Chapter 2285: The Ceremony Commences

The sage didn’t become angry at Li Qiye’s frivolous attitude and simply went to sit close to him.

The crowd held their breath while watching this strange pair of master-disciple. They felt something strange because Li Qiye was too domineering, acting above everyone - including his master. She seemed to be overshadowed before him.

“You are the First Brother, capable of accepting the valley’s legacies and shoulder great responsibility…” The sage smile blossomed like a hundred flowers. The three sisters looked more ordinary with her around. Such beauty could sway the soul.

However, upon closer inspection, one would find a resemblance between her and Lan Miaozhen. Both were quite wily.

“Forget it, not interested.” He smiled and reached to touch her gorgeous chin to have a better look at her face.

The atmosphere became frozen. This was the lord of the valley and his master. Others wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful around her yet Li Qiye did so publicly. The guy was ungovernable.

Nevertheless, the whole thing seemed so natural. Whatever this ferocious man did, it felt just right and not surprising at all.

Once he chose to step up, he could exceed everything; all bent to his whims.

He pulled back before the stunned spectators and smiled: “I’m not someone who minds playing the bad guy or do some labor, but there is a price for everything. Are you ready for it?”

“It is all up to fate. Isn’t this what you wanted anyway?” The sage smiled, revealing a beauty on par with the Untethered. It was just that the two of them had a different style. The latter was cold and supreme, rarely showing off her smile.

“Very well.” He replied cheerfully: “Then it is time I take what is owed. The rest is up to you.”

Having said that, he stood up and teleported to the top of Herb-plucking. Before the crowd could respond, he disappeared from sight.

“What is going on?” People exchanged glances of confusion.

He had destroyed Everlasting thus his contribution exceeded everyone else in Longevity Valley.

The situation had stabilized so next was the celebration. He certainly deserved his moments of glory, the preamble before his ascension to being a leader. Alas, he left all of this to everyone’s astonishment. He would have been able to do whatever he wanted in the system after doing so much. It would have been the right opportunity to establish his status. Instead, he didn’t care about the rewards or authority.

The three sisters sighed after seeing this. After interacting with him for the last several days, they realized that he didn’t care for ruling Longevity Valley, and that he wouldn’t stay for too long. This was a dragon, one that would soar across the nine firmaments.

The sage took back her spot on the throne and told everyone: “Many things have occurred but it is still the date of the ceremony. Disciples of Longevity have the responsibility to protect the peace. Our system has allowed for the races and sects to co-exist with freedom and individual sovereignty. This, in turn, promotes growth, so I’m sure no one wishes to see the flames of war…”

The sage spoke softly but the message resounded across the entire system. All experts heard it clearly.

She was re-affirming the valley’s status as the ruler in the system, just like the last millions of years. Sects have come and went, but the valley’s position has never changed regardless of the crises and dilemmas. No other sect could replace this main branch, not in the past, present, or the future. 

“May Longevity lasts forever!” The members of the crowd kneeled on the ground and shouted.

“The ceremony commences!” The sage initiated the ceremony just in time. Peace had finally returned.

With the smoke of incense wafting in the air, the group worshipped their ancestors. Next was the offering gifts. The sage stood in front and offered these items.

Despite the usurping attempting, the ceremony still happened on an auspicious day with the valley in charge. The only thing different now was that the great Everlasting had been turned to ashes.

The order of power would change in the system, but the valley remained firmly on top.

Sad and happy feelings were mixed in the crowd. The supporters of the valley naturally celebrated. Their stance during the conflict had determined their future position. The sad ones obviously picked Everlasting. Even if the valley wouldn’t eradicate their sect, it still would carry out judgment. Their role in the system would start a rapid decline.

Ultimately, the ceremony this year was quite exciting. One step to either hell or heaven; one misstep to lose it all, not only in a personal sense but also by implicating their sect. 

In the end, the party ended and everyone went home. The representatives of the other systems said their goodbyes.

The Untethered was the last to leave. She and Longevity Sage were the last two around; the atmosphere was quite calm.

These were the two great beauties of Myriad Lineage, both from the daoist doctrine. Their daoist robe made it even more interesting and tempting.

The sage was free and friendly while the Untethered acted cold and imperious. Two different styles; beloved all the same.

They reigned in Myriad Lineage not just because of their status and power. The two of them also possessed great insight and ideas.

“Do you know that your First Disciple is in charge of Insane Court?” The Untethered looked at the sage. Her cold voice was strangely pleasant.

“I’m aware, it’s not a secret or anything.” The sage smiled.

“Have you thought that he could also do the same to your system, controlling its dao source?” The Untethered continued.

“I have. He’s talented enough to do anything without facing difficulties.”

“Don’t forget, Insane Court is still not completely clear of being a heretical sect. It’s not wise to let Longevity System falls into the hands of someone else.” The Untethered put on a serious expression.

“I do recall that all systems have signed an agreement, recognizing Insane Court’s legitimacy as a system.” 

“Are you so sure that the same madness won’t return? Your valley will be the first to face opposition then.”

“You underestimate my disciple.” The sage shook her head: “That Virtue True God isn’t qualified to be on the same level as him. Our entire world can’t get into his sight.”

“You sound quite confident.”

“I simply believe in my eyes. Have you ever seen me misjudging someone?” 

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