Chapter 2286: The Untethered And The Sage

The Untethered stared at the sage for a bit before continuing: “Nothing in life is so certain. One day, your confidence might be the valley’s undoing.” 

“Sounds like you wish to have a contest with me.” The sage smiled with a hint of provocation.

To which the Untethered responded: “Contest? In what manner? Your system against mine?”

The two daoists had a special relationship - friends and rivals. Though there hasn’t been a big fight between them, the competitive aspect was always around.

Normally, they would prefer to have a bout of strategy instead of a physical duel.

“Fighting is so uncouth.” The sage replied: “How about betting on my disciple? If you lose, I’ll decide for him and take you in as his concubine.”

“And if you lose?” The always-expressionless Untethered actually provoked.

The sage had a playful expression unseen by outsiders. She grabbed the Untethered’s chin and chuckled: “If I lose, I’m fine with being your bed warmer.”

“You don’t lose either way.” The Untethered glared back, looking both arrogant yet cute.

“Then what do you want?” The sage blinked one eye, resembling a little devil. One would find it hard to recognize her right now.

“No need for that.” The Untethered said: “Defending traditional moral principles is our duty. If your disciple falls into the heretical path, I will be the first to take him down.”

“If that actually happens, I don’t think you will be able to stop him. He’ll just take you in as a concubine, of course, this is predicated on him being interested in you in the first place.” The sage smiled.

“We’ll see if he has the ability to do so.” The Untethered’s coldness made people want to conquer her.

“Don’t worry, he’s definitely capable.” The sage smiled deviously: “But if he doesn’t, I’ll make him take you in anyway.”

The two bantering women looked too alluring right now.

“Are you still sleepy?” The Untethered said flatly: “It won’t just be my sect at that point but all of Myriad Lineage. Vermillion Martial Court, Coiling Dragon, and many others. You won’t be in charge at that point since your own system won’t follow you.”

She warned the sage, no longer joking around.

The sage stretched forward, revealing all of her enchanting curves. Unfortunately, no one was lucky enough to see them. She didn’t seem to mind at all: “My little sister, even if he’s insane, he’s more rational than anyone else and no one can control him. His eyes should have told you this.”

The Untethered stared at the sage’s curves, unaffected: “Regardless of what you say or how much you trust him, I’ll remain cautious. Also, you’re younger than me. Watch your honorifics.”

“So that’s your sect’s stance on the issue. However, I trust my intuition more.” The sage shrugged and smiled.

“Then you better take care of yourself. A few things will be out of our control once it escalates to that level.” The Untethered warned.

“True. However, the one you should be cautious about is not my disciple, but that Mu guy.”

The Untethered became attentive right away: “What did you found during your trip to the martial court?”

“Nothing, but the court is too close to this guy right now, he is definitely scheming something.” The sage’s expression turned cold with a rare murderous intent.

It was hard to imagine someone like her being murderous so something was going on below the surface.

“So, he played a part in urging Everlasting to attempt the coup?” The Untethered’s eyes narrowed.

Despite their rivalry that could be too heated at times, the two also had an implicit understanding.

“Everlasting couldn’t have access to a few things we saw.” The sage said.

“What does he want? The Mu Clan up there can blot out the heaven.” The Untethered wondered.

“I’m sure it isn’t simple. Whatever reasons he used to come down here will be a lie. The storm will start from him.” The sage believed.

“People from Imperial are coveting our world?” The Untethered came up with this possibility.

“I don’t think so. In my opinion, just certain individuals.” The sage chuckled: “Though our Myriad isn’t on the same level as Imperial, we have also produced many progenitors. If anyone wants to take over, they must look up at the horizon first.”

The Untethered nodded, agreeing with this comment.

“Someone is playing with fire right now.” The sage continued: “And this person can influence our entire world. That’s why you should worry about him instead of my disciple. And maybe, in the future, your sect will ask my disciple for help, he’s the only person who would dare to destroy the Mu Clan without any scruple.”

“This is blind confidence.” The Untethered said: “You haven’t been to Imperial but still know of the Mu Clan’s power. Just imagine the consequence of killing anyone from there, his clan might even come down for a killing. No one dares to provoke them in Imperial, let alone our world.”

The sage smiled again: “My disciple will. Trust me, everything is ephemeral and fleeting in his eyes. That Mu guy can only do whatever he wants here because of his clan’s reputation. But my disciple will treat Mu as just another last name.”

“Your plan is to urge the tiger to eat the wolf.” The Untethered said.

“Little sister, don’t put it like that. Leave it all up to fate, certain things will be ended eventually by the destined ones.”

“Once again, I’m afraid you’re not the one to decide the players and the chess pieces.” The Untethered remained skeptical.

“No, I’m not a player but not a chess piece either, only a spectator. Little sister, you’re taking this too seriously because of your great responsibility. We are different since you need to maintain your sect’s status in Myriad Lineage. But as for me, it doesn’t matter since the valley is only a third-rate sect. Let the world competes for status and wealth. For example, so what if Everlasting wants to take over. We would have let them if they were capable and right for the job.” The sage spoke with such freedom while staring up at the horizon. This further exposed her beautiful, white neck.

“Yang Radiance must still stay as Yang Radiance.” The Untethered concluded.

Yang Radiance was different from Longevity Valley. It was considered in the top three of Myriad Lineage, perhaps even number one. It wanted to maintain a worthy status and authority.

The valley was the opposite, hence the common belief that it had declined. They didn’t care much since unlike Yang Radiance, they didn’t care about protecting its spot in the world.

“Again, be careful, the Mu Clan might have control over the martial court and your sect will be next. When your sect is gone, Myriad Lineage is as good as theirs. Are you ready for this?” The sage smiled.

“It’s not like your valley will be able to escape either.” The Untethered said.

“That’s fine, if sects like yours can’t handle it by then, we wouldn’t be able to change anything either.” The sage was much more carefree: “But I’ll give you an idea. Just follow my disciple and let him be in charge of your sect. His domineering attitude and your sect’s power will be able to handle anything.”

“Daydreaming again.” The Untethered gave the sage the side-eye again.

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