Chapter 2304: Crush

The sudden cry attracted the attention of the spectators. They saw a youth climbing the steps with many experts behind him. He looked high and mighty, looking down on all.

“It’s Messenger Zhou.” Someone whispered.

People found his inquisitive tone quite strange along with the news that Li Qiye came from Longevity System.

They didn’t know his identity or what happened in that land, unaware of the feud between these two.

Plus, Zhikun was also from Longevity. The two were brethren and should be on a friendlier term.

“What?” Li Qiye didn’t give a damn about the aggressive youth and only stared nonchalantly at him.

“You killed my Junior Brother!” Zhikun drew closer with a chilling glare.

“No idea.” Li Qiye became bored.

“He is Wu Xianyi, another messenger of Young Lord Mu!” The guy increased his volume.

People glanced at each other after hearing this. The big shots were aware that after Zhikun joined the young lord, his Junior Brother followed suit.

Whether Xianyi was a messenger or not, Li Qiye seemed to have antagonized Young Lord Mu.

“Don’t know him.”  Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “I’ve killed too many to count, and who would keep track of how many ants they have killed anyway?”

‘Damn!’ Some gave him a thumbs-up after hearing this since they looked down on Zhikun.

This was mainly due to his change in attitude after sucking up to Young Lord Mu. He even looked down on the ancestors when speaking with them, so people naturally hated him. They just didn’t say anything due to his master.

Zhikun’s face turned red. Everyone has been giving him some face after he became a messenger. Even an ancestor would courteously refer to him as, “Virtuous Nephew Zhou”. But now, a junior was looking at him with contempt!

“Li, you choose the hard way instead of the easy way!” Zhikun shouted: “Killing a messenger is a big crime. Not to mention your insignificant life, when Young Master Mu send down his wrath, Longevity System won’t get off easily…”

“Where did this ant come from?” Li Qiye interrupted him: “Mu or Wu or whatever, only a bunch of ants. Don’t raise your fangs in front of me because if I get in a bad mood, I’ll trample that Mu Clan. Scram right now whilst I’m feeling merciful.”

The rowdy palace became silent right away. Everyone stared at him in disbelief. They all heard him clearly, hence their shock at someone daring to utter such words.

They certainly agreed that Zhou Zhikun was an ant but wouldn’t say it openly. Even if he managed to suck up to Young Lord Mu, he himself was nothing.

This wasn’t the case for the young lord. His name alone instilled fear because he was someone from above. The ancestors with information on the Mu Clan knew even more about this monstrous existence. They had absolute power, far superior to any system in Myriad Lineage.

But now, Li Qiye called this young lord an ant and even talked about taking care of the Mu Clan. Such a ridiculous notion - a True God wouldn’t make this statement. The big shots here exchanged glances, thinking that the guy was insane.

“Such impudence!” One expert next to Zhikun shouted: “Ignorant brat, Young Lord Mu isn’t someone you can talk about!”

“Fool, insulting the young lord is a crime worthy of de-” Zhikun bellowed.

“Boom!” He slammed into the wall of the palace before he could finish and got stuck there like a piece of paper.

 Li Qiye simply raised his palm and this was enough to suppress Zhikun there. He slightly closed his fingers and broke some of the youth’s bones. Blood immediately stained his robe.

“Ah!” Zhikun screamed in horror.

“What are you doing?!” The experts accompanying Zhikun immediately took out their weapons and glared menacingly at Li Qiye.

Just a single glance from him made them shudder, needing to take one step back.

Though they wanted to save the youth, they have lost their courage for some reason - an instinctive fear making their legs weak.

After all, they weren’t under Young Lord Mu’s camp and only wanted to befriend Zhou Zhikun. It wasn’t at the point where they would risk their lives for the guy.

At the same time, the crowd was caught off guard. They didn’t expect for Li Qiye to attack so fast, not giving a damn about Zhikun’s status.

“What a monster.” Some trembled because of his fierceness, doing whatever he wanted.

“You, what do you want…” Zhikun cried out before death.

“Nothing, just crushing an ant.” Li Qiye closed his fingers ever so slightly. More bones broke and blood gushed out.

“I… am a messenger from Young Lord Mu! Touch a hair of mine and there will be no place for you in the …” The youth shrieked.

This ended up with more bones of his being crushed. Blood flowed like a spring all over. He became pale and didn’t dare to say anything else.

“Not speaking anymore?” Li Qiye sneered.

Zhikun knew that he had met a madman and didn’t dare to speak.

“That’s better.” Li Qiye continued: “Sparing your dog life right now so that you can tell that Young Lord Mu to scram back to his place, or I’ll hang his head in the sky of Myriad Lineage.”

“Oh god…” The crowd became frozen after hearing this public declaration of war.

“He must not know Young Lord Mu and the Mu Clan, because if he did, he wouldn’t dare to boast like this.” An expert quietly stated.

“You…” Zhikun was no master so he lost his cool instantly, unable to speak.

“Are you going or not?” Li Qiye smirked and increased the pressure, torturing the bones even more.

“Ah!” The youth couldn’t handle the sharp pain and conceded: “I will, I definitely will!”

He didn’t care about reputation and face, no longer acting as imperious as before.

“Very good.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’ll wring your neck if you don’t send the message.” With that, he released his grasp.

“Bang!” The youth fell down from the wall, paralyzed on the ground with blood all over.

Li Qiye patted his hands and left without looking at the guy. Ximo standing nearby didn’t say anything either. An inexperienced and weak girl like her had never seen anything of this nature.

She quickly followed him down the stairs.

“Young Noble Zhou.” After he left, many quickly helped Zhikun up and tried to cure his injuries.

Zhikun calmed down and immediately said while gritting his teeth: “Help me find Elder Fan! I will ask him to take action against those who dare to oppose Young Lord Mu!” 

“Elder Fan is here too?” Some were startled.

“He is nearby, please go invite him.” Zhikun repeated.

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