Chapter 2298: Storm

“Splash.” The elephant carrying the two pressed onward. It passed by many fish, turtles, and even boats that have set out earlier.

A bit later, there was one gigantic boat ahead with incredible speed, also passing by the rest.

“It’s Regional Princess Xia.” Ling Ximo quietly said while staring at the boat.

She was still afraid of this group. Though Linxia had taken over completely and the Ling was done for, this dynasty still occasionally sent people to bother the Ling.

After all, the Ling Clan was the descendant of the Sword Saint. They were the orthodox branch, so as long as they were around, Linxia would never be able to rest easy.

All in all, Xia didn’t dare to kill the Ling completely. The reason was very simple, Sword Grave wasn’t the only system started by Sword Saint.

In the beginning, he was a progenitor from Myriad Lineage. Eventually, he rose to the pinnacle and also started a system up in Immortal Lineage.

Thus, just imagine, if Xia dared to kill these descendants and Immortal Lineage were to catch wind of this, they might send people down for revenge. One million Xia that point wouldn’t be enough as an appetizer. More importantly, legend has it that the Sword Saint is still alive. 

Though this was a blessing to the Ling, it also showed the pitiful effort they have put in. To have all of these advantages and still managed to decline? There was no excuse for this.

The elephant was fast enough to catch up to the boat right away. Princess Xia and the others spotted the duo.

The princess scowled at this sight. Even her noble self could only ride a boat. But now, that wretch and a nobody were riding an elephant? She naturally became annoyed.

“It’s Little Sister from the Ling again, did you manage to seduce a wealthy man?” She sneered: “I suppose being loose is good in this day and age. It’s fine to be ugly and poor, as long as your skirt is easily taken off, men will follow.”

“Haha, true.” The disciples on the boat rowdily laughed.

Ximo was furious and pointed at the group with her trembling finger: “You, you all are speaking nonsense, there is nothing between Young Noble Li and me!”

“Of course there isn’t anything. For a few women, sex is no big deal.” The princess smiled charmingly with her peach-blossom eyes.

Ximo continued quivering, on the verge of tears. Her weak cultivation prevented her from doing anything.

Suddenly, the elephant raised its front hooves and stomped down to create a massive wave causing the boat to rock back and forth.

“Watch it!” The group on the boat was shocked and grabbed the railings.

“Brat, what are you doing?!” After stabilizing, the princess angrily shouted while glaring at Li Qiye.

He clearly commanded the elephant to do so, nearly causing their boat to capsize.

“Just a warning, any more nonsense and I’ll bury you all here.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“Fool!” Some disciples shouted, eager to take him down.

“Brat, do you not know who I am? I am a regional princess of Sword Grave. Sword Sovereign is my Senior Brother. Provoke me and not even your seniors will be able to protect you…” The princess cried out, borrowing the prestige of others.

“Splash!” The elephant stomped down again and waves assaulted the boat. The princess’ group was bellowing with a pale expression.

“The, the audacity…” The princess was frightened. Her entourage didn’t dare to say anything else.

“Boom!” The sound of thunder interrupted this squabble. Black clouds filled the sky and turned into a maelstrom.

“Watch out, the storm is coming, hold on tight!” A cultivator shouted at this ominous scene.

More thunderous detonations came about. The storm came right away with massive waves and howling winds.

“No!” One expert couldn’t hold on to their fish and was lifted up by a wave before falling into the lake. This wasn’t ordinary water. He wasn’t coming back.

“Sit tight.” The more powerful sat straight on their turtle, seemingly becoming one with the beast. The ravaging waves couldn’t blow them away.

“Don’t let go!” The princess and her group also shouted. A large wave lifted their boat but it didn’t capsize.

“Brat, I’ll deal with you on shore!” The princess didn’t forget to shout at Li Qiye, unable to swallow this anger.

“Scram!” Li Qiye gave her the side-eye. The elephant stomped again, adding to the torrential onslaught.

The boat was blown flying far away and disappeared in the overflowing currents. Their fate was unknown. If the boat went down, they were certainly dead.

Ximo was shocked at this sudden ruthless move from Li Qiye.

“Oh man, that brat is merciless.” The cultivators nearby became jolted as well.

They quickly ran far away from Li Qiye, not wanting to become victims to his elephant.

He ignored them and continued forward. The advantages of riding an elephant became clear during the storm. It was as tough as Mount Tai and continued to ride the waves towards the other shore, completely unaffected.

No wonder why it was much more expensive compared to the other animals and even a large boat. 

Ximo was afraid of the storm in the beginning and became nervous, holding tightly to Li Qiye. She finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the elephant’s capability.

It didn’t take long before the two of them make it to the shore. The elephant shook its body and the two of them were forced down. It went back to the lake and disappeared.

Ximo’s legs were still trembling despite standing on solid ground now.

“We’re here.” Li Qiye wiped his wet clothes.

She became quite grateful, understanding that she would have died by using a golden fish: “Thank you.”

Li Qiye nodded and began walking away.

Ximo stood there in a daze, not knowing what to do. Despite reading many ancient scrolls in her clan and have been taught the way, she only knew about crossing the river - not the exact location.

She looked back at the lake, wondering about the princess’ fate. She mustered courage out of nowhere and chased after Li Qiye. She felt that following him was the safest option.

He wasn’t especially fast so she managed to catch up. He stopped and looked back at her.

She lowered her head, not knowing what to do. After all, they weren’t acquaintances or friends. Anyone else wouldn’t let her tag along.

She eventually spoke with a timid tone: “I don’t know where to find that place, only that it is on this side… I wonder how far away it is…”

“Follow me, maybe we’ll take a look if time permits.” He sighed before agreeing.

She became ecstatic and bowed: “Thank you again.”

He continued to walk and ordered: “I will not wait, be ready.”

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