Chapter 2310: An Acquaintance

Guixing’s sudden flee caught everyone off guard since he was the representative of the Mu Clan. They thought he would tough it out to the very end, but the guy ran faster than anyone else without bothering to come up with an excuse.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, someone blocked his retreat path.

Space became sealed by a majestic power. Guixing leaped backward in order to avoid this force.

“Elder Fan, why are you in such a hurry to leave?” A pleasant voice came about.

The one stopping Guixing was a heroic and beautiful girl - virtually matchless.

“Martial Goddess!” People recognized her right away.

This was Wu Bingning, a famous genius in Myriad Lineage, the choice lover for many men.

“Virtuous Niece…” Guixing was shocked too.

“Don’t leave so soon now.” She said with a firm tone as her eyes flashed like the stars.

People became confused right away. Some started talking in private, especially the ancestors.

“Isn’t the martial court very close to Young Lord Mu?” A high elder was surprised.

The big shots knew that after coming to Myriad Lineage, the young lord was closest to Vermillion Martial Court. He even stayed there for a long time.

It seemed that the martial court was about to become the main base in Myriad for the young lord.

Rumor has it that a marriage alliance was underway. The martial court didn’t comment on this matter, but people certainly believed it.

But now, Bingning didn’t look like she was helping Fan Guixing but rather trying to stop him from escaping.

“Is the marriage alliance not true then?” Someone else whispered.

In this particular case, everyone understood that it would be between Young Lord Mu and Wu Bingning. So many youths in Myriad Lineage wouldn’t want such a thing to happen but they knew of the high possibility.

Thus, her attitude right now appeared a little strange. In theory, she should be on Guixing’s side.

“Just quietly watch.” An older character also didn’t understand and shook his head while speaking.

“Virtuous Niece, what is your intention?” Guixing found the situation to be quite unfavorable.

To which Bingning responded: “It’s nothing, I just want to see your prowess while raising the banner of the Wu. Are you able to kill Young Noble Li?”

This answer was vague enough so people still didn’t know her side but Guixing got the gist of it and took one step back.

“Hey now, if I want to kill someone, it doesn’t matter where he runs off to.” Li Qiye lazily came over, not giving a damn about the guy trying to escape.

Guixing turned around to face Li Qiye, but he thought about Bingning behind him and was wary of her as well. Thus, he slightly tilted back, creating a triangle of sorts.

“Will you run like a dog and die to a blade to the back or face me like a man?” Li Qiye gestured with his bamboo sword.

Guixing’s fear was justifiable because he knew he wasn’t a match for the guy. His slashes were illogically fast.

It didn’t matter whether Li Qiye was actually strong or not. Just the slashes alone were reaching a sure-kill level. People couldn’t even see them, let alone trying to dodge.

For all the arts and techniques in this world, only speed was unsolvable. Speed could surpass all techniques; the enemies wouldn’t be able to react fast enough.

“Virtuous Niece, you need to help me.” Guixing told the girl but his eyes were on Li Qiye, afraid of a sudden attack.

“Why should I?” Bingning flatly responded: “The Mu is unstoppable and it is just one enemy. You don’t need my help, Elder Fan.”

Guixing didn’t expect to be outright rejected: “Virtuous Niece, don’t forget about the ties between our two houses. If you can help me, you will be prestigious beyond words later…”

“No need to think so highly of yourself. I’m already being kind enough by not killing you myself. You better start praying.” She interrupted him.

Upon hearing this, the crowd thought that there was more to this story than meets the eye.

“You!” Guixing’s old face became uglier: “Virtuous Niece, deciding on your own will hurt our friendship, you can’t handle the consequences.”

“Old servant, you think I won’t kill you and that your clan is number one in the world? I’d like to see how they will save you today.” Her eyes showed a murderous flash.

Guixing took note of this and retreated further, realizing that she wasn’t playing around.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “You don’t need to bother yourself with this.”

He then turned towards Guixing: “Come now, I’ll give you a chance. Block one slash and I will spare you. Otherwise, even the old heaven won’t be able to save you today.”

The sheer contempt insulted the old man. Li Qiye made it sound as if he was a fish on the chopping board already.

“Junior, you’re too arrogant! You think no one can beat you?” He furiously shouted.

“Pretty much.” Li Qiye said: “At the very least, killing you with one slash won’t be a problem. Alright, let’s stop wasting time, get ready.”

“It’s finally happening.” Many took a deep breath, aware of Li Qiye’s intention to kill Guixing.

“Are you a man of your words?” Despite his rage, Guixing saw hope in the challenge.

“Always.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Get ready to block the slash. This is your only chance to leave.”

“Very well, you said it.” Guixing instantly made up his mind.

“Just one is enough.” Li Qiye raised his bamboo sword.

“I highly doubt that!” Guixing didn’t believe it. After a buzzing noise, he put on a feathered regalia.

“Boom!” This regalia exuded a boundless imperial light as if it was blessed by an emperor. The energy of a True God also permeated the area.

The imperial might heralded a symbol on the regalia with a screech. The image of a bird started soaring towards the nine firmaments.

“An imperial armor?” The majestic scene and aura startled the crowd.

“Indeed, one blessed by an emperor and carries some considerable power.” An ancestor elaborated: “It is made from the feathers of a firebird by a True Emperor. Quite powerful defensively.”

“Clank.” Guixing also took out a shield made from divine metal with a frightening luster, resulting in a second defensive measure.

Because of his contribution, Guixing was given this regalia worn by a True Emperor. It was tough enough to withstand the weapons of Ascenders. The shield came from an Ascender, not on the same level as the regalia but still not bad.

“Incredible, that’s someone from the Mu for you.” People became envious.

He was only a servant yet he possessed highly-coveted treasures. In any other system, he would need to be an ancestor to enjoy this treatment.

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