martial God do you think there are in Myriad Lineage? There’s only one.”

The disciple continued on: “The person that had suppressed a True Emperor?”

“That’s him.” The senior spoke with a tinge of reverence.

“I guess his disciple can act proud like that.” The disciple took a deep breath and no longer felt that the matron was being arrogant. Her attitude became natural now. 

The youths here didn’t know the title, Windchaser, or her tales. However, everyone knew about Dracoform.

This was a terrorizing existence - the strongest ancestor in the martial court. He was a real Eternal, one that is known to still be here in Myriad.

The most shocking thing about him was a story about how he suppressed Chillwater True Emperor of Cloudcrossing System. This emperor had twelve fate palaces yet he still got overwhelmed.

Because of this, the ancestor enjoyed a supreme position in Myriad. True Emperors found it hard to be haughty before him.

Some even believed that when not counting those who have left Myriad, Dracoform might be the strongest master in this world. Thus, his name instilled awe and fear.

At the same time, an eighth-level True God was also impressive. Alas, this alone wasn’t enough for other ancestors to be so respectful before the matron. Her being Dracoform’s disciple played a larger role.

After the greetings were over, her eyes flashed like lightning and stopped on Wu Bingning. The old woman began making her way over.

Bingning courteously tidied up her dress before standing up to greet the matron.

All eyes were on this scene since everyone realized why the matron came here.

“Little one, you have snuck away again.” The matron said.

Bingning bowed once before standing up straight. She spoke calmly and clearly: “Ancestor, I’m merely taking a stroll.”

“Is that so?” The matron narrowed her eyes, resulting in an imposing and dignified appearance. 

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