Chapter 2312: Coinbeast City

Li Qiye brought Wu Bingning and Ling Ximo out of the lake to another area. Ximo had so many questions in her mind but couldn’t actually ask. 

Vermillion Martial Goddess, a rare genius in Myriad, the goddess beloved by all - Ximo was also a fan of her.

She once thought that this goddess was unreachable but now, they were in the same place. This felt like a surreal dream but the truth was that the goddess was mere inches away from her.

“Little girl, looks like you have made up your mind.” Li Qiye smiled at Bingning.

She stared at the horizon in a trance but her eyes were focused. She looked mature and determined.

“One must take charge of their own life. Success or failure doesn’t matter, it is still better than just going with the flow.” She said.

“True, but making a choice can cause pain.” Li Qiye said: “Only time can tell whether a decision is right or wrong.”

Bingning sighed and didn’t wish to talk about this topic. She looked at him and said: “Our ancestors don’t believe you have the twelve variations.”

“I don’t need their validation.” Li Qiye smiled: “That’s their loss. It’s enough that you do.”

Bingning felt worse again. She had tried to convince her dao system and changed their ways. Unfortunately, the ancestors in charge didn’t believe her so she had to take the initiative.

“It’s fine.” She showed a carefree expression as if she had thought it through and smiled: “Since I have chosen your side, then you need to be ready. After all, it is a big crime to kidnap the successor of the martial court. Many experts will be attacking you then.”

“You think I’m afraid of having more enemies?” Li Qiye chuckled: “Come one, kill one, come two, kill two, come ten thousand, kill ten thousand…”

She didn’t respond to this particular comment.

“But out of consideration for you, I won’t destroy your system.” He chuckled.

She smiled wryly upon hearing this. Their system was in the top three of Myriad so others didn’t dare to oppose them. Li Qiye, on the other hand, just made it sound so easy. Ultimately, she believed him too.

Ximo only quietly listened in the back, being exposed to things she couldn’t touch before.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Suddenly, drum-like noises filled the area.

Li Qiye stopped to listen. Ximo asked: “What’s going on?”

“Coinbeast City.” He answered while his gaze was off to the distance.

“Looks like we need to take a trip there for some business before finding your sword tomb.” Li Qiye said.

Ximo nodded since it wasn’t up to her. She alone couldn’t obtain the tomb in the first place.

Li Qiye wasn’t the only one who heard the drumming noises. It seemed as if they have spread across Moneyfall.

“What is this sound?” An unaware cultivator carefully listened.

“Coinbeast City.” An older expert instantly answered.

“Let’s go take a look.” People dropped their current tasks and headed for the origin of the noise.

“Coinbeast is opening!” This information swept across the areas.

“Really?” More and more became interested.

“What’s Coinbeast?” Some juniors asked with curiosity.

Their senior answered: “A very special place. The people lucky enough to enter will find it worth their while.”

It didn’t take long before people headed there in droves. The ones who didn’t know about the city followed the mass anyway.

The first to arrive saw a mountain of paramount size. It reached the deepest crevice of the sky. At the base was an old city. Only the front part of it stuck out, the rest seemed to be hidden within the mountain itself.

The gate, part of the walls, and sections of the roof were visible. The shade was gray from being ravaged by time.

People noticed that the stone gate has finally opened. Inside was a black expanse just like the jaw of a great beast. They felt as if this could take them to the deepest part of the mountain, way underground.

Two ancient words were carved on top of a rocky plaque above the gate. Though the lines were faint, they carried a tough presence as if the carver was an incredible person. Alas, their age prevented others from recognizing the meanings.

A flat valley surrounded by massive mountain ranges presided in front of the gate. It spanned for thousands of miles leading to an ocean.

The valley was most likely a paved path once, enough for dozens of carriage to go side by side. As time passed, nature took over and turned it into a valley.

“Are we entering?” People outside of the gate wondered.

“It’s useless.” An older gentleman explained: “You won’t be entering the real thing because entry requires a coinbeast.”

“What kind of beast is that?” A junior asked.

“You’ll see.” The guy answered while staring at the ocean far away. Nothing was happening on that side.

“What treasures are in this place? We left Bewildering Palace for it.” Small talks happened to break the boredom.

An elder replied: “Quite a bit, such as beast springs, dao bones, but most importantly, eggs!”

“Eggs?” A disciple said: “Are they very precious?”

“That’s up to your own fortune. If you are lucky, they’ll be amazing. Rumor has it that Elucidation True Emperor once found an egg. A Bi’an eventually hatched from it; it’s still there right now in Resting Bull, acting as a guardian beast. The thing is insanely powerful.” The elder elaborate.

A peer next to him added: “Not just that, some said that he got a dao bone too, hence his title Elucidation.”

This was one of the most amazing emperors in Myriad. He came from Insane Court but found the Resting Bull Scripture. This paved his path towards the throne.

Though he didn’t create his own dao system, he revitalized the dying Resting Bull so he became a new progenitor, despite not having this title.

“The chance of success here is far better than Bewildering Palace.” Another chimed in.

Highly-coveted rewards awaited those who could enter - beast springs, dao bones, and especially precious eggs.

Finding a heaven-defying egg could lead to owning a divine beast in the future just like Elucidation True Emperor. This was the reason why so many elders and ancestors gathered here.

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